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  1. Sims 2... my first death.

    NOW does it get the Most Eerily Close To Actual Everyday Reality Ever Award?
  2. RIP Hunter S Thompson

    We watrched an interview with Ralph Steadman earlier. He said that Hunter S. had actually told him that he would one day shoot himself. "When old age becomes a trap" he said. Hunter had spent several unhappy years and had recently broken an ankle which severely limited his mobility. And if we're honest, it is a legendary exit befitting a legendary man.
  3. So, a combination of Incredibles cash-in and the complete inability to create interesting new characters. "hey guys, lets rape the old favourites instead!". You're right, I don't care any more either.
  4. General World of Warcraft topic

    That's difficult, because I'm not sure what causes it. Oh well, I'll try. Look at Westfall - that is clearly based on US farmland and prairie. And Tirisfal and Silverpine are not so much Transylvania as New England (maybe even Derry, Maine ). Durotar is very reminicent of the badlands around the Grand Canyon. One of my favourite things about this game is the landscapes, and I think previous MMOs have really been lacking in imagination on that point. I'd really love to see the Blizzard artists at work. I bet they took thousands of photos of cool looking places to base the WoW landscape on.
  5. General World of Warcraft topic

    Indeed, I particularly like the way that the human/undead settlements and areas are bordering on analmost 18th century US pioneer feel. Just look at the Dwarfs and Gnomes and you can see that Azaroth is firmly into its Steam Age.
  6. The Sims and Girls

    Another article on female perspective... and again it reenforces one of earlier points http://www.womengamers.com/articles/gamershame.php
  7. Tell Us About Yourself

    people are forgetting their emoticons You must forgive them FGM, you probably know already that our boards have a culture of friendly provocation and smack talk Welcome aboard!
  8. I disagree somewhat, and I am a your Messiash for today. Get down and give me fifty, or it's no eternal soul for you
  9. The Sims and Girls

    http://www.tnr.com/doc.mhtml?pt=IZMZoxUzwPMhvmZIyM6y9R%3D%3D An excellent article by Stevan Pinker, following the much maligned address by the Harvard President Lawrence Summers. It's basic point is that men and woemn can be different and yet still equal. Lailoken and Yufster, I expect you to both read this carefully. There will be a test.
  10. Seen any good movies lately?

    Oh, and another Stephen Chow movie worth watching is God of Cookery. Totally bizzarre but very, very funny. Shoalin chair-over-the head technique!
  11. Seen any good movies lately?

    Jian gui? I've seen it - it is a good movie, and it does have some genuinely spooky moments. Not quite as scary as the masterpiece Ringu, but possibly a better plot and some truly horrific disaster scenes. Definately worth watching. Predictably, hollywood is in the process of an american remake
  12. My parents are having sex.

    Yufster, I don't know whether to laugh, give you moral support, or call Social Services.
  13. WTF? Penny Arcade lambasted the recent EA and Take Two aquisitions in a strip and accompanying newspost, and loads of their readers thought they were serious. Ctrl-Alt-Del played along and a tonne of their readers did the same. I thought gamers were meant to be of above-average intelligence. I am very sorry to be wrong.
  14. the new james bond

    No, they reluctantly accept that they are British, seeing as they are part of the British Isles, and specifically the island of Great Britain. They do get rather stereotypically violent if you call them English though.
  15. My parents are having sex.

    But which is which Alex?
  16. General World of Warcraft topic

    That had better be a rumour. Else I'll... I'll... um. I haven't said much about WoW yet, but I think I can express most of it by saying that the only way to make it more addictive would be to package with some kind of device that allows it to interface with your bloodstream.
  17. MMORPG dilema!

    The main problem that the first EQ had (besides it being all grind and no game) was the players. The worst script kiddy H4x0r types on the internet flocked to EQ. Somehow I think they'll also be playing EQ2 now.
  18. MMORPG dilema!

    Alledgedly WoW has a shorter life-span than other MMOs, due to fast levelling and so on (whether this is true or just another faction of whinging Blizzard forum kids remains to be seen). If it is true then you could play WoW for a few months before switching to CoH (by which time City of Villains will be released).
  19. Hairy Faces

    Well, I have a beard, but it isn't that long. The longest it's ever been is an inch or so. I do wash it every day, but I'm not sure what the big-bearders do. I do know that you can get beard combs, so I imagine that these must deal with most of the facial detritus. It's a lot of work to maintain a fine beard such as my own. However it is also a lot of work to shave a man's face. The topography is totally different to, say, a leg, and the hairs are thicker and stronger which means they can catch on any non-razor sharp edge and rip out along with much blood. Not to mention shaving rash. My throat is quite hairy, which I hate, so I have the worst of both worlds
  20. Dungons and Dragons 3.5

    I believe it is a porpoise-like animal.
  21. The Sims and Girls

    Nah, I prefer storyline and growing stuff. Competition for Uber-l33tness sake gets boring for me.
  22. The Sims and Girls

    Yay to lailoken for getting my point! (NB as for objectivity, yes it is unatainable but should no less be striven for. I thought this was so obvious that I didn't post it .) Yufster, If you need an example... Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. Also, I have met many people in the industry who match lailoken's description. You will not have heard of them and I am certainly not going to do them disservice of naming them. Maybe this really is a purely male thing. Ever notice those lonely guys at school who you didn't notice? No, I didn't think so. Perhaps it's part of this whole "sense of male futility in the 21st century". Oh, and yeah most of the 18-year-olds now going into programming degrees probably are happy and adjusted, but it wasn't like that 10-20 years ago, when the current crop of game-makers were entering adulthood.
  23. What's with the bad weather?

    Yeah, I gave up a career in environmental science when it became apparent that no-one was going to get their act together in time to make a difference. It was like trying to explain to a wall why it should move, in-between bashing your head against it. It all got too depressing, so I quit for the escapist realm of the video games industry. Note to aliens: this planet is fucked. Try again in a few million years time when the biosphere has recovered and the humans are gone.