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  1. PC or Console?

    I refuse to vote. Due to the different natures of consoles and PC's, they can't easily be compared, they're wholly different machines. Consoles lend themselves better for more action-based gaming, whereas PC usually supports more complex gaming or games that require the use of a mouse (think realtime strategy or Baldur's Gate type RPG's). And it really depends on my mood. Sometimes I lavish in the fact that you can just turn on the console and play right away, without having to wait for windows, or wait for the cd-drive to gobble up my cd without spitting it out again, and generally have to wait for flawed and erratic pieces of machinery to see if they feel like working today. Also, I feel my Gamecube games are more "real" in a way. Maybe it's because of the internet, that everyone can just download a game or you can easily copy it that a PC-game doesn't really make me feel like I own it if I buy it. But a Gamecube game does exactly that for me. It even goes so far that I'm willing to spend 10 euro's more on a game to get it on my Gamecube instead of the PC. Just for the feel of it. But all this'doesn't mean the PC is absolete. I just have to play Morrowind or Warcraft or any adventure to realise again that I like them both, and each platform has its own deficiencies and plusses. For instance, a console doesn't allow you to 'tinker' with your game, to take screenshots or extract sounds or download a plug-in for it (though X-Box has some of these features, they're not yet so far that they outwit the PC on this terrain).
  2. Games associated with other memories?

    Good grief that's demented. What an excellent way to destroy the things you like in your life
  3. Games associated with other memories?

    Interesting question... I'll dig into my own memory. Ah yes! Now firstly, I'm not much of a car-fan. Racegames hold _very_ little appeal to me. But somehow, Microsofts Midtown Madness struck a chord. Perhaps it was the cruising aspect where you could just blast through the city. There wasn't very much to do, but they nailed the atmosphere of cruising under a tranquil tone perfectly. Thus, it became the ultimate stressreliever when I was waiting for the phonecall that told me I had passed my highschool exams. Playing that game for distraction, cruising through the city; it's something I'll always remember the game for. I never played it again afterwards, but if I'd do it again I'd feel as if returning to a friend. Sorry for being soppy.
  4. Howdy all

    I have failed you.
  5. The official How Would You Seduce Yufster? thread!

    Mr... T...
  6. The official How Would You Seduce Yufster? thread!

    But I... I... Helicopter... ... Mr. T...
  7. Howdy all

    Windows XP had an interesting trick where you just type " and an e after it to produce ë. Very intuïtive. That said, I'd like to add Weltschmertz and Götterdammerung.
  8. Can you work without music?

    It so hugely depends on my mood. Sometimes music helps pass the time during a hassling chore, at other times I'm like the frustrated artists that needs total silence if he is to concentrate.
  9. Quake IV in PC Zone

    Well, it lookes absolutely nothing like Quake indeed, but it's not as if the Quake-look was the be-all-end-all of gamedesign. Even it it won't have the distinct (if existant) "Quake-feel", it still might be a decent shooter.
  10. The official How Would You Seduce Yufster? thread!

    During a long walk on a shell-riddled path in the park with Marek in San Francisco, I'd come up with a helicopter, snatch you away on a rope ladder hanging from it and take you to Los Angeles, a real city. There we'd find out where Mr. T lived and hide together in the bushes all day waiting for him to show up, stalking his every move. Think of how romantic it would be
  11. Quake IV in PC Zone

    Wasn't PcGamer to have this absolutely exclusive wolrd scoop on QuakeIV which after reading would send you directly to that place of eternal bliss in the sky? What, are you suggesting it was all a bunch of LIES!?! Wow I am so disappointed in PcGamer. I'll never buy their mag again.
  12. Happy Birthday Chris

  13. Howdy all

    I think it has to do with cheese.
  14. Katamari Damacy will rock you.

    It's supposed to be very arcady, but I just love wacky Japanese games, and this one appeals because of it's original concept. No aliens of mutants from the 8th dimension, but just a salaryman crashing to his death and stumbling from situation to spinesnapping situation.
  15. On uglyness

    And then it'd become all the rage and people would talk about it so much that it would become a verb. To Thumb.
  16. Katamari Damacy will rock you.

    That's probably it. But I don't have a Playstation myself
  17. Katamari Damacy will rock you.

    I've been wanting to play this game for some time now. Pity it probably won't be for GameCube, but for that price I may buy it and play it on my little brother's PS2. Now I want the game where you control a stressed-out Japanese salaryman that's having a bad day and plummeting out of buildings and such. That would rock.
  18. The Curves Of Danger: latest images!!

    It means that the characters are modelled in 3D, but rendered out as animated sprites. Therefore, they look 3D, while they are really 2D. It's tricky.
  19. The Curves Of Danger: latest images!!

    It looks delicious! Jaf looks spot-on, that scenery simply drools atmosphere and I hunger for more!
  20. The Holocaust (of flies, though)

    I read in the newspaper the other day that there is actually a small machine in production that can capture flies, digest them and process their remains to produce energy. That article sent shivers down my spine. Killing flies isn't something that I care about that much, but this is just a little too reminiscent of The Matrix for comfort. But I'm pretty conservative on that matter.
  21. Happy Birthday Chris

    Wow, here in Holland we've all been doind drugs when we was FOUR! Happy birthday Chris Remo Action News!
  22. Creepy.

    Now that is creepy.
  23. Happy B-day Homo!

    Moore played Bond with an eyebrow, and Lazenby... well, I saw him more as furniture, part of the backdrop. He just made such an anti-impression. Notice how that's different from a bad impression.
  24. Creepy.

    Even that seems a rather enjoyable and exciting thing to do. Come on, we do nothing but stuff like this in the games we play, but as soon as it's in real life we shy away from an adventure?
  25. Creepy.

    As soon as somebody finds a red clown's nose down there, I'll start worrying.