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  1. Guild Wars

    I have to say, I was tired of the game pretty quickly. some thoughts: Coding is amazingly good for graphics, it runs very smoothly and looks awsome. Warping because of lag is a much bigger issue than in all mmpogs I've played. Scenery is be-you-tee-ful, but alas, the missions are like rollercoaster rides, you stick to roads where the devs want you to go. This strikes me as increadibly odd for a mmpog, while it's common in console games. Missions are increadibly linear. Paired with the fact that the npc's you can take with you on missions are far better than most morons playing the game makes this game very much a single player game. Oh yes, it's not one large shared world, every area has several (25 iirc) 'instances' (or districts as they call it ingame). Once you start a mission it's even an instance for your fellow only. Basicly, I can understand why it's not a subscription mmpog. It can barely pass as an mmpog as it is. As it is now, Guild Wars feels more like a Dungeon Siege Online.
  2. Games cost way too much.

    hey, I would pay 50 euros for a 50h epic game. What I'm much less inclined to buy are 6 hours action games that cost 60euros. Which accounts for most top games this and last year. Check out the postmorten om Stardock's political machine, $200,000 budget and 6 months dev time. Plus they're putting it on stardock central. I call that a win. If some games are 60 euros, that's fine, if I get for my money's worth. As long as there are a lot of lower budget games.
  3. Video card Question

    save a little bit more and buy an X700 or nvidia's equivalent, best bang for mainstream buck atm
  4. Fable gone gold

    pc version is a possibility, as they are looking into a pc version right now please pc version, I don't own an xbox and I don't see sh*t anyway on such a small resolution
  5. Intro Sequences in Games

    The "old" freelancer intro was great. In the final game they cut half of the intro, namely the whole nomads showing up and blowing up the sun. "It's ironic that in those last moments, we were finally united as a people."
  6. Episodic format a good idea?

    I still remember a 'biker mice from mars' game on SNES that was HEAVELY sponsored by snickers. I do mean heavely, not only snicker ads on the side of teh tracks (was a racegame), but also snicker powerups and the end of every race a screen with a protagonist holding a candybar and saying: "winners eat snickers". HORRID Product placement would be ok though, like cocacola (or pepsi) vending machines in HL, real adds on football/soccer games etc... Reality is different, I've heard a developer say that some even have to pay to get a company's ad into their games, to make it more 'realistic'.
  7. Episodic format a good idea?

    small games with less content but with budget prices (think serious sam, think tanks etc...) Has been said before, but games cost too much for the average consumers to buy more than a few a year. Episodic games would be cool for some genres, I could perfectly imagine condename gordon as an episode game. Or an action flightsim with new missions every week/month (Origin released the first episodial game I can remember, some stand-alone missions for wing commander: prophecy). But ... episodial games need a decent service like steam or stardock central. And ofcourse the most important factor, buyers. Valve will offer a 'steam subscription' where you pay every month, but you can DL every game. If 2 or 3 studios use steam and output small games regulary, I'm sure it would be a viable and lucrative alternative to the ye'old boxed format.
  8. Intro Sequences in Games

    I second the Zelda OoT remark, I especially liked the title screen(link riding epona). It was an excellent mood setter for the game.
  9. Intro Sequences in Games has the cmi intro I think another world had a great intro for the time, first one that was really ... cinematic
  10. Intro Sequences in Games

    The monkeys are listening ...