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  1. Rate your own and each other's avatars

    It's an enigma.
  2. Rate your own and each other's avatars

    Mine is also twitchsmastpic.
  3. Star Wars...

    I actually liked Episode 1 better than 2. I think there were one or two scenes in it where the actors weren't standing in front of a green/blue screen, which is old school, which was a funny movie.
  4. Who Do You Think Changed Marek's Username?

    I blame society.
  5. Rate your own and each other's avatars

    It's the picture of JFK shooting Al Capone. After this event the guy dressed in white went on to manage the career of Elvis Presley, and later Iron Maiden.
  6. Rate your own and each other's avatars

    You know... men should start wearing hats again.
  7. DOOM 3 GOLD!!!

    Doom was great because it really made you crap on the walls, like when it was dark and you'd hear a door open somewhere in the distance and then your guts exploded everywhere. I assume Doom 3 will be a similar experience. I can't wait to play it in ten years when I finally own a computer that can run it. Personal note: Purchase stock in Depends or whatever hell company owns them. Personal note, addendum: Get cash for purchase of stock.
  8. US 'may delay vote if attacked'

    I'm moving here:
  9. Rate your own and each other's avatars

    My avatar is from a game about violence. It got cancelled because I misspelt it as "violins" in an email and they didn't think the public was ready for that yet. This character is Michael Jackson in disguise. He's got a butterfly down his pants because he thought it was something else.
  10. US 'may delay vote if attacked'

    Boss: Shawno, why have you been looking at furry porn all day? Me: Gee boss, it must have... OH MY GOD! LOOK AT THAT! Boss: Wha? Me: Holy crap... that was... terrorific. Boss: Indeed. What were we talking about again? Me: My raise. Boss: Oh... yeah. Is 50$ good? Me: Nope. Boss: Gee mister... you drive a hard bargain... Me and boss: Hahahahahaha!
  11. I'm a graphic designer. My kind are drawn to macs chiefly because Apple pays design schools big bucks/gives schools free stuff to use and teach on their platform. Simple as that.
  12. My friend and I spent at least one entire summer playing Stunt Island. We tried to make a whole movie, which of course, is absurd, since a movie that's nothing but insane stunts would be... actually... pretty awsome.
  13. Be that true or not, the price/performance ratio still doesn't add up.
  14. I worked on a mac for three years. Started with a G3, moved to a 1st gen G4, and finally to a dual cpu G4 fancy shmants wallet exploder. They were all garbage. And yes, they crash just as much as PC's. BOMB!
  15. Looks like Sierra's bit the big one.

    Also, my bookshelf needs more game boxes with frog vaginas on it. You know you were thinking it.