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  1. Silent Hill 4: OoOOoOOooo, I'm petrified.

    If you just encountered the burping nurses and wheelchairs, you're going to be so pissed off in about another hour of gameplay. Although, there were some things I really liked about The Room. Mostly the room itself: I also really liked the episodic pacing of the game. Well, liked isn't the right word. 'Noticed and nodded my head' is probably putting it correctly. Structurally, it's kinda interesting. But yeah, I agree with ya. By 2/3rds of the way through I was only playing it so it'd never have to enter my console ever again. Even the soundtrack, which has some good tracks, are completely out-of-place in the game. "Yes, let's put a lyric-heavy song over a dialogue-heavy cut-scene! It's BRILLIANT!!" It's really a shame, I loved SH2 and SH3's um ... 'mirror' room really freaked me out (and SH2's beginning with the fog is fantastic). I purchased it, pretty much solely because of Keiichiro Toyama's involvement and well ... personally, I found it to be more of a clumsy stealth game than a horror game. As it turns out, sitting around memorizing patterns isn't my cup of tea.
  2. Crappy design pervading quality titles

    Ah yes, I became intimately familiar with the final boss because of those two damn pirates. I thought you might have been referring to several types of areas that caused similar furstration though. Somewhat similar, I remember getting severely ticked off with Ninja Gaiden because of the amount of area I had to cover in order to get from the save point in Chapter Seven to the boss. Then again, I found that game more tedious than enthralling.
  3. More Psychobabble

    Anyone want to chip in and get Gamespy a tripod?
  4. Crappy design pervading quality titles

    I feel your pain. I put down Metroid Prime for months because of that boss, and when I finally picked it up again - and beat him - I got hammered before I could reach a save point. Twice. I feel sorry for my neighbors that may have been home that day. Chris, care to elucidate concerning Zero Mission? I've played & completed it, and off-hand can only think of one part that gave me similar troubles.
  5. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

    Similarly, am I the only one that is reminded of Voldo because of this pic? Seriously, first the new emphasis on combat and now this kind of crap character design. I'm starting to think this will be a Prince of Persia game in name only. I hope not, but ...
  6. Katamari Damacy trailer

    Where is Katamari Damacy?
  7. Katamari Damacy trailer

    Here ya go - a bit pricey though. Kinda crazy that you'd end up spending more on it than on the game itself!
  8. Katamari Damacy trailer

    Wait until you see the cut-scenes! I tried to find some pics of them, but all I could find was some in-game screens and some crazy illustrations. Hm, and there is a Katamari Damacy soundtrack after all!
  9. Gamecube or Xbox

    By the way, Fatal Frame 1 (and by the end of Oct., Fatal Frame 2) are also available on the Xbox.
  10. Katamari Damacy trailer

    Yeah, the title sequence is the same in the American version and for $20 ya can't go wrong! I do ever so wish someone would release the Katamari Damacy soundtrack.
  11. Gamecube or Xbox

    I own all three systems (although my Xbox was purchased in July) and recently moved, and my Gamecube sits next to my TV still in its box collecting dust while my Xbox has seen almost 100% of my gaming action over the past month (only exception has been Katamari Damacy). It makes me sad, since I really love the Gamecube but there hasn't been squat released for it with the exception of Pikmin 2 (which is halfway down a very long list of games waiting to be played ). Oh, and I haven't bought a Gamecube game since 2003 - there just hasn't been anything released that I've felt compelled to buy for it this year. On the other hand, there are a slew of great Gamecube games coming out later this year - like Donkey Konga (if you're into that whole wacky peripheral/party/making your wallet cry thing), Paper Mario 2, Metroid Prime 2, Viewtiful Joe 2 and Unity (in theory?) whereas the Xbox has Otogi 2 and KOTOR 2 (if you're into those sorts of things) and (presumably) the best ports of multi-platform software coming later this year. But the Gamecube has some amazing exclusives like Eternal Darkness, Animal Crossing, Metroid Prime and the usual Nintendo suspects. The first Viewtiful Joe was more than enough reason for me to own a Gamecube (well, at least until the PS2 port surfaced) and I'm still looking forward to 2005 releases like Killer 7 and Donkey Kong Jungle Beat and (well, hopefully 2005) the new Zelda. Um... either way, I just realized that this post has far too many sequels listed on it. I just hope I'm missing some good original IPs or else I'm gonna feel depressed. And hopefully this rambling helped ya!
  12. Ron Gilbert on Shaun of the Dead

    Any sitcom that opens with a Robocop parody is a-ok in my book!
  13. Sadly, these kind of shenanigans are exactly why I pre-ordered my copy of Katamari Damacy. I wish I weren't contributing to the problem but ... I really wanted to make sure that I'd have a copy.
  14. Horror games, 1st person or 3rd person?

    I agree, like I stated above Silent Hill 4 does this, forcing the user to play in first person in some situations, and in third person in others. Then there's The Suffering which allowed the user to toggle modes during gameplay (personally, I don't think the inclusion of first person mode added much, but I honestly didn't spend all that much time with the game.) And don't forget (Forbidden) Siren, which blends both perspectives - third for environmental exploration and first person for 'sightjacking', or environmental observation. Fatal Frame (1 and 2) are all about the toggling between first and third person (again, first for exploration and third concerning observation (in several facets, as you're viewing the world through not only your character's eyes, but your character's eyes looking through a camera viewfinder. A similar device is used in the recently released (in Japan at least) Michigan, although I haven't played it so...). I guess what I'm trying to say is that most recent horror games don't stick with just first or third person perspective. Personally for me, fear has nothing to do with someone jumping and going 'BOO', or in the case of FPS games, an enemy striking me from behind. If that were the case, Burnout 3 would be a horror game (damn cars shunting me from behind!) it has more to do with not knowing what may be coming, the uneasy anticipation. One of my favorite tense gaming moments is in SH2 (which is third person), walking and walking for what feels like miles down a desolate road with thick fog swirling all around me, my eyes are desperately trying to see shapes, to visually make something, anything out of the soup surrounding my character. Scared the hell out of me when I was playing it, enough that a few times I just had to put the controller down to cut the tension. Maybe I'm just a sucker for the atmospheric theatrics though.
  15. Horror games, 1st person or 3rd person?

    From what I've played so far of Silent Hill 4, it seems to think you can have both as long as there is a motivated reason. And I'm inclined to agree.
  16. Katamari Damacy will rock you.

    Yeah, I'm just confused over the multiple names thing, didn't know whether it'd be the western name or what. Glad to know it's a global affair! ..I suppose. I agree with Walter though, I would have gladly picked it up for $50 based on everything I've read about it over the past few months. The new $20 price just ensured my pre-order! Does anyone know if the two player mode is co-op or ...?
  17. Katamari Damacy will rock you.

    Can anyone help me straighten out what the exact title for the American release will be? I've seen Katamari Damashii, Katamari Damashi and Katamari Damacy. By the way, there are some great screensavers and paper craft for the game over at the Japanese site too, for those that go for that sort of thing. edit: I suppose the title is Damacy, and I would have known that if I actually looked at the cover manny_c44 posted! Dang!