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  1. Board games on the internet

    http://www.daysofwonder.com/en/play/ There's a Ticket to Ride online. Haven't played it so I can't vouch for it, but it can do the job. I played a little of the Memoir 44 and the interface is kinda weird but it seems alright.
  2. Child of Eden

    It's only depressing if you were expecting the opposite and, really, why would you do that? As much as I was looking forward to CoE and others I know were, we're very much in the minority. I mean, look at Rez. It's so revered. It sold like shit. At least the HD release had the benefit of being a cheaper downloadable title that people could try first. Good luck even finding copies of CoE (as with Rez back in the day) in retail.
  3. Wizaaaaaards!!

    SAD via http://jjstratford.com/projects/brief03/
  4. E3 2K11

    Why am I still watching these press conferences? They're so fucking boring. Fuck. Bunch of awkward dudes that don't know how to move their hands on stage talking about a bunch of shitty games with lots of guns. Fuck this shit
  5. Life

    I've been meaning to do the same for about five years now but keep putting it aside. Now I have a mortgage to pay (I own a place WTF it is so weird) so... I'll do it tomorrow. On the plus side, new place == new TV and new sound system and fuck it is awesome although I'm now starting to regret not going for that little bit of a bigger tv. oh well.
  6. Portal 2

    Oh, I agree with you. I do like the environments, the run-down nature of it, and the few little organic touches here and there (with things growing), but it lost me at chapter 6. That whole area felt so contrived, save for a few minor, minor spots that seemed to have some life to them (lobbies, mostly). It is a hard balance. I do think that just sticking with just the lab setting would have been equally dull and they addressed that, it's just in some spots they went a little too far with it. But, like I said, the environments I did mostly like, especially when they were puzzle focused; it's just all the lore around it that I found so obnoxious. I could barely just explore any new area without someone going off on a long soliloquy somewhere. And then you die accidentally because the way you need to go isn't clear and you have to hear the whole damn thing again. And that's the other thing. All these larger areas mostly "find that one portal-compatible surface in the haystack" kind of puzzles that were, ultimately, boring. Yeah, Portal had those too but not as much as this. And I should be clear that I did enjoy the game, the puzzles and design of it, and the score (apart from the gimmicky stuff.) I just feel that Valve piled on all this extra shit, for the hell of having extra shit, to the detriment of the game's strengths. This is, sadly, prevalent with most video games, so I can't fully blame Valve.
  7. Portal 2

    I just finished it and, honestly, it was a bit of a let-down and, more than anything, it made me yearn to play the first Portal again rather than replay Portal 2. I found the writing and the characters completely insipid and whiny as fuck. I couldn't stand them. It wasn't even funny. Christ, all I wanted was a first person puzzle game. I just wanted to solve shit and when the game was giving me that it was fantastic. Some brilliant puzzles that made me feel like a genius when I had that a-ha! moment. Lot of cleverness in some parts of it. But everything else beyond that, in the lore, was just fucking annoying. It suffers from that regular old strain of sequilitis: the desire to make everything bigger and better than the first. It needs to have these massive environments and set pieces and various settings and characters and dialog. But to me that is counter to everything that made Portal so great, which was its restraint and subtlety. Yes, a lot of that same humour was in the first but it was dialed back and not cranked up to eleven. And the biggest disappointment? I complete the game and it doesn't give me any challenge rooms to beat. I spent more time trying to master those rooms after I beat the first Portal than I did in the regular "campaign" itself -- and I played through that at least three times. Trying to beat a test chamber with the minimum number of portals or for speed was massively satisfying. But that option's not here in 2. Is that restricted to co-op only? I have not been able to try that at all since, you know, the entirety of PSN is down right now. That's stupid. It gives me little reason to replay the game, especially knowing that if I were to I'd have to listen to their whining all over again.
  8. Life

    Hi. I walked up the stairs of the CN Tower a few days ago. 144 flights. Took me 20:03. I'm so pissed off by the 4 extra seconds it took me as I was sooo close to breaking 20 minutes but considering I was expecting to do it in the 25 to 30 minute range, I can't be too upset.
  9. GIRP, from the creator of QWOP

    Huh. See, I thought I was missing something
  10. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    I'm sure everyone's seen this already but it's so awesome. I've watched it a few times and I catch a new subtle joke everytime tw7CKnfk4JY
  11. "The Source Code" worst movie title ever

    It's directed by Duncan Jones though (Moon) so I'm looking forward to it if only for that.
  12. 3DS Friend Codes

