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  1. Worst Kickstarter Ever

    I have an adblocker; I just realised that I don't see those banners anyway. Even when I did, the site is well designed so that the ads aren't very distracting. I've still given a couple of dollars because I'd like to see the Automata comic. And out of... curiosity I guess, but I wouldn't give more than that.
  2. Wizaaaaaards!!

  3. Their copy isn't much better than their art... (that might be a bit cruel, as I get the impression that English is not the writer's first language. On the other hand if they want people's money they need good copy) They claim to have experience developing for the C64 era, but it just doesn't come across. I feel bad saying this, as I think anyone with genuine enthusiasm deserves encouragement. They need to make a least a couple of small projects off their own back to show what they can do, before asking for $10,000... All it needs is a bit of plagiarism and we'll have a new Limbo of the Lost oh wait:
  4. The Secret World

    Ooh! Do us a Toblogtm as you play. I'm interested in what it's like too.
  5. The Secret World

    There must be a conspiracy... I blame the Illuminati.
  6. The Secret World

    If I had the money and time, I would be on this. I'm not as stoked about as I was (looking back over this thread) because what I have seen of the gameplay looks pretty average. But the world and fiction still interest me. But yeah I am priced out of MMO-ville for the current era (I haven't even played TOR! )
  7. Feminism

    Not to derail anyone or anything, and I hope this isn't misinterpreted as me trying to stir shit up; it's just too good not to post: Sinfest has been doing a lot of feminism related strips lately, with some nice "patriarchy-as-the-matrix" and resistance fighter metaphors.
  8. Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Toblix? More like SHUT UP AND EAT YOUR WONDERFUL CAKE SIR!
  9. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Warhammer 40K games 75% off this weekend on Steam. Must... resist....
  10. Add me to the list of "used to love TF2, but don't enjoy it much now" For me it was the slow decay of the tactical game. I was in a clan shortly after release and the game was wonderful on both a stretegic and tactical level - teams needed to co-operate to win and it showed. A well-executed plan was visible to both teams. Now it just seems like a massive free-for-all, game of attrition. The only effective tactic is "all go to the same place and lay down as much firepower as possible". The game tried to drastically up the pace, with the effect that I now find it dull because the pacing is so uniform (to use a little theatrical theory, drama=changes of pace). Sadface. But yes, a fitting end to the "meet the class" series. A lot of fun and nicely unexpected.
  11. Lego

    That's cool, I've been thinking off-hand for a while how Lego would make the perfect D&D set, being much more versatile and cheaper than licensed miniatures and maps. And this LotR range just expands the options (although maybe not; as Rodi said they may end a lot of the own-brand medieveal gear. Plus there's Harry Potter stuff I guess. And I didn't even know about PotC). They've even kind-of gone there themselves with the little board-games, complete with 3-D character sheets/GUIs. Lego really does have so many possibilities. I agree, it's pretty much the perfect toy. When I get a new flat I may just retrieve my own childhood Lego-chest out of my parent's loft. My girlfriend and I occasionally buy each other one of the collectible minifig packs. So awesome!
  12. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Deus Ex games are 75% off this weekend on Steam. I'd be angry at them for making me an offer I can't refuse, but then I actually feel kind of bad getting Human Revolution for GB£5.
  13. Feminism

    No point in being coy. Which game, out of interest?
  14. Happy Birthday!

    Daaaaaav-iiiid Iriiiiiiiish Joooooohn
  15. Soul Calibur V

    Maybe if they did stop, these games would stop making money, they would stop making them, and you have nothing to play. Then you'd have to go and play some other genre where folks would mildly insult you with names like "scrub". No offense.
  16. Well, Thumbs

    Ahhhg it's all different. I FEAR CHANGE!
  17. The Elder ScrMMOlls

    I noticed that too Murdoc. I assume it is future-proofing. Elder-Scrolls games tend to go for some approximation of photo-real, but the thing about that is that the march of technology ages very quickly (just look at Everquest 2 - dated and ugly even before it went live). MMO's aim for a longer life-span than single-player games. Thus most MMO's have larned from WoW that a stylised slightly cartoony look ages better. Of course none of them do it as well as Blizzard and now they all have the same cartoony style... edit: Yeah, if I didn't know that these were screens of an Elder Scrolls game, I wouldn't be able to tell.
  18. Left 4 Thumbs - The Homethumbing 2

    So I can play Left 4 Dead 2 now. I haven't even touched it yet. SO if anyone is in the same boat, or doesn't mind a total noob tagging along, let me know! PS I played lots of the first game, so I'm not that much of a liability. I just don't know the maps, or the best strategies for the new special infected, or the story - so I might stop and gawp at things while saying "cool, look at that, that's a really nice detail, the way it implies AHHHGHHGHGHGHG GET IT OFF MY FAAAAAACE!"
  19. Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Nachimir! (It doesn't show on the forum main page but we know... we know*) *
  20. Life

    That was principally due to the Roman invasion, I believe. Invasion began successfully (previous attempts had failed) in AD 43. Then for about 400 years Britain was part of the Roman Empire. They never managed to conquer some areas though, like Scotland. No-one is sure when the Roman rule ended exactly, but it was early 5th century. The lack of information is the reason for this time being called the 'Dark Ages'. If there was a historical King Arthur, he lived around this time (he was probably a general of Roman descent), which was marked by driving off many Saxon invasions among others, Britain having been left more vulnerable. Obviously the Britain that the Romans left behind was very different to when they arrived. Although it fragmented into separate Kingdoms again (until the Norman invasion of 1066) these kingdoms were political and tactical rather than tribal.
  21. Live Penguin Cam

    My girlfriend nearly reduced me tears by doing a Big Brother style voice over while were watching. Day four in the penguin enclosure...
  22. Live Penguin Cam

    One of them is looking into the camera OMGEEEEEEEEEE!
  23. That was great, nice work Rodi! I think this should go up on a corner of the front-end site somewhere. Only a brief mention of Idle Forums though? I guess they would need their own potted history; it will only take 70 posts and need to be written in some kind of Lovecraftian cipher.