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  1. I think a little bit of stereo mixing to give sense of space would be nice, as long as it doesn't impact file size or sound weird to people. It's worth looking into at least so that any decisions can be properly informed. So your message is welcome Jake. So yeah, what everyone else has said.
  2. Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Nick! (Not F. Nick; other Nick. He doesn't post here often any more but is still part of the Thumbs UK bunch).
  3. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    I would guess* that he was only in that position for a fraction of a second, before springing back. Painful yes, but not as crippling as it might be if he was left lying like that. *hope
  4. I thought that they had already done that, and the papers released turned out to be incredibly boring?
  5. idlethumbs.net

    Sean "Famous Ankles" Vanaman?
  6. SCP-087

    Ahahaha I just yelped out loud.
  7. I think the bookcast just got a name.
  8. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    Topical (for the UK at least): gj_aHCpZl4k Ahhh, memories!
  9. I also enjoyed Chris's monitor shenanigans.
  10. idlethumbs.net

    Ruinationcast first topic: "Elements of style: Shoes without socks, the when's and how's."
  11. Well if you're going to buy him dinner... Sorry, sorry...
  12. I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for those danged thumbs! I was waiting until payday. Worry not, I will be pledging to Doublefine too. Idle Thumbs however, overcame all sense of monetary self preservation
  13. Yeah, with over 40 pledges of $200 or more... that's a lot of topic demands. The ruinationcast may live to its name!
  14. In the time it took me to sign up and pledge, the final 5 grand got donated. Holy crap. So awesome. This has totally been worth spending the last 9 years of my life here Congratulations guys, and bon voyage!
  15. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    Here is a photo of a sleeping dog.
  16. The Walking Dead

    dear jake and sean i here you are making the walking dead. awesome!!!!! my favouritest episode of the tvshow is the first one when rick finds a horse i here the nintendo have a patent for a horse-riding bag control i think you know what it is you must do thankyu
  17. Wizaaaaaards!!

    Mmmmmm smells of wizards!
  18. Life

    Maybe not him, his boss - yes definitely. If he doesn't have a boss, then yeah go ahead and let him know.
  19. Londonweek

    He will! Sadly I wasn't able to talk to the man himself, but I got input from some other comedians. There's so many good things on - I'm a bit gutted because it looks like I will clash with the 'TEA AND DEATH' talk which I would love to attend.
  20. 2012

    I love the Soul Calibur games, but I wish to god they would stop obsessing over the tits.
  21. Londonweek

    Can't make Wild Rumpus sadly, but I am at Bit of Alright
  22. Movie/TV recommendations

    I'm now hooked on Community, and I haven't even finished the first season
  23. Jeff Goldblum

    I've been watching a lot of Community lately. This bit made me think of Idle Thumbs:
  24. Anti-abortion protesters.

    There's a group of bikers in America who "shield" mourners from Westboro Baptist Church when they turn up at funerals. They basically carry massive American flags to create a totally legal and unobjectionable barrier. Oh and gun their engines to drown out their voices.