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  1. Dawn of War makes me want to do Warhammer art

    Clicking on the tag reveals all threads with that tag. So we see that there are four pages of topics which Toblix has complained about. We heart Toblix.
  2. Life

    Hello folks I feel sad because I haven't had much time to read Idle Forums for the last six weeks or so. I miss you guys! I had fun last weekend the music 'Bestival' on the Isle of Wight. Closest thing to a holiday I've had in years. The theme was Fantasy, so there were many wizaaards to behold. We didn't go in fantasy costumes , we went as a group of 8 naughty dog-pandas, as seen in LCD soundsystem. We caused an appropriate amount of mayhem, although generally of a more benevolent type (like mimicking people in other costumes, or handing out cheap little toys or sequins or dowsing people in glitter. It says something for what a good vibe the festival had that absolutely no-one got pissed off at as and many people were entertained by it). Essentially clowning, but it's more fun when dressed as something other than a clown. Still looking for full-time work, although I'm starting to get a reputation as Brighton's new comedy mogul, since I'm now running three separate comedy nights in different venues. Any year now I expect to start making money from it ...
  3. The sad sad tale of Tim Langdell

    Will EA please hurry up and squash him flat. Like the bloodsucking insect he is.
  4. Warcraft Adventures (old old stuff)

    Warcraft always looked like an unofficial Warhammer game to me. I even heard that a bunch of the artist were ex Games Workshop employees. In fact stuff like the sympathetic orcs I took as an attempt at distancing itself from the major influence. Warcraft goblins are definitely more intelligent than Warhammer's. FOr me the downturn in the Warcraft lore appeal is still the Burning Crusade Dranei. It was at that point that their lore became so convoluted that their own writers began tying themselves in knots and forgetting stuff. Their answer? Any retcon is justified in the name of marketing. I know I know, I'm incredibly geeky for caring about retcons. I just can't help but view it as a sign of lazy and/or careless writing. Maybe the change in tone didn't help. I don't like planetary fantasy all that much. WotlK rectified that a lot and kept me going for quite a while longer, but still. Ultimately though the biggest turn-off to play is the amount of content that is only available to high tier raiders. By content I don't mean the best gear - I am more than happy for hardcore raiders to pick up all the best equipment. I mean story. With each expansion I have had to skip so many conclusions to storylines. Bits of lore that I only know from hearsay. The world acts like I have completed every raid instance appropriate to my level, but I haven't and I doubt the majority of players have either. WotLK made a big improvement with it's 10 man and 5 man versions of raids - lesser rewards but you still get the sights and the sounds and the story. I can see how they might not want to make that content solo, in order to encourage teamwork. But the teamwork is just not inherently enjoyable - it has to be overcome in order to access the content. It's an obstacle. That's why I hate raids and guilds and all the bullshit that comes with them, most of the time. I have been in guilds and gone on raids and had fun but it always made me feel marginalised in some way. The game needs softer and more baked-in incentives to team up and co-operate fully rather than factionalise and compete. Co-operation needs to be fun.
  5. Life

    I think they're doing some light lurking. I'll ask them when we get together next. They're all pretty busy these days.
  6. Who do you write like

    Here's a fun gimmick: 'Check which famous writer you write like'. I entered a few different modes of writing and got some results I'm pretty flattered by (although I doubt it ever returns results like "you write like that old drunk guy from down the chip shop"). When writing fiction: I write like Ursula LeGuin (yay). When writing casually (as I do on these forums): I write like James Joyce (ooh really?). When writing play script: I write like Arthur C. Clarke (uh OK). When writing comedy routines: I write like Vladimir Nabokov (sweet). When writing this post: I write like Vladimir Nabokov again (I guess I was trying to be funny)
  7. Movie/TV recommendations

    Saw Inception last night and enjoyed it. I can see what people mean by lacking heart though - brkl, although we learn all about Cobb and Moll, I never really felt for him (it failed the principle of show don't tell). I blame the robotic DiCaprio - he has never really done much for me as an actor. Ellen Page was much more relatable, but unfortunately her character development got halted in the third act (but jeez did they have to call her Ariadne? I mean come on. ). Same goes for the other characters - while I liked them all they were very obviously 'supporting cast' and never became fully fleshed out, in the way that the gang does in truly great heist movies (and Inception clearly takes the heist movie as its basic model). 'Heart' when applied to movies doesn't really mean on-screen emotion - it means that the creators are putting their own truths into it. What I thought the film did best was layer the tension. Each layer of the dream has it's own tensions and things about to go horribly wrong, all stacked on each other and magnifying the next. I was sweating for the last entire 45 minutes maybe. . That tension didn't quite pay off how I would have liked - the whole thing wrapped up very quickly. . But yes a pretty damn decent film, all in all. In relation to games, Lacuna is a fantastic tabletop RPG, actually a couple of years old but with a premise very similar to Inception, only even more mysterious and mind-bending. I recommend it.
  8. Wizaaaaaards!!

