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  1. Thanks for you help TP
  2. Well, stuff is running now with UAC on full. Which is good. I had trouble getting the security settings to stay changed at first, then I added an "Everyone" identity to Steam folders with the permissions needed and this worked. Good idea/Bad idea?
  3. Well OK, maybe. So the problem is permissions, not UAC per se. So can I edit permissions in any way? Or am I not allowed to do this on my own system?
  4. erk I can make the changes fine with UAC turned off. Steam etc is now working. That's what I meant about turning it off for these kind of file operations then switching it back on again for regular use. (edit: oh I understand. I'm not trying to tell you how it works, I'm just asking you to believe that it is throwing a legitimate problem my way. It's frustrating this end too!)
  5. And yet apparently it is. As I said, even when clicking "yes" the action is not performed correctly. Look up the read-only problem if you don't believe me.
  6. I can see the benefit of UAC as a kind of internal firewall, but it is too heavy handed in restricting my own actions. This makes sense for inexperienced users who don't know that they may be making a mistake, but I'm pretty confident in my sysadmin credentials. With UAC, even when I click "OK, yes, do what I just told you" it then doesn't carry out the action correctly. I consider this a bug. On your recommendation I will keep UAC on for normal use, but it seems that I need to turn it off for when I do any administrator level stuff to my PC.
  7. OK, I'll research UAC a bit more to find out exactly what it is doing and whether I need it. I did try to reassign ownership, but it wasn't having it. The whole ownership management system seems pretty badly designed to me. I'll read up about that too, as I do like to understand my OS. I could just reinstall Steam and all my games from scratch, true, but I used Windows Easy Transfer to save myself a considerable amount of time and because this function claims to be there for this very purpose.
  8. Ended up trying Mass Effect first. Shiny! I did run into a problem; Windows 7 has a weird attitude to read-only folders. It ignores them, according to Microsoft, and so they feel no need to fix the buggy attribute changing applied to them. All the files transferred from my old PC have been made read-only for some reason. And I couldn't make them read-write; it kept reverting them to read-only, and coming up with annoying messages about 'ownership' (a new attribute added in Vista?). This is bad because Steam and a lot of other apps won't run ion read-only folder. It was mighty annoying. Luckily the issue seems resolved for now, by turning 'User Access Control' settings down to zero - thought I would mention it here in case anyone else runs into the same problem. tl;dr : Windows 7 is mostly good but has annoying quirks.
  9. The threat of Big Dog

    That's good, but I thought it was going to be this: 7E0ot9iJm_k
  10. Life

    Have you tried confusing him? B2Je1CEPkUM Gwardinen; I'm with the others: take you mind off it, have a good time with friends, put some distance between you, and then when you next cross paths things will be much easier.
  11. Well, that's done. Do you know what's awesome? Chrome sync-up. Transferred all my bookmarks just by signing in. Sweet. Most of the other stuff went fine. Took about 24 hours with Windows Easy Transfer. Most things seem fine but one or two pieces of software might need a proper install. Oh well, not bad all in all. So what the first game you think I should try on this thing?
  12. Life

    That's a nasty one, and it's even nastier because of the "all above board" nature of it. I'e been a thing on the side too before and it sucks. Logically and ethically open relations and polyamory and all that should work. 95% of the time it ends of hurting somebody, often several people. What is the best case scenario? If it is that their relationship - and yours - continues as it has, you are slowly going to hurt more and more. Or maybe the best case scenario is that they separate amicable and she ends up with you. Honestly this sounds unlikely. The one thing that might make it more likely is you telling the truth about your feelings for her. Don't make it an ultimatum "me or him" - that will be bad. Instead just say "this is how I feel, and for that reason I cannot keep doing this. Sorry". Either she will be really grateful for the honesty and matter-of-factness and keep things clean, helping you to move on; or she may decide that you are the person she would rather be with (the guy might be grateful for this too, given time, as it actually helps him move on to his new relationship without feeling like anyone is left hurt and alone) . That second outcome is the long shot, but either way the situation becomes resolved without you going slowly crazy. For now. She may still do that to you at a future date.
  13. New people: Read this, say hi.

    He arrived right before you did. I'm sorry.
  14. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Heya Kingz. Tough call. You could always check out the tag cloud, it might be useful.
  15. Yes, looks great and I think I'll be using it to install all my web stuff and minor apps. But for major lumps of licensed software I need to migrate.
  16. In the past I have always done it manually, but I have a bunch of stuff now that I need for working from home and I want to keep my downtime to a minimum. Transferring files is fine but I'd like to avoid all the tedious re-installation of every piece of software. What some of these applications do is transfer the software "in situ" so that arrives as if was installed on the new machine.
  17. So my own new PC just arrived (nothing special gaming wise, but still way ahead of my old one, which is on its last legs anyway). Now begins the painful process of transferring data. I had a look at http://www.pickmeapp.com but I've decided to try using Windows Easy transfer first, as PickMeApp doesn't recognise a lot of my older software/ Am I doing the right thing? is there something better? Tell me now! Or later, as the process is likely to take several hours no matter what I do.
  18. Movie/TV recommendations

    Who is responsible for this? Is it one of you? Own up.
  19. Life

    Oh man, I cannot resist. Yes please. This is weird. But fun.
  20. (IGN.com)

    In similarly hi-larious shenanigans: Kotaku releases a new website about Video game News. I laughed. (link is to PA, as I boycott Kotaku itself).
  21. 2012

    Some of the Global Offensive versions of classic maps, like Dust, have appeared in Counter-Strike Source. They look great, but man are they bleak.
  22. Non-video games

    New edition of D&D announced.
  23. XCOM returns

    Heh you are probably right. Except the argument part. I think you do want it!
  24. XCOM returns

    I am pleased to hear about this (although I wish they had given it a different subtitle - subtitles are meant to differentiate releases, not confuse things by being identical!), but I also agree with Murdoc. the original X-com games ha their own style, even though it was a pastiche on many UFO things from the past. It was slightly retro even for it's time. Nicely downplayed. This artwork has a big meathead spess mehreen just like all the FPS games. He is being way too awesome. Does he know that he is almost certain to die? Does he know that his stats are rubbish? Needs more horror, more futility and more sense of sending cannon fodder against a massively superior and unknowable enemy.