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    united kingdom of austria
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    come undone + mr bojangles performances + earth song-crying. mostly.
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    the secret of monkey island, grim fandango, baldur's gate 2
  1. Fantastic Uwe Boll interview

    can't he make a movie out of his emails? could be fun!
  2. hey there, after the release of episode 1 and months of hard work im announcing the release of asylum's second episode "a corpse, a vote". so if you're owner of nwn 2 click here!
  3. ...which are - for being fussy - no rpgs at all and only mods for one! i tried it that way: http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=NWN2Movies.Detail&id=113 and since everything here occurs to be flooded with senseless stuff i just want to add my 2 cents.
  4. So... Cute... BUNNY!

    awesome and cute! want that too
  5. Stupidest idea ever?

    28 days has multiple endings?
  6. Stupidest idea ever?

    well... the ending of 28 days ruined the whole movie - so i guess 28 weeks can't be any bader...
  7. omg P!nk...

    pretty unhygienic
  8. My mouth tastes of petroleum

    go to the circus! fire-breathing, hooray!
  9. Thunderbird or Outlook Express?

    i'm pretty satisfied with good old thunderbird
  10. nwn2-mod asylum: a bet, a corpse - RELEASE DAY

    yeah, i know. got several nice feedback regarding "a bet, a corpse". there's the keeper of the keys in your inventory. equip yourself with him and then you can travel around in the keeper's conversation. ohh...and if you're stuck, because the conversation with the keeper won't launch, please be sure to download the newest version. there's a horrible bug in v1.0 which may cause that you can't leave the hive any longer...
  11. My Web Comic

  12. Members: 1,500

  13. Weird things

    hmmm...anybody else being haunted by the grim-sountrack?
  14. i'm pretty tired, but hey...paaaaarrrrtyyyyyyy :woohoo: my nwn 2-mod "asylum: a bet, a corpse" got a release. wooohooo! description, download and stuff can be found here
  15. Gothic 3

    gothic 3 is currently the most successful game in germany / austria. according to our gaming magazines it should be a really good game (but still suffering of a load of bugs...)