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  1. College Part 2

    Honestly, I've never seen it played out to the ultimate conclusion, but I've known of instances when such behavior was characteristic of a crush. I kind of know what you mean. Back when I was in India, everything concerning grades and rank was a public thing. Teachers would actually read out your grade to the class while handing back your paper so that everyone knew how everyone else did. This, of course, led to competition, but we tried not to take it as far such that it would make us enemies or rivals in the end. It was a friendly competition of sorts. Although, I have known of good friends who were torn apart by this competition because one felt he deserved a better grade for his work than what the other did and received for it. I often feel that, "Hey, that person is so much dumber than me, how come s/he got a better grade than I did?" And this motivates me. But I also try to find other motivation, like I said. You'll grow out of it. And I hope I do too. So, you're a sophomore now, right? What're you majoring in? English?
  2. Games of your dreams

    Ever since I started playing World of Warcraft, I've been having Warcraft-related dreams. Sometimes they're of me being killed by a tough monster, other times, they are of victory or of the joy of finding a really cool item, etc. After such a night, when I wake up in the morning, I have an irresistable desire to play more World of Warcraft.
  3. College Part 2

    Have you ever known a person who, when told this, said, "You know, what? I think you're right!" But honestly, before I saw all the future-girlfriend related posts, I thought I'd post asking why you feel like you need to compete with her. Around where I am, the grade is a very personal thing. Sure, I share it with people occasionally, but we don't usually compete such that at the end of the day one is adjudged the winner and the other the loser. Sure it is motivating when one has competition in the strict sense that you feel it, but perhaps it is better for your own sanity if the motivation came from within.
  4. King Kong Trailer

    Are Dinosaurs in this movie an invention of Jackson's. Weren't they in the original movie?
  5. californians: everyone ok?

    There have been quakes all around the area where I live for the past few years. Which leads me to wonder one may come here very soon. Sooner than I like.
  6. I'm a booth babe.

    No, General Fuzzy is a booth babe, but he was once also Mr. T. Then he gave up that job to the black guy with the cool hair to become the booth babe.
  7. Announcement

    It's getting a bit too warm at night here in California. And last night a mosquito bit me on the lip causing one side to swell up most unflatteringly. I slept on it and now it's okay.
  8. notebooks

    For some reason my dad has always been a fan of Dell (maybe he knows someone) and the craze caught on to me. We have 3 Dell laptops at home and 2 Desktops and God knows how many more at my Dad's office. And we love them. None of us are incredibly computer-proficient so we've always favored brand name and customer service over building something ourselves and dealing with the headaches that oft come with that. As for the laptops themselves, both my parents have the 600m, which is more for their work purposes. I, on the other hand, have the 8600 (which I don't know if they are making anymore) and for 1200 dollars, it's one of the best computers I've ever owned. I've already had it for 8 months now and it's almost never given me problems. And I game on it all the time - Halo, Battle for Middle Earth, Knights of the Old Republic I/II, Call of Duty, Half-Life 2 (demo). Granted, many of these games aren't the most demanding ones out there at the moment, those that I do run do so superbly, which makes me think newer games will run fine as well. I even tried the Brothers in Arms demo, which worked quite superbly. But for some reason the Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault demo didn't work so well; all the people showed up as yellow blobs... On a different, more relevant note, I haven't tried the Psychonauts demo yet. I did download it, but finals are taking their toll on what I play and don't play. (As you can tell, I'm a big fan of trying out games before I buy them.) So this is basically my Dell Inspiron 8600 with Pentium M processor, 512 RAM and an ATI Radeon 9600 PRO. The ones on sale today actually boast better stuff than this, so I would presume what little setbacks I experienced with games you wouldn't experience if you tried it today. As for battery life, the 8600 claims it has 5+ hours in it everytime I unplug the power cord and the most I've run it off of battery is 2 hours, at the end of which it still showed 2+ hours remaining. I live at college, so really, this laptop is more of a desktop replacement for me, which is why it's almost always running off of power and on my desk. And frankly, it's a little too bulky to be taking around with me wherever I please. *A short note on their customer service - it can be darn slow at times, but it's no better than any other company that I've experienced customer service with. And yes, like virtually every other company, they assume you're an idiot, but I play along and it always fixed the problem for me. One time with my desktop, it wouldn't turn on, and so I contacted them with this problem a month before my warranty expired. They basically delayed the resolution, essentially, unable to pinpoint where the problem was, and once my warranty expired claimed they couldn't help me anymore. I reminded them that I first talked to them a month ago and the delay was because they mis-interpreted the problem (or I mis-represented it? but that's besides the point) and they apologized and went gung-ho and sent me parts for virtually everything that may go wrong - power supply, motherboard, processor, memory, etc. I basically replaced everything, and now it works and I'm so happy. Hmm...turns out it became a relatively long note. Oh well, I hope this helps.
  9. Halo, what a waste of time?

    Yeah, for a guy weighing 500 pounds, who can flip a tank with his bare hands, I would think slinging a few extra guns over his back would be a piece of cake. But oh well. I liked Halo.
  10. Boredom sets in

    Warm coke and bananas before a rollercoaster is the best!
  11. Yorick the king's jester.

    Well, he was fated from when he was born to live a certain age by the Three Fates. I don't think Poseidon could really have done much about shortening Odysseus's life span. But he did sure as hec make it as unbearable and difficult as possible. I like Odysseus.
  12. Yorick the king's jester.

    Like Odysseus's dog.
  13. Yorick the king's jester.

    Wormwood wormwood!
  14. SCREW MP3 Players TO HELL

    I was kidding. Really, though, I'm sorry to hear this. I never got anything as expensive, but I got a 100-dollar MP3 player a year-and-a-half ago and it too just went kaput 8-9 months into the purchase. Because I moved residences within that time I couldn't even use my warranty to replace it, because I lost the whole proof of purchase thingy! I was as annoyed as you are now. Maybe a little less, though.
  15. SCREW MP3 Players TO HELL

    I don't know whether to say, "I'm sorry," or, "You deserve it."
  16. Web Comics

    I used to follow a lot of Webcomics. Now I only visit Ctrl-Alt-Del regularly. One day in the very near future, I'm going to be really bored and am going to go back and read a year's worth of comics from sites that I stopped visiting. Fun.
  17. didly squat

  18. April Fools

    The sky is 4.34 GB, just so you know.

    What did they do?
  20. the new james bond

  21. Hairy Faces

    I would have replied saying something around the lines of, "I have a hairy face, but just so you know, I'm very clean about it and I shower (hence wash) one and a half times a day on average," but now it doesn't seem so appropriate. Oh well, I said it anyway.
  22. World of Warcraft

    I'm just wondering if this game is a worthwhile investment for someone who doesn't intend to play it a lot. I mean, will I be hopelessly manhandled if I don't play it a lot and aren't a high level? Will I be able to enjoy myself if I cannot invest the time that others are able to?
  23. Voice Actors

    I always do that. It's through that that I found out that Sergeant Johnson and Cortana (Halo's characters) had also worked on No One Lives Forever 2 before. I also didn't know, until I researched imdb, that Samuel L. Jackson did a voice for GTA: San Andreas. I'm sure I would have known his voice if I played the game. It's all curiously interesting.
  24. Battle for Middle-earth Review

    I don't mean to boil it down to a score, but 8.5 isn't so bad. You made it seem like you were hating the game... Off to read the review...
  25. It has been confirmed. EA is the Devil.

    Are you planning on reviewing Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth? I was seriously considering getting that game. Is the review not going to be good because you don't like EA or because you don't like the game, or both?