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  1. Boycott Star Wars III

    Ah, you see, you are assuming that Mr Lucas and his team of writers have a fucking clue what they are writing about.
  2. Can someone move this to the off-topic forum? I really hate religious discussions cropping up where they shouldn't belong, as they so often do on the internet.
  3. Blackspotsneakers anti-corporation

    Cool, there's a shop stocking them near me. Maybe I'll get some when I can afford it. If you like anti-corp stuff, read the entertaining and mildly humorous Jennifer Government
  4. Bueno!

    Proof that xenophobia can be comedic! Remember that a lot of modern Japanese culture has been borrowed from the US. But it has been warped by the huge difractive lens of distance, language, time and ninjas native culture. In the UK here is an awful lot of "healthy option" stuff, with "low fat" and all the rest of it (although they haven't yet claimed that eating it will force you to leave the sofa and become a better person). It's all bollocks of course, it's only healthy and low fat compared to the other preprocessed meals. Each packet still has more salt, sugar and fat than the entire fresh produce section in the same supermarket, but heaven forbid that the busy busy people of the English-speaking world should spend time messing about with ingrediants...
  5. This guy fucked up

    I like the way he just slaps him round the face at first, as if to say "you set your self on fire you silly bint, take this!"
  6. A Conclusion

    I liked Donnie Darko, but then I managed to avoid most of the hype. I don't require anyone else to like it. Oh, the extended cut is rubbish though.
  7. Boycott Star Wars III

    Yeah, it's a great sci-fi idea, and it belongs no-where near star wars. Because star wars isn't sci-fi, it's fairytale in space. The original movies were firmly grounded in James Campbell's ideas on the Hero's Journy. The Prequals are firmly grounded in... well nothing in particular. The need to make another movie maybe. They completely fail to provide any consistency to the series as a whole. Boycotts are entirely in line with capitalism. "Voting with your dollar" and all that. If you don't like that, you must be a communist* *this was an ironic attack.
  8. This guy fucked up

    Yup, you're meant to bring the glass right up to your mouth, so that none escapes. Flaming coctails aren't really made for quaffing. Maybe thats how the vikings died out.
  9. Best Thread Ever?

    Can we have a "best thread ever" smiley now? Oh, and the best thread ever would obviously be chosen by a staff committee. What, you think that we'd let you rabble decide? HAH!
  10. Bann Monkeydang

    ...then the Big Daddy Bear came back and said "who's been shitting all over my forums? This koala/monkeydung troll reminds me of some idiot from the N-gage forums I used to have to moderate. Actually no, that guy was more entertaining.
  11. Seen any good movies lately?

    Yes, the one thing I wanted from the movie was more dancing Axe-gang In the past I would have said that Vader was into body-popping, or would at least throw up the horns and rock out. But a according to the new movies he's just an angsty teen brat under all that armour, and so would be too insecure to dance. Unless he was backed up by N-sync in a boyband routine........gaahhhhhh!
  12. Just saw Leon: The Professional

    Is there anyone over 18 who hasn't seen Leon/The Proffessional? I find the idea most upsetting. One of the best films ever.
  13. Seen any good movies lately?

    Yeah I saw a King Fu Hustle a few weeks ago. I think Shoalin Soccer is still better - KFH is very funny and completely insane, but doesn't feel as focussed. Still worth seeing though.
  14. Seen any good movies lately?

    But they have little furry balls! I just can't handle that. (hah! geddit?)
  15. Half-Life 2: Aftermath

    I hope they change the name. I really liked the scientific reference joke of "Blue Shift". They could have called Aftermath something like "Decay Rate", or "Change of State". Aftermath is just so generic for the games industry.
  16. CVG Molyneux inteview...

    Here The funniest part being:
  17. Seen any good movies lately?

    Are you kidding? The entire Thumbs UK Staff are stupid for Hayao Miyazaki. Watch Spirited Away, although I find it difficult to believe you haven't seen it. Kiki's Delivery Service is also good, and I personally have a soft spot for My Neighbour Totoro. I haven't seen Howl's Moving Castle yet though. I MUST HAVE IT!
  18. POP3 still generic, still raging

    I think you mean "sucking blood romp".
  19. Halo, what a waste of time?

    If it runs like a dream on your kit, then you are in the vast minority. It tends to run like a slug even on high end kits. And the graphics aren't that great even on top-end kit, some of us do care about co-op, and the multiplayer system was pretty archaic for PC internet standards. Oh, and the physics. On x-box you don't notice the dodgy physics because you don't have as much control when using analogue sticks. But with a mouse and keyboard the game feels really odd.
  20. Final Console Fantasy

    I am A Forum Poster. I read all the forums diligently, and post useful and entertaining replies. Greetings fellow forum poster. Welcome to The Forum.
  21. Final Console Fantasy

    That's pretty inexcusable.
  22. Final Console Fantasy

    What? You think I have nothing better to do than read all your lame posts all day? Just to make sure I'm not reposting? Bah! I would delete this thread now, but for some unknown and completely inexcusable reason I am not a mod
  23. Halo, what a waste of time?

    I remember drooling over the original plans for Halo on the PC. It was going to be huge, almost like a single-player Planetside, with an NPC squad at your command. They talked about the seamless halo landscape, working your way along it on foot and in a variety of vehicels. Much more sandbox like, almost like Mercenaries. I see Halo/Halo 2 has the best console FPS, but the hardware limits and lack of mouse/keyboard control system means that console FPS will never be as good as PC FPS. It's just more available to the masses. Oh, and I played both the X-box version and PC version of Halo. The PC port was the most goddawful thing ever. Yuck.
  24. Seen any good movies lately?

    The same cast too. Oooh. I'm scared to get my hopes up though.
  25. Seen any good movies lately?

    Oh yes, I remember now. Hehehe