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  1. Yeah, I used to play on MUD2. Got a really high character, aquired magic powers and everything. Then some PKer used all his tricks (and some scripts I reckon) to wipe the floor with me, and I had to restart. I didn't bother, and never played it again. How about instead of dying you are "wounded" and have to crawl to safety, followed by a healing period during which you slowly regain strength?
  2. Xmas games for little Jack

    Sonic eh? get him THIS instead. No, actually, get it for me!
  3. Half-Life 2 deathmatch has landed

    No, I'm pretty sure CS:S is finished. There was a beta, quite a while ago. But Cs has always been a strange animal. If you like your devs to step away from a game once it is "done", then you won't like spending a long time in the CS community. Constant tweaking is what it's all about. This is a game that belongs to The Mob.
  4. TIME's Top 10 Video Games of 2004

    At least Katamari Damacy is there. Finally got to play it the other night on B0b's imported PS2. It made me feel happy and warm inside
  5. Mallett's Mallet

    Mallett's Mallett is a word association game, where you must not pause, hesitate, repeat a word or say a word I don't like, or you get a bash on the head like this or like this! Now, look at each other and say Bleurgh! Your first word is... Valve.
  6. Yufester, it's up to you to decide between your job and your gran. There you go. Also, I'm tired of staring at your ankles in your avatar. Isn't it time we got to see a bit of thigh?
  7. San Andreas

    I played it a bit on a friend's PS2. It seemed pretty good, but I couldn't get into it - it got a bit drab after a while. However I thought the same about Vice City, and I enjoyed that much much more when it came to the PC in faster, more colourful and more vibrant form. I expect the same with San Andreas: PS2 = meh, PC = win!
  8. Half Life 2 First Impressions

    Right, he was "apprehended" by the G-man in the same way as Gordon. He gets left in chopper in the Limbo dimension.
  9. Another riddle

    He lights 3 matches because a bunch of three is easier to handle than a single match, and his fingers are numb. He had to throw a chunk of ice through the window to get into this lodge, hence the water in the floor. For some weird reason he was tied to the ice by his foot. But these types of riddle are stupid really, because there is obviously more than one way the scene could happen, not just the way the writer thought up. The question boils down to "What am I thinking?"
  10. Half Life 2 First Impressions

    Shepherd was arrested? I thought he ended up the same as Freeman, being owned by the G-man. Alienswise:
  11. Cows with guns!

    And why does he urinate through his udder? That's just... wrong.
  12. Half-Life 2 Spoiler Thread

    Yeah, I was pretty protective of my squad, and they didn't do a whole lot (except for the medic). But I read a little bit of the strategy guide, and it recommends sending in your squad ahead of you as scouts, cannon fodder, and also because they are much less vulnerable when they are on the offensive. Having just reached that part in my second playthrough it does seem to be the case (although I'm playing on easy now, and played it on hard the first time).
  13. Star Wars: KOTOR II The Sith Lords GOLD!!

    I really hope this is good, but I have a strange hunch that it will not live up to the first game.
  14. Half-Life 2 Spoiler Thread

    I know what you mean Erkki, I also found it annoying when I was trying to have a look around and someone would be nagging me to "come this way Dr Freeman". I just spent a while getting responses from the squad members in Anticitizen One. There's some funny stuff: "When this is all over, I'm gonna mate!" "Sometimes, I dream about cheese" also film references: "Whoah! Deja Vu" and my favourite, digs at other upcoming games: "They're never gonna make a Stalker out of me!"
  15. Half-Life 2 Spoiler Thread

    I loved the change of mood in Revenholme; very Stephen King (Father Gregoriev would be right at home in 'Salem's Lot). Which traps did you find? I counted the cars, the gas, and the spinning blades. I definately missed the stuff they showed at E3 where you could destroy the planks of a bridge that the zombies were standing on. Mostly though I think that level was there so you could have fun with the grav gun. I mean, how many circular saw blades does one village need? ;P
  16. Didn't MoH:AA have a message at the end of the credits dedicating it to the memory of all the soldiers who died? I remember thinking that it was a nice gesture.
  17. Halo2 WTF?!

    Hence the guest strip status maybe? Also, I took those panels out of context
  18. It's funny 'cause it's true!!!

    Lady, I barely exist in the mornings. (unless I have a good reason to in bed beside me)
  19. LARP? A stall at a fair?.... "Het little Jimmy, would you like a go on our JFK assassination shy? It's only 10c a pop!"
  20. Half Life 2 First Impressions

    In answer to fuzzy's spoiler question More discussions like this in the spoiler thread.
  21. Halo 2 Blamed for Deaths!11

    Heheh sorry, it was late, and some people seemed to be treating it as at least half true. With retrospect the Mario bit should have dispelled any thoughts of truthfulness
  22. It's funny 'cause it's true!!!

    Yufester! What the Hell were you doing awake at 7 in the morning?! Don't tell me you check thumbs before school? I've always known in the back of my mind that lots of sleep is good for you. That's what I tell my boss when I eventually get to work each morning
  23. Halo2 WTF?!

    I still haven't seen Halo 2, but I hope it's something like this: From Queen of Wands , a kind of girl-gamer webcomic type thing.
  24. Half Life 2 First Impressions

    HL1 for General Fuzzy