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  1. Buying a new laptop for gaming...err I mean work

    You could bring the sweetest most naive most idealistic guy here and after a week they'll be a grouchy, cynical bastard
  2. Doom Movie Trailer Out

    The chainsaw shot makes the Evil Dead fan inside of me giddy.
  3. Buying a new laptop for gaming...err I mean work

    This is the first time someone bought an Alienware for work...
  4. Strategy to Go

    I'm gonna miss those days *reminices*
  5. Serenity/Firefly

    Woah, how many people you planning to kill?
  6. Serenity/Firefly

    I'll help you kill him.
  7. Serenity/Firefly

  8. Serenity/Firefly

    I'd kill him. But funny thing was I put the DVD and started watching by myself, before the end of the pilot my mom, my sister, and my dad had all joined me and were at the edge of their seat.
  9. Why Games Suck:

    Text adventures had the best graphics. I mean the letters looked EXACTLY like real letters.
  10. Why Games Suck:

    New theory: It used to be people that liked games, made games. Now that it's been discovered that it's so freakin' profitable, all these non-gamers got into the business just for the money. And these non-gamers came up with game ideas and could finance them, so they grew, and eventually game companies started hiring these people that know business, not games, to decide which games should be released.
  11. Serenity/Firefly

    I think he was an semi-famous alliance soldier then did something bad and turned to religion for his guilt. BTW, I just watched the entire series for the first time this week on DVD, awesome
  12. Games you ignore (licenses, kid's games).

    I have all the games, and I used to have all the tapes of the TV show too
  13. Games you ignore (licenses, kid's games).

    Carmen Sandiego is awesome!
  14. Does it have subtitles?
  15. Memo

    Today I was possesing a radio, when savage cabbage came in, so I blew up the radio to scare him. I think he's mad at me now