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  1. Sam & Max on Youtube

    The full animated series is on Youtube! How long have you people been keeping this from me?
  2. Plug your shit

    So I came across Hobo Lobo in my internet meanderin', and was like, "Well this is awesome," and then I saw a link to Idle Thumbs on the about page. Minds were blown and pants were pooped. I feel like a terrible person for forgetting about this place.
  3. Dark Sector's new image

    I remember when Dark Sector was first announced, and I watched the tech demo for it, I was really excited about it. The music and atmosphere seemed unique and interesting, the gameplay promised to be fairly different. I was really looking forward to it. But then they had to go and change the whole thing. The new setting is boring; I've seen it in dozens of other games. That sweet, transforming stealth suit? Gone. The awesome Yakudo music? Gone. Maybe I'm wrong about the game, but watching the footage of it, there's just nothing there that interests me anymore. Hopefully it still delivers on the gameplay--but, again, from what I've seen, it's looking a little..... eh. Not nearly as cool as it used to be.
  4. So what's Crackdown like?

    I almost bought this today, but chickened out and bought Lost Planet instead. I'm feeling confident that I made the right choice.
  5. Will Wright on the Colbert Report

    I'm pretty sure that's intentional.Between Will Wright and the Decemberists guitar challenge, Colbert is pretty much my favorite right now.
  6. Wii titles?

    I don't much care for Red Steel's campaign-- it's got lousy pacing, laughably bad dialogue, and positively stupid AI. The controls are pretty awkward, but I'm hoping it's something that you just have to practice at first. I haven't tried the multiplayer out yet, but my friends insist that it's a lot of fun. As for Super Monkey Ball: Some of the mulitplayer games are pretty bad, but the single player is monkey gold.
  7. Gears of War Hype?

    I kind of have to agree. The ad may reek of self-indulgence, but at least its classier than "HOLY SHIT GEARS OF WAR IS FUCKING EXTREME GO BUY IT NOW BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD" accompanied by a montage of explosions. Pretentious or not, it's still a nice change of pace.
  8. The Wii's Launch

    Does anyone else find it a little odd that not only are Nintendo launching after Sony, but that the Americas also get the Wii before Japan does?
  9. BZZRT! Wrong. Halo 3 is simply the "conclusion to [the] story arch". That doesn't mean they won't be setting any more games in the Halo universe. That said, I have the same doubts as anyone about a console-based RTS, but it seems to be in good hands and I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt for the time being. And as for the Peter Jackson project... well, it seems a bit silly to judge with so little information, but you can color me wary.
  10. Bad games that are good

    I thought Perfect Dark Zero was terrible, but for some reason, one day, I just sat down and played through the whole campaign. I remember that day fondly, but I also seem to remember the game being total shite.
  11. Man!festo Games

    Greg Costikyan's Man!festo Games apparently opened shop today. Thought it might be of interest around here.
  12. Prey demo

    I was thinking the same thing. FEAR would occasionally suffer from a choppy framerate, even on a set up like mine, but Prey ran incredibly smoothly. As far as first impressions go, I'm not sure. There were some elements of it I thought were kind of cool (like what happens when you die, or the freezey-gun) but otherwise it left me feeling a little empty. To be fair, though, I had already seen about 98% of this demo in gameplay videos over the last couple of months, so nothing really surprised me. I still plan on picking up the full game when the time comes, though I definately wouldn't go so far as to say it's better than Half Life 2. I also have to agree with Toblix on the voice acting; Tommy in particular just sounds silly.
  13. A really funny, intelligent joke I made

    Did you come up with that post yourself? OR DID YOU GET ...etc. The applications are endless!
  14. DOPEFISH LIVES!... In Sin?

    Ha ha! Awesome!
  15. Why the DS Sucks

    This is almost so ridiculous, it might be a joke. "The PSP stands for PlayStation Portable...uh, DS, who knows what that stands for. I don't know. And I know a lot of stuff about the DS. I know it's a piece of a garbage. ...It's also a piece of trash." Now you can watch some silly cunt make a flimsy argument of why the DS sucks!
  16. I Love You, Idle Forumers

    There's something about Tom Hanks and Dan Aykroyd rapping that makes me a little nauseous.
  17. Why the DS Sucks

    I never even got that far (I stopped about three minutes in) , but I assumed by the part I quoted it had to be a joke.
  18. Cooking with Spaff?

  19. Microsoft's E3 Press Conference

    Well, apparently Microsoft's idea of appealing to all ages is catering to the FPS crowd, and giving the kiddies some shitty pinata game to amuse themselves with.
  20. Sony's E3 Conference Thread

    I think what saddens me most is how much it will dominate on the market. I mean, before, I figured everyone had a chance. The 360 and the PS3 were, essentially, equals, and the Wii was the loveable sidekick to compliment whichever one you chose to buy. Now the PS3 has the processing power and the controller. EDIT: Then again, with a price like that....
  21. Sony's E3 Conference Thread

    I....I don't know what to think anymore.
  22. Oblivion

    Hmm...the deed to my new home/castle (Frostcrag Spire) says I can "rename the manor by sumbitting proper forms and payments to Cyrodiil Construction Charter and by filing duplicate forms with the Documents Division of the Imperial City Archives". I don't know what or where either of those organizations are. Anyone know if you really can rename a house, or if the deed is lying?
  23. New Spore footage + interview

    It also seems like they've got a few framerate issues, particularly in more populated cities, but otherwise it looks as cool as ever. I can't wait to play it.
  24. Bone Part Dos

    Has anyone played it yet? The last one, while certainly not terrible, sort of left me feeling a little ripped off (mostly because it was so short). I wanted to get some opinions on the most recent installment before deciding on downloading it.
  25. Hot damn!

    As swell as I think this whole thing is, I will never pay anything more than "free" for a yo-yo, let alone $15. I guess I am just not much of a yo-yo sort of guy.