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  1. I would like to add to this that Metroid Prime is NOT a standard fps-game. It's more of a firstperson adventure. Absolute precision doesn't enter into this as you can lock onto enemies to perform a wealth of moves. In comparison, Halo is much more of an fps, where you actually need to aim the reticule over an enemy's head. The controlschemes are adjusted according to the games' gameplay. In both cases, I think they've been optimised for controller-use for their respective playstyles.

  2. I'd like to second the remark about vulnerability. In 3D person, the controls are usually less intuitive and direct (see Resident Evil), aiding to a sense of your avatar being very vulnerable. Whereas in Doom 3 for example, the controls are so fluent they detract from the horror, as you are no longer that exposed to the mercy of the monsters, but able to simply strafe out of harm's way without a second's thought. It's more about the visceral experience then, indeed.

  3. Edge recently had an article about Unreal 3 where the designers said in an interview that the engine was all about flexibility. That you could make virtually any 3D-game with it, and that they aspired it, in fact, to spawn a diverse amount of games. I think that's coming to pass, now that Bioware licensed it.

  4. I don't think I'll be buying into the Sims 2-dream. I did have an eye out for the first one before it came out, but when it did I quickly discovered it wasn't meant for me. Perhaps it was the absence of an actual straightforward game, or perhaps the genre just doesn't do anything for me. Regardless, in my personal opinion it was just a huge waste of time and offered disappointingly little actual freedom and actual room for experimentation. But I don't mean to say this to bash the game or anything. Sims 2 just won't be a game I'll be interested, nor anything from the Sims franchise.

  5. I would but then I'd have to start kissing my own ass as soon as I get some articles out. And that would be just awkward, not to mention physically impossible.

    I could come around this by cloning myself of course. And hey, why not?

  6. Well I'll just await the most excellent Idle Thumbs review then to see what it's like. And then read a dozen reviews more, and then not buy it anyway because I've neither an X-Box nor an up-to-date PC.

  7. A definite plus 3d person has over 1st is that it can use creative, dramatic camerangles that will leave you in doubt whether the slightest accentuated piece of cloth-encovered furniture might be holding a monster or not. I guess it really all boils down to the game being any good or not. A master horror-storyteller will finds ways to scare the shit out of his/her audience regardless of whatever visual perspective he must deal with.

  8. It got bashed by the teacher today. It probably had something to do with the Follow Through not Following it Through enough. So I'll be adding more Throughs to Follow and then everyone will be all happy again.

  9. I refuse to vote. Due to the different natures of consoles and PC's, they can't easily be compared, they're wholly different machines. Consoles lend themselves better for more action-based gaming, whereas PC usually supports more complex gaming or games that require the use of a mouse (think realtime strategy or Baldur's Gate type RPG's).

    And it really depends on my mood. Sometimes I lavish in the fact that you can just turn on the console and play right away, without having to wait for windows, or wait for the cd-drive to gobble up my cd without spitting it out again, and generally have to wait for flawed and erratic pieces of machinery to see if they feel like working today. Also, I feel my Gamecube games are more "real" in a way. Maybe it's because of the internet, that everyone can just download a game or you can easily copy it that a PC-game doesn't really make me feel like I own it if I buy it. But a Gamecube game does exactly that for me. It even goes so far that I'm willing to spend 10 euro's more on a game to get it on my Gamecube instead of the PC. Just for the feel of it.

    But all this'doesn't mean the PC is absolete. I just have to play Morrowind or Warcraft or any adventure to realise again that I like them both, and each platform has its own deficiencies and plusses. For instance, a console doesn't allow you to 'tinker' with your game, to take screenshots or extract sounds or download a plug-in for it (though X-Box has some of these features, they're not yet so far that they outwit the PC on this terrain).

  10. Interesting question... I'll dig into my own memory.

    Ah yes!

    Now firstly, I'm not much of a car-fan. Racegames hold _very_ little appeal to me. But somehow, Microsofts Midtown Madness struck a chord. Perhaps it was the cruising aspect where you could just blast through the city. There wasn't very much to do, but they nailed the atmosphere of cruising under a tranquil tone perfectly. Thus, it became the ultimate stressreliever when I was waiting for the phonecall that told me I had passed my highschool exams. Playing that game for distraction, cruising through the city; it's something I'll always remember the game for. I never played it again afterwards, but if I'd do it again I'd feel as if returning to a friend. Sorry for being soppy.

  11. Well, it lookes absolutely nothing like Quake indeed, but it's not as if the Quake-look was the be-all-end-all of gamedesign. Even it it won't have the distinct (if existant) "Quake-feel", it still might be a decent shooter.