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  1. Chris Roberts' new space combat sim

    They just posted a FAQ which should hopefully clarify a lot of questions people have had:
  2. Chris Roberts' new space combat sim

    It's not prerendered! I just watched Chris demo the game live, in person and everything. You should be able to watch it at the livestream link, I think. It's still in an early state, so watching Chris play it is not as slick as the trailer. But I'm impressed.
  3. Chris Roberts' new space combat sim

    Tycho: yeah, Freelancer definitely did not turn out the way Chris envisioned. Mouse, lack of joystick and first-person view... Btw, a short trailer just leaked! http://a9.akadl.mtvn...bc7887780b48888 ^ This is really awesome, btw.
  4. I can't believe there isn't a thread for this yet. Outrage! I mean, I know there's people here into space combat sims. Anyone tuning into the livestream for the big announcement/demo tomorrow morning? (10AM EST) Or later today, for those of you on the other side of the planet. Here's the teaser trailer (seriously a tease): http://www.gamespot....railer-6397470/ An interview with Chris Roberts that just went up today: http://www.gamespot....gaming-6397925/ And here's a link to the imminent livestream: http://www.gamespot....c_panel20121010 It's kind of crazy how mech games are coming back with a vengeance--here's hoping the same happens for space combat sims.
  6. Horror games, 1st person or 3rd person?

    I think that 3rd person tends to emphasize the player's sense of vulnerability via the visible exposure of the player character, whereas 1st person emphasizes the sense of viscerality by situating the player as the direct recipient of attacks. 3rd person horror = exposure, 1st person horror = enclosure. Each perspective has its respective strengths, but given that 'horror' tends to encompass a range of emotions, it's hard to say any one is better than the other.