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  1. Epic Saga by Raz

    Odin has two eyes in that strip. tut tut.
  2. legos...LEGOS? bah humbug!

    Man, that's one ugly baby.
  3. Silent Hill 4: OoOOoOOooo, I'm petrified.

    Yufster, are you drunk?
  4. Who's your favorite viral marketeer? Jayson18!

    oooooh, can we find his IP and harass his employers? That always works a treat Shit, as a viral marketer he's pretty crap. The same username and same post on every forum he hit. Sheesh. If I were his boss I'd be ashamed.
  5. Matrix a ripoff

    Now the Matrix was obviously indebted to many existing sci-fi sources, but it turns out that the first movie was almost entirely based on one woman's script, for which she did not get paid. Tycho dropped this link in todays PA news. Sophia Stewart has sued Warner Brothers... and won. Also some interesting stuff there about the Great Beast of Revelations that is Time Warner. For me this partly explains why the sequals were such travesties... the people that wrote them did not write the first movie, did not understand it, did not see the wonderful potential of the direction it was going in. It's been a while since I had a good rant about the Matrix sequals, so I would just like to remind everyone how utterly dissapointed I am in the people that made them happen
  6. Top Gear

    They do more crazy stuff now. Like playing conkers with caravan trailers on cranes. Oh yes.
  7. Half Life 2 First Impressions

    If you look at the newspaper cuttings in Eli's lab, supposedly one of them shows an ariel photo of Black Mesa, with a huge crater at its centre (didn't Shepherd nuke it?) I like your idea though; a spooky "Return to Black Mesa" would be great.
  8. Top Gear

    Actually I do. I never mean to, it's just that I decide to see whats on at that time of night. You're right, it is strangely entertaining. They have perfected the magazine format and seem to think up an endless stream of features to stop non car-nuts from getting bored.
  9. Half Life 2 First Impressions

    That's the missing texture placeholder. I've had it a couple of times even on official CS:S maps, but if it happens every time then the mamaker has screwed it up somehow.
  10. Isn't "varmint" the redneck way of pronouncing "vermin"?
  11. Please excuse me while I weep openly

    But then, how can you not like these: hehehe
  12. Please excuse me while I weep openly

    I don't know what to say, or think, or even feel. I am completely unprepared for this eventuality.
  13. "Video games may make children addictive"

    Yup, any pleasurable activity can become addictive. No one ever seems to be up in arms about all the people addicted to TV though.
  14. Tremors and stupid TV channels

    No, I record TV by holding tracing paper up to the screen. The second film was... suprisingly bearable. That's pretty high praise.
  15. Jack Black and Project Gotham Racing 2

    JB is in King Kong? Amazing!
  16. Half Life 2 First Impressions

    There is apparently a way. Try the "create shortcut" option.
  17. Help me with a problem!

    Of course these days it is de rigeur to call oneself an "Interior Design Guru".
  18. M.A.M.E.... Am I being to strick with myself?

    MAME itself is fine, and there are ots of abandonware games for it. You can always just not download anything you think is still under copywright.
  19. Somebody make it stop

    The capitals were for ironic post-modern effect. Also, the spelling was correct, it was the grammar that was Wwrong. And thats OK about the eyepatch, you can just leave me in Japan. Or I can find a cute one-eyed ninja-girl with an eyepatch to help me get home.
  20. Tremors and stupid TV channels

    Is there a third one? I was never sure. Has anyone seen the series? I hear it's lame. First film was excellent though.
  21. Somebody make it stop

    No, it's a figure of speech. Although it may be an American one, which is another way of saying Wrong. So yes, you're Right. Flashback! One of the best games of all time (almost as good as Another World). They did indeed rotoscope the animation. Even the alien animals were motion captured from real ET wildlife! Also, not only is Ben going to San Francisco next year, but while you are working on Christamas day, he will be in Japan, enjoying Annual Winter Happy Day in a Tokyo nightclub no doubt. I'm going to stow away in his eyepatch.
  22. Half-Life 2 deathmatch has landed

    The stuttering bug got fixed for me...kind of. Rather than the sound stuttering while the game continues, causing it to jerk, the game now pauses briefly (during which the sound stutters, but not for so long). A bit of a half-assed fix, but it is a slight improvement.
  23. Since the path to Nirbhana is mostly tranquility and passively contemplating the universe, I don't see it being too exciting as a game. Nice idea though