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  1. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

    Scavengers, Trespassers, Adventurers, Loners, Killers, Explorers, and Robbers. I don't know why they put that, there is no alternate meaning. At least F.E.A.R. made sense.
  2. Penumbra

    An "Episode 1" demo is out, and the game turns out to be a point&click adventure with a 1st person view. You'll want to try it, even though a good PC seems to be necessary to run it. Turning off these blurry and grainy next-gen effects will help you boost your fps and thus avoid resulting headaches. Demo (125 Mb) Here's a preview while you're downloading, so that you may see how much the game has improved (yes it has) : Video
  3. My mouth tastes of petroleum

    I volunteer for the cleanup program.
  4. Command & Conquer 3 demo

    Now seriously, disappointing. First impression yesterday, the gameplay doesn't seem to have evolved since Tiberian Sun, which i already didn't even finish back then. So-so graphics, which at least don't require a super-duper computer to render. Music : where are all those great tracks ? Oh well, turn it off. The CGI in the cutscenes looks great of course, but there's a downside to the all-star cast : Grace Park's uniform doesn't make her look sexy at all. It just feels like a massive graphic update to me, nothing more. If people discover C&C or RTS with this game, good for them as it's keeping it simple, fast and old-school. But I guess I played this series too much to find any interest in this "new" episode. I understand C&C fans will be pleased as their game remains unchanged, but honestly I'd rather replay the old ones if I was looking for classic C&C as I prefer the older units design. Still, I HAVE to try the Nod and the aliens with your tip, as the cooler units have always been on the Kane side. Anyway I'm definitely not buying this game.
  5. New people: Read this, say hi.

    ...which has been released somewhat 2 and a half years ago ? Maybe you're actually Brian Blessed, cool !
  6. Peacemaker

    Tropico ? That was not as serious and didactic as Peacemaker looks to be.
  7. Lego Star Wars 2 demo

    Watch this great gameplay video about ESB. Although sound is mute, the part with Luke and Yoda shows some more "mumbling-dialogue".
  8. Dark Messiah Demo

    Hmm, I checked back and realize I should have said : I read someone who tested the game at Ubisoft's talk about 5 DVDs. And I don't even know whether this is based on the size of the installer or the size of the demo once installed (2.5 Gb). So it could mean at most 23.5 Gb once installed. Huge indeed, but I really don't want to make simplist or useless calculation...or even stupid because I remember Half Life 2 demo was the same size as the game. Sorry about that:frown: Noone else found solid info about the overall length of the game ? edit : My favourite weekly magazine in which Arkane's CEO is being interviewed has just arrived : "about 12 hours on a regular FPS scale. Add replayability time and the fact people take time to analyze the situation (good point) before jumping into action."
  9. Lego Star Wars 2 demo

    You're right. I was able to walk down the whole street with the stormtroopers just standing as a police force. They'll start to shoot you if you trouble public order like destroying stuff. The ones guarding the door near the ramp will shoot you on sight once they're in position though. As miffy said, you have to travel with your landspeeder into this "double score" area immediately after the beginning of the second level. However, as you have to crush the obstacles with the AT-ST to unlock it, it's better to be careful to collect everything there, and therefore proceed on foot because you're very likely to kill the customer (he's a jawa) waiting at the speeder emporium while shooting all the bins with your big gun. In which case, selling your speeder will only give you one blue stud. Now spare him and try to make the most of its value.
  10. Dark Messiah Demo

    Just finished it. I loved the sword fights, there's everything. Be sure to try the "fatalities" when your adrenaline is filled. Although it's really too short, it may takes you up to 3 hours if you are meticulous about replayability. Still, 1,4 Gb for so few content : . Has the game's overall length been revealed yet ? I only know there will be 5 DVDs in the box... Want more of this demo ? Have a look at this thread to boost your skills and spells. Finally, if you think you're up to the task, why not battle the cyclops ? Apparently he misses some animations and scripts. Basically, you have to edit config.cfg located in "\Dark Messiah Demo\mm\cfg" in order to activate ingame a noclip mode which will allow you to reach his cavern. To do so, add these lines anywhere in the file : sv_cheats "1" bind "key of your choice" "noclip" Save and check the "read only" box in the files' properties. Close the file and launch the game. When you start the level, hit the key you've binded to this function then "fly" to his cavern. Once you're there, deactivate noclip and good luck enjoying the scenery.
  11. Lego Star Wars 2 demo

    Aye-aye, good summary (loved your insightful review of the first too), despite an unexplained crash to desktop and the tiny fact it doesn't support 1280*1024, it's plain fun so far. It makes me even sadder not to be able to share it with anybody. I was fearing but also expecting, as a fan of the first, just an average amount of "more of the same" content. Yet I played this "original trilogy" demo with a big smile a few giggles. Character animation (Han Solo is hilarious), sets graphics, cutscene gags, constructable bricks, easier stud-collecting... Everything's here and better, just as it should be. Even going back to the completed parts of a level is useful, to accomplish more and more actions you missed.... Few sequels can stand proud surpassing their predecessors, and it appears to me "the original trilogy" does that to "Lego SW". Which was a prequel actually. Erm wait... Do I sense the obvious superior quality of episodes IV-V-VI over the prequel has some credit in the quality of this demo ?
  12. Movie/TV recommendations

    The first season of Rome has just been aired for the first time here. I didn't want to watch it in english, so I can't be sure about acting, but the british cast looks very convincing. The way History embraces the fictional life of the two main characters (whose names are mentioned in De Bello Gallico) is well written and edited. The credits include writers who worked on the Sopranos. There is a surprising yet logical amount of violence and sex in most episods. The series has benefited of huge funds, the biggest for a TV show so far : sets, clothes and make-up are great, but it lacks a few huge battle scenes. That and Vorenus' static acting are the only downsides to this must-watch. Season two is coming for 2007.
  13. The World Cup hate thread

    Censored again. Try there. What a sad ending for both teams and the tourney overall. In the meantime, Fifa's website awards the title of most "entertaining" team of the tournament to Portugal ! Surely the voters meant entertaining regardless of anything related to football or sportsmanship .
  14. New Super Mario Bros.

    I am being fair with myself. I'm not saying no good platformer has come out these last ten years. It would not only be wrong but also dishonest for me to say that because it's a genre I wasn't interested in anymore. I was exclusively playing on the PC until the DS and I never plugged a joypad on it. The fun that comes from achieving the moves turns into frustration with a keyboard, especially when you're left-handed. Last thing I tried close to a platformer was Tomb Raider Legend : About Sonic Rush DS which I recently learned about here (thanks to you IIRC), I will wait for the re-release of Sonic the Hedgegog on DS instead (which is great news I first read about in Idle forums too !).
  15. New Super Mario Bros.

    Wow, the game is so much better than I expected. I was dreaming of a polished, "old-school" Mario with few new features, but expecting something similar to modern platformers like Mario 64 with lots of 3D camera moves or minigames I usually don't appreciate. Haven't had fun with a platformer for a decade ! I'm smiling all the time playing it (it hurts) Oh, and it says "Bye bye" and "It's a-me, Mario !" when you enter and leave sleep mode.