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  1. Fable gone gold

    I accepted the bribe and squealed as well.
  2. I finally stopped reading it when I got to this: Damn do I edit like a muddafugga?
  3. The biggest cover-up in HISTORY!!
  4. WTF?!! (Farah wannabe)

  5. Crazy Half Life 2 mod

    I think I'll be the velvet ant. Why?
  6. Tim on TechTV

    That's all anything is on G4, to what I've noticed... Edit: Oh my God, this is post #13. What am I going to do?
  7. Tim on TechTV

    I was watching a show titled 'Cheat', or something equally self-descriptive, and you should have heard how the ultra-nerdy, ultra-white host was talking when he was revealing all the amazing cheats available on Def Jam Vendetta. He spoke... as if he was from the streets... or somewhere within close proximity of.
  8. That's just stupid! ...Reconsidering your reconsideration now?
  9. Psychonauts gets a publisher: Majesco

    I'm still going to be getting it for Xbox, considering I did buy the damned machine just for the game.
  10. Psychonauts gets a publisher: Majesco

  11. Episodic format a good idea?

    I was playing Silent Hill at a friend's house and he started going on about horrible product placement because of a coca cola sign on a van, or some truck, that was parked on the road. I say if advertising is necessary, then make it subtle like that. If the product was up to Konami, they should have chosen Pepsi... http://www.cokewatch.org/ By the way, I just realized my username has a typo in it. It was intended to be Reis Hatton
  12. My sister worked for Stage3 when she was at CMU, I believe, and someone - I don't remember if they were in the Building Virtual Worlds course or worked for Stage3 or who they were - but someone was trying to somehow make someone actually 'scared' in a virtual reality setting. The wearer of the headset would be atop a building, if I remember correctly, and somehow the user would actually become scared, despite them knowing it is simply virtual reality. I don't think a chip in the head is gonna be necessary.
  13. Stranger

    ever I'm pretty sure it's only for XBox and PS2. That was my first sentence on the Idle Forums, ever!