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  1. Ron Gilbert on Shaun of the Dead

    Well, I just watched the original Dawn of the Dead, which was quite funny and gruesome. Strange, I really don't know what to think of it, I just know that I liked watching it.
  2. Tell Us About Yourself

    Same here. I don't think I even got past the first map. Hell, I''m not even sure if I'm thinking of the right game! All I know is that MSX has some good memories for me
  3. Tell Us About Yourself

    Knightmare was AWESOME. And I loved the space-shooter Xanax to death. I should download an emulator or something, because it'd be the ultimate nostalgia trip. And the ultimate cold turkey, to see how all those wonderful games turn out to be unplayable pieces of crappy coding in reality.
  4. The Marine has been chosen, here we go...

    Goldeneye rocks and it's one of the best Bondmovies. So there. The other three suck (well, haven't seen the last one yet), but Goldeneye does everything right. And fuck it, Bond is SUPPOSED to be able to dodge 439681 bullets, snap a one-liner and straighten his hair. Possibly raise an eyebrow. That's just the Bond way. Bond is the quintessence of the guy who's able to pull off all that stuff.
  5. Ron Gilbert on Shaun of the Dead

    I will though. I'll first watch Dawn of the Dead (original version by George Romero, which you may know coincidentally as founder of Ion Storm), and then proceed to Shaun.
  6. Beyond Good & Evil With Great Spoilers

    Chris; it wouldn't really change it though. Even if there would be a sequel, things like these are such horrible plotdevices. It doesn't damage BG&E as a game though. Only its narrative. omg Dogman, that quote of yours is going in my sig, RIGHT NOW.
  7. The Future of adventure games?

    I said no as well. Gaming on a mobile phone holds no attraction to me. Episodic gaming... I'd rather have the whole bundle in one go, so I can play whenever I want to. I'm not saying I wouldn't like it though. I'm just neutral towards it.
  8. That's because the US has mainly won all the wars. The only war they really publicly lost was in Vietnam, and that did drew deep scars in their civilisation. But more than that I don't claim to know. [edit]: By the way Kingz, you forgot the comma's in your sig after the thumbs. You should pay more careful attention to what you're spoofing
  9. Valve vs. Vivendi

    Agreed. If t'would turn out to be a ploy, I'd find it very childish and a needless subterfuge.
  10. Valve vs. Vivendi

    What actually surprises me is the difference in the public's perception of Valve in comparison to Blizzard. The latter is widely known to work on a game until it's perfect, crossing deadline after deadline. This fact is all but adored by the fans, who know damn well they'll get the best there is if only they show some patience. Valve seems to wisely approach gamedeveloping in the same way, but in this case the eager audience speaks of them being 'beyond terrible with deadlines', explaining it as a curse rather than a blessing. A strange way of seeing it, if you ask me.
  11. Valve vs. Vivendi

  12. Valve vs. Vivendi

    Yeah, they're just like nazi's. *runs*
  13. Slim PS2... I'm tempted

    Aha, but that I where my little brother comes in, who owns the nefarious device Even though I live on my own and he's in the old house still, I could easily buy a PS2 game and play it as soon as I'm home. So katamari Damacy is not beyond my reach ^_~
  14. Katamari Damacy will rock you.

    I just saw the Japanese commercial for Katamari Damashii and it RULES! It's so funny and introvert. In that way it's unlike many exuberant Japanese commercials, but the same silliness is present. I suggest you google and download it, as it's worth the effort. How I wish we had creative commercials like they have in Japan... but no, heaven forbid there would be the slightest chance of the audience not understanding them... sigh.
  15. Slim PS2... I'm tempted

    Well get used to it. He's the big anti-cheese here On-topic: it's a nice design, but the PS2 still doesn't attract me. I'm a one-console man, and that vacancy is taken by Nintendo.
  16. I noticed this too. But we don't know what went ahead of this. It may very well be that they had all already figured out he was just a stark mad loony toon and decided they weren't going to waste any more energy on him. I have a strong impression that this is precisely the case. I hold German journalists higher than that. They wouldn't just send some novice to host an event of such importance as the elections. But honestly... APFEL!
  17. Tell Us About Yourself

    Pity there isn't a photo: I'd love to have seen my first gamingmachine again. Nostalgia... kicking in...! :\
  18. And the guy's name is APFEL, so that doesn't help him either. And his head looks like an apfel too.
  19. BioWare licenses UnrealEngine 3

    Like I said in the first place (btw Marek, do you check your private messages on Idle Thumbs?)
  20. YAR! it be talk like a pirate day!

    Wow I wanna go to Ireland then to swashle MY buckle every day!
  21. YAR! it be talk like a pirate day!

    Exactly why don't we be having a pirate-smily, by the way? Arrr.
  22. For your convenience, I'll copy some of my ramblings on Jedi Outcast live from the Adventuregamers forums, so you can slap them onto the article and finally republish it. Here it is: I still uphold my belief that Stormtroopers are the best cannon fodder ever. I relished in the experience of killing them in Dark Forces, and the fun hasn't died away since then. It's still grueling fun in Jedi Outcast.
  23. YAR! it be talk like a pirate day!

    Tell me that's not from Star Trek, landlubber... YARRR!