    Sup dudes. 1504-5705-6920
  13. Nintendo 3DS

    So if you go to the Mii Plaza you can customize your Mii with hats and other profile details with a bunch of predefined shit for your "Hobby" and "Dream". One such dream option is "To be a wizard!" SFIV is surprisingly really decent. You lose the active 3D backgrounds from the full game, but you get pretty much everything else which makes it exponentially better than the other SFIV-on-the-go option, the awful iOS version.
  14. Julian Gollop's 3DS game

    ^^ OMG at the comments at that YouTube page
  15. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    We never allied. I think early on we had an unspoken understanding about Diggwiggler's stars in the middle. After the alliance with Darth and subsequent invasion, that all went out the window and we were eager to destroy everything there. The only uneasy thing we both shared was the understanding that you would benefit the most from this, and I told him if he were to counter you back I would assist. But I needed a day to regroup and, well, I wasn't going to let Spacelad keep my worlds either. But he never did muster a strong enough assault to weaken you so I kept away. So I got an out-of-character message from Spacelad in my inbox that was basically "You monster." I don't know about that. I and Jake Rodkin did send weapons to him, but that was mostly as a counter to Darth. His counter-attacks on Darth, though inevitably futile, were useful in keeping him at bay to allow our industry to recoup. Oh, I did not trust you. Believe you me. By the end after our conflicts you had the far superior science level and when you started to send weapons to Jake, no doubt trying to goad him into attacking me. I knew a war between Jake and me would mean you'd win, despite your message of "not wanting to attack Jake, I'll settle for second". I knew that was full of shit, but I kind of just wanted to end the game and secure second place. So I went for it. I just became annoyed near the end when you started invading me, and only me, and completely bypassed Jake's easy targets in the middle (I had successfully split off his inner worlds from his outer worlds). So, annoyed, rather than finishing the job I just sent thousands of ships to fuck with you at the end. It was futile at that point, but it was therapeutic. Plus! I ended the game with my homeworld in my hands, as it should be.
  16. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    HEY HEY HEY. Both Darth AND Spacelad attacked ME first. Darth attacked me unprovoked after I had captured some some stars from Diggwiggler (which Spacelad benefited from as he captured his homeworld and 2 science, letting him keep the scientific advantage) after our standoff, which was getting unproductive. This caused me to lose a lot of ships so he invaded (sent me a message about becoming too strong, never mind Darth's and Spacelads massive economic/scientific advantage), but being that we had two civilizations between us he could only attack by funneling his troops through the center. So we just had to hold it off long enough to reinforce and let our industry narrow the ship disadvantage. Had Spacelad attacked at this point too, we would have been doomed. Instead, Spacelad, using their alliance, reinforced the central star (Algieba) which prevented us from counter-attacking there (we didn't want to attack Spacelad first). But then he attacked a few of Jake Rodkin's worlds. I expected a Spacelad invasion so I prepared some rear guard troops for a counter attack while I prepared for another Darth counter-strike. I knew that he was funneling ships through his arm towards the core, so I did something bold. Jake and I formed an alliance (as Spacelad and Darth had) and instead of counter attacking at the core I sent my massive fleet through Jake's territory and straight for Megrez and Phad, which had a lot of industry. This worked because it forced the reinforcing fleets to double-back and deal with me there, which gave me even more time to rebuild my forces. After a while and some counter-attacks, we set a truce and I got my fleets out of that beachhead in Darth's territory, which was just about when Spacelad attacked us from Sabik. But he waited too long. We were in a position to counter attack and our forces were just about to return from Darth's/Jake Rodkin's territory. He managed to capture a lot of worlds on Diggwiggler's arm but we held off and for every world he captured we captured the same amount in the rear, and since his economy was more focused than ours we basically decimated his economy while he just damaged ours. So it was a waiting, waiting game and eventually Frakes, the vulture that he is, saw an opportunity and grabbed a few strategic worlds, which would eventually led to Spacelad's demise.
  17. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    To paraphrase something I posted on Twitter: I am so done with Neptune's Pride. It makes me hate myself and humanity so much because to succeed in this game you have to be the biggest snake AND vulture. And I think the massively high star limit further forces this. The game would have been a LOT more interesting if the limit was, like 70 since that would have forced people to compete more and race more for the limit. It'd force people to interject more as someone was approaching the limit. But with 135 it forces build-up and slooooooow play and cautious and it essentially guarantees that you can't have an end-game until everyone but two-four players are eliminated. Which is kinda dumb because the whole fun of NP is the politics and border issues in the early game when there are a LOT of active players and not the remaining super-powers. Meh.
  18. Everyday Genius: SquareLogic

    Comes recommend from Mr. Blow too http://braid-game.com/news/?p=681
  19. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    My god. There's a lot of tension in the spiral, but when it unwinds, it fucking unwinds in an explosive way.
  20. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    Coils have been crossed and things are getting crowded in the middle. But I think no one wants to really say anything for fear of outing themselves or their plans.