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  1. Something like 100,000 or a million or something. Heard it on a podcast. Either PCGamer or Next-Gen.
  2. Awesome little game

    I like the secret area. Shoot the far wall through the farthest space in the bars on the right. Entertaining times. But yes, the controls are somewhat lacking and I actually spent the most time watching the dudes writhe and fall over themselves and whatnot after the matches.
  3. Awesome little game

    Interesting. Looks a lot like Toribash, which I was hopelessly hooked on for some weeks. I have high hopes. Edit:: Not at all like Toribash. But initial impressions are awesome.
  4. Stupidest idea ever?

    Oh sure, just because they made the movie means they get it first? Bah.
  5. Stupidest idea ever?

    Considering the release date is Sept. '07, no, I haven't seen it. But you freaked me out for a minute there. Thought I missed it.
  6. Stupidest idea ever?

    I've been looking forward to this for quite a while. Not expecting it no be nearly as good as Days, but I'll see it if for nothing more than that I love zombie movies.
  7. my kitten is here... photo thread.

    Yes, but can cats skateboard?
  8. my kitten is here... photo thread.

    My chair makes the same unholy creaking, squeaking, and cracking noises. Ugh.
  9. Eastern European Games

    Take that back this instant!
  10. Two extremely short animations

    Oh man. Beyond awesome. :tup:Big Time:tup: Art style, animation, comedic timing, and music. Love it all.
  11. Eastern European Games

    I must be luckiest guy in the world, because Stalker only crashed on me maybe 3 times. Which is better than most games manage. But I do know what you mean with the lack of polish. Some games are just fairly crap, but every now and then you'll get one that tries something new or different and gets it right enough to be enjoyable. I just wish I could think of some examples off the top of my head.
  12. Photoshop competition!!11onetwo

    Everybody stop. Don't bother trying. ElMuerte wins.
  13. Mmmmmm. Warm Goat entrails...

    Holy crap, that's awesome.
  14. My turn to have a blog now.

    I believe the Idle Forums have accomplished what they were created for.
  15. Mmmmmm. Warm Goat entrails...

    Same with dogs. I wuv me the wittle doggies and wouldn't eat one if I could help it, but I don't mind that they're a light lunch in some areas of the world. So the goat doesn't faze me. If I was there, I may have said "That's kind of icky, but it's a goat. It probably only exists in the first place to be eaten." And my attention would probably have been directed elsewhere. Because I agree with Marek. Would we be having this discussion if it was a yummy yummy cow/pig?