    Thumb secret! That was posted by Tom - who's co-community director is Spaff, of Idle Thumbs fame. There may be less coincidence here than folks realise...
  9. Red Dead Redemption

    Can you expand on that? Do you mean dialogue trees (or even more yes/no choices)? More small-scale persistent changes to the world-state?
  10. Red Dead Redemption

    So what's next for the GTA engine/formula? I'd really like to see a pirate game done on the RDR/GTA template. Grand Theft Bullion?
  11. Who do you write like

    Well yeah, the actual stuff being promoted is fairly obvious. I wouldn't even call the marketing ploy surreptitious, let alone a scam. It's why I called it a gimmick. It'd be nice to know if there is any algorithm of meaning in the analysis, but it's impossible to without seeing the code. A fun distraction anyway.
  12. Who do you write like

    Ahahaahah, I was wrong, it does have unflattering results!
  13. Cataclysm

    Yeah didn't like the video. The commentary seemed confused and ill-informed too (even I remember the lore better than they do). I don't doubt that the official trailers will heavily entice me. I must try to resist. Rodi, I agree. What WoW does better than any other MMO, and most other video games even, is give real personality and sense of place to the beautiful landscapes and locations. Exploration was the most enjoyable play-mode for me in that game.
  14. Shadow Complex

    Weren't we boycotting this game because of the homophobic right-wing fruitloop writer? Or was that something else?
  15. Movie/TV recommendations

    That's kind of the point. It's an exercise in tension and restraint and the detail that a long shot can find. Anyone brought up on Hollywood cinema is going to find it pretty hard to watch, since the pace is so unfamiliar to us. I found the tension too unbearable to view it all in one go.
  16. Idle Thumbs panel at PAX Prime

    That's great! Add my voice to requests for the transatlantic feed. Also would like to see some Thumbs cosplay, re: wizaaards, space assholes and horsebags.
  17. Recently completed video games

    I finished Killzone 2. The game is shit and I hated it. Resistance 2: was surprisingly fun and much improved on the mediocre first game. Red Dead Redemption, excellent of course.
  18. Killzone 2

    I'm actually offended by how shit it is.
  19. Killzone 2

    Seriously? this is what all that fuss what about? I'm playing this now and it sucks badly. The controls feel clumsy and sluggish. It's like interacting with the world while drunk and cocooned in bubble wrap. Whether I live or die feels mostly down to chance a lot of the time. The story is instantly forgettable and I don't give the tiny-est shit about it. Same with the locations and the characters. The character models are cartoonish rather than badass. All the coolest action happens in cut-scenes rather than when I'm playing. I've not had so little fun playing an FPS in a long time. I'm going to finish it now out of spite.
  20. Real ID on Blizzard Forums

    Hahahah! Popular names for girls in 2011: Bayonetta, Onyxia, Bellavamp.
  21. Real ID on Blizzard Forums

    I have mixed feelings. On general principles I think it's a privacy risk and anonymity is almost an internet tradition. Plus all the unforeseen consequences that have been, uh, foreseen above. On the other hand the WoW forums are so hideous that I feel a certain degree of Shadenfreude in seeing bad things happen to them and think that 75% of the users deserve to be severely inconvenienced, preferably in a medical manner. It's not like I've ever been crazy enough to get involved in those forums anyway, even when I was playing lots of WoW. So I guess I'm filing this in Not My Problem Thank Gods.
  22. Red Dead Redemption

    I finished the story the other day and got 100% just now. A great game, I have to say. Not perfect - I think the horses could have handled more realistically and the horse deeds devalued them too much. I was very upset when my first horse was killed (cougars of course - cougars killed more horses than anything else in the game. Close second was me accidentally shooting my horse in the head while trying to shoot a cougar. Apparently George Custer managed the same thing without the cougar). It was hard to keep up that feeling when it bacame obvious that the game didn't think horses were all that special. As with all these games, the western feel and scale of the world diminished as the game went on. Not helped by the insane speed that horses gallop at (the first time some cowboys raced past me I thought there was something wrong with the PS3). The beginning is always the best. Still, I liked the ending, especially the various songs that came in near the end. I did the challenges as I went, and really didn't mind them. It did feel as though there ought to be more to do with the provisions besides sell them. I hardly had to sell anything, I was looting so much money in the game. By the end I had nearly £3000 left over. I liked the little bits of weird west. The theme seemed to be the desert driving people mad - half the residents of the Territory are absolutely barmy and Marsden might well be one of them. I kind of liked how John, despite being such and angry badass was still willing to work and fraternise with seriously unbalanced and frequently annoying people. Ah well. I think I am going to round off the game by robbing every single bank I can find.
  23. Thi4f

    The idiocy is reaching films. the next Final Destination movie is going to be called: 5Nal Destination
  24. Red Dead Redemption

    I'm still playing through. I think I have nearly finished the Mexico missions. The only bugs I've seen are placement of entities in cutscenes - teleporting horses and the like. In one highly amusing scene, Nigel West-Dickinson addressed an excited crowd of ranchers from a few dozen feet away, and from behind a stagecoach. Generally it's fine though. The game is great. Not perfect - I want more depth to the horses for instance - but still great
  25. Wizaaaaaards!!

    I found this and thought of you