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  1. Swedish newspaper "Dagens Nyheter" had an article today about a study made by an organization named "Fair Play". The study was about swedish kids, aged 11-16, and their video game habits. Some quotes from the article (Translated, for your convinience): "6 % play more than 35 hours a week and has trouble in school." "Many say they can't stop. They get aggressive and restless if they can't play." "-I curse the day I bought the video game for my son, who then was six years old. It was "hip" back then, and I thought it was like any other toy." "In the lower ages, everyone plays. In the higher ages, fewer play, but among them, the amount of "Heavy Users" is higher. "-I play six to seven hours every day. Now I'm not allowed to play every day, and I've begun doing other stuff instead. But I always do my homework before I sit down with the game. (Swedish kid, 11 years old)" "-The scariest part was that the boys couldn't quit by themselves. They just continued until we told them to stop." Read the whole article here (In swedish). Comments, anyone?
  2. Platform acronyms

    Hmm. Reminds me about this... A page about exactly what Marek said.
  3. They're not really helping in trying to make gaming more accepted by non-gamers, so I'll say that what they're doing is bad. Unless the game turns out to be really fun of course, but I highly doubt that.
  4. Halo 2 Blamed for Deaths!11

    It seems like a parody, yes, but honestly, I didn't understand that until I saw that Mario part. I was so sure that it came from some stupid american news website, just beacuse I've already seen so many similar ones. I was surprised when I saw that it was a parody.
  5. That gaming would deserve to be respected as a serious form of entertainment. Not just that it would be respected, but that it would deserve it. It doesn't now.
  6. You're more than welcome to...join us...

    Topics like this is why I love this place so much.
  7. PSP's opening price in Japan revealed

    Well, in the movie, everytime someone was using it, it was placed on a surface. We never actually saw anyone holding it. I'm fearing Yufster may be right...
  8. PSP's opening price in Japan revealed

    How come the PSP eats so much battery, and the DS don't?
  9. Elder Scrolls IV

    I agree. Let's not get too hyped, people!
  10. This holiday season

    Sigh... That guy says it a lot better than me.
  11. Trouble in the PSP camp?

    Well, at least Sony has the "Cool" factor on its side. And that has beaten Nintedno before. Yeah, yeah, I know, "Cool" may not result in better games, but thats sadly not what counts in the industry today.
  12. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

    And people wonder why noone takes the gaming industry seriously...
  13. the president really "has to go"

    Like Wyoming.
  14. The Urbz forum mini-preview

    Whoa. So this is really totally different from the original Sims? I still don't get it, do I have a house? And do I have to furnish it, and do I have to reguarly eat or something to increase my Hunger score, like in the original? It doesn't seem to fit this kind of game.
  15. Psychonauts.com redesigned

    That's what worries me. How well will it work?