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  1. POP3 still generic, still raging

    And so again a once-loved gaming classic is dragged off into the depths of repetitive series cash-in. Hopefully God of War will kill it off.
  2. Seen any good movies lately?

    Yes, the Boondock Saints is also one my favourite movies. It just gives me a warm feeling inside, it really does. That and an urge to shoot things.
  3. Quake IV

    Oh yes, some of them have "Mars is under attack! Fr4gz0rz t3h 1nv4d0rz!" and yet in others it is simply "t3h 4r3 |\|4z1z, Fr4gz0rz th3m!"
  4. Half-Life 2: Aftermath

    Looks like the character is Freeman, judging by the comments in the latest Source patch.
  5. SCREW MP3 Players TO HELL

    See? Technology has turned it's back on me. I have reason to be angry. Maybe you have magical powers that drain technology, like in Visionaries! (Knights of the Magical Lighttm)
  6. Machinima: Still Seeing Breen

    G-man was oretty funny, I likes it. But the car-driving clips etc shouldn't have been in it. They didn't fit at all.
  7. Seen any good movies lately?

    I really don't care what the motivations of the director were, it's still a good movie. There's no need to revert to cold war paranoia and reach for your gun every time something is linked to communism. Sheesh. Finally watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind the other night. Confusing at first but pretty good, and I like meloncholy films.
  8. Seen any good movies lately?

    What the?... But it's set in medieval fuedal China. Leaders killing people happened. Happened in Europe too. Lets contrast it to American movies shall we, which are all about a lone wolf committing murder for the greater good.
  9. Seen any good movies lately?

    Wooooo we just watched Sin City. That shit rocks y'all.
  10. You've got to be shitting me.

    Hah, that was predictable. I imagine the plot will be something like The Iron Giant, although of course with more special explosions and less humanity.
  11. I love the fact that they ave a big button saying "New Downloads for Pirates". Good to see that they're not scared of software theft.
  12. didly squat

    absence of anything at all
  13. nice painty thing

    Ahahah brilliant Nick, a new form of webcomic! Twilo, you forgot the flag: http://artpad.art.com/?ieqog4ass7w
  14. nice painty thing

    http://artpad.art.com/?ieqisx4nmkg woot you might want to set it to "fast" for this one
  15. Earthsea

    So, I just watched the first half of the two part series of Earthsea On Channel 4 (first shown on the Sci-Fi channle I believe. Talk about dumbing down. The show completely missed the atmosphere of the books. It was also horribly rushed, jumping from scene to scene without any consolidation oif the characters and ideas. Hell, most of Le Guin's ideas about magic were skipped altogether. If they have to edit this much, then why did they try to fit two books into 4 hours? Why not just use the first book and give it a half decent treatment. Why do that unless the makers were pretty certain that they would never get the chance to make a sequal? Why else than because they know their show is going to suck. It's like this series was written by someone who had been told the basic plot by someone who's friends once read the book several years ago. It bears only a passing resemblance. Why add an evil king? Why make the Preistesshood of Atuan good guys who keep the Nameless Ones trapped rather than serve them? Why even bother making this? AHHHHHg this has really pissed me off. The Earthsea books are some of the best fantasy ever written, and this series is just one more example of a great IP being disgustingly misused. Grrr.
  16. WTF?! Prey back from the dead?

    Yeah, they'll probably announce that they're starting again using the UT 2005 engine.
  17. Internet Users are Mostly Dumb

    No, I cry about it every day. Craputers? ahahahahahahahaha I like it Not a lot, but I like it.
  18. I proclaim Zoids to be one of the all-time great toys. Take something akin to teknik lego, mix it with meccano and scalectrix, add some sci-fi backstory about violence and war coated over liberal helpings of robot dinosaurs. Man they were amazing, I regret not having owned more.
  19. Screw Duran Duran to HELL!

    Now what you do is cut and paste that post, print it out, and mail it to Duran Duran, their manager, their publisher and anyone else you can think of. If nothing else you'll probably get free tixkets to their next gig
  20. April Fools

    Hmmmm, and here is the update for Friday's CS:Source patch
  21. Idle Thumbs

    What? No score? What kind of a review is this?
  22. Soul Calibur III

    Yeah, that decision sucks ass. The whole exclusivity thing is bad for gamers and most developers, I wish it would stop. The game itself looks.. OK. It hasn't blown me away just yet, mainly because I think it's pretty hard to improve on Soul Calibur 1 and 2. The Build Your Own Character section is a nice touch though.
  23. Wanna get into the games industry? Have a heart attack.

    Not true If you are for unionizing, then you think there hould be unions. If you are against against unionizing,then you might be indifferent to unionizing but critical of the people that actively oppose it. Remember folks, maths and English is not the same. This has been an edutainment broadcast by Idle Thumbs.