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  1. I don't think this will work. Max Payne is a take on a certain genre of films and literature. Doing a film of it is like making a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy. The quality will fall, never mind the hero.
  2. HO-LY CRAP Please note though that the procedure has to begin before the dogs are dead. Ouch. Even so, this gives me shivers. Not a joke. AHHHHHHHHHHG. um, I'm not normally this squeemish.
  3. Saddam Hussein...

    He's just so cuddly!
  4. Make your own game

    Also on the page is a link to a competition to design a flash game. the Competition is to be judged by Peter Molyneux. So, I shall be very dissappointed if an Idle Thumbs - inspired game is not one of the finalists. You know what you all have to do. Fly my pretties, fly! I'm sure we have plenty of people that fit the rules:
  5. "Man eats dead wife, dies choking"

    Huh? Yufster deleted her innapropriate laughter using the master admin account? Well I never!
  6. You want to buy a gaming site?

    Mmmmmmmm.... dessert and coffee.....
  7. Stupid people and their stupid little walk

    That's not streetwise meanosity, that's the "Bab Blues" stance of Utter Depression. It's the posture you get when the world beats you and sends you to your room for making eye contact.
  8. Stupid people and their stupid little walk

    Never pay too much attention to your own walk. If you think about it you might forget how. Happened to me and I nearly fell over. True story.
  9. The official How Would You Seduce Yufster? thread!

    You are so banned. You're going to the Thumbs State Penitentiary you are. I hope you like it rough...
  10. Star Wars vomit bags

    Too bad they didn't hand them out at the cinema when I went to see the movie.
  11. Vin Diesel brings Agent 47 to life

    Hmm, yeah I can see that. As bald actors go he's pretty good. Definately the best in Smallville.
  12. Hah! Yeah. More like 7 am. That rocked. We should make him do it again sometime.
  13. It was christmas. I can't remember what year. 1992 maybe. Our ZX Spectrum (previously owned by Clive Sinclair) had finally packed in. All the other kids had consoles. My brother and I eagerly opened a good looking parcel that had both our names on it. Inside was just a card that said "happy landings". We scratched our heads, trying to figure out what it meant. Were we going on holiday? Was it a mistake? Our parents smiled and said "maybe you should check the landing upstairs". Sure enough a Megadrive was found there, with the big blue hedgehog on the box. Why did they do this? I have no fucking idea But oh man, that Sega jingle still lifts my heart
  14. Vin Diesel brings Agent 47 to life

    In any case, can someone break this gently to B0b please? He has a worrying obsession with Mr Diesel, this news might be too much for him.
  15. Vin Diesel brings Agent 47 to life

    I think he's a good choice for the part. Who else would you choose? Patrick Stewert might be good but he's not much of an action man. What Vin's directing is like remains to be seen, as does the quality of the script. If they go for all-out action it will fail, but if they take it seriously it will work well. What I'm saying is that if this movie is crap, it won't be because of Diesel's casting.
  16. Vin Diesel brings Agent 47 to life

    Good lord. This might actually work.
  17. Darren Brown amusing arcade nause

    I'm sure the whole thing didn't go down quite the way it was edited, since that's the way it is with hypnotism as shown on TV (in fact it is illegal in the UK to show the full process of hypnosis on TV). But Derren Brown has a good rep. He's part hypnotist, part "mind reader" and part magician. He's very good at directing peoples thoughts through subliminal messages in his dialogue, and he is one of the best in the world at hypnotising people without them knowing (only works on some people, but they edit out all the failures).
  18. Father's Day

    Or even if he is. A good bottle of whisky is a nice gift for a deceased father, and you can help him drink it.
  19. I meant to start this a while ago, but my internet access is currently somewhat limited. I was wondering about the best way to tell George Lucas and co just how dissapointing the prequals have been. Problem is whenever someone brings it up, they just point to the massive ticket sales. And therein lies the answer. Now, I know I'm not going to convince anyone to -not- see the film, but if you hated episodes 1 and 2 then consider waiting a few days before seeing it. Seeing how important opening weekend sales are to film executives, a less than sold-out opening weekend ought to get the message across. So yes, boycott the opening weekend, and get everyone you know to do the same. Pass it on. PS if you have absolutely no interest in Star Wars one way or the other, then I can ony express puzzlement as to why you are reading this thread
  20. The official How Would You Seduce Yufster? thread!

    I thought he meant Prime Ministers.
  21. Bear vs Gorilla

    Down to the dice you mean
  22. Any non-video gamers out there?

    Nick, Spaff and I (plus friends) used to play a bunch of Games Workshop games years ago. Warhammer 40K, WH Fantasy Battle, Warhammer Quest, Blood Bowl, Necromunder (and its precursor Confrontation), Advanced Space Crusade, a little bit of Epic.... We might have a small game of something sometime for nostalgic value, and I still have the occasional urge to paint something.
  23. Bear vs Gorilla

    I hate to admit it, but according to the internet large bears can weigh over 1000 lbs whereas male gorillas average only 400 lbs. Combined with the bigger teeth and claws I concede to the bear. Unless... the gorilla is more agile, and noisier. It could scare and disorientate the bear into submission maybe.
  24. Most Important Game Ever Made

    Pong No pong, no games industry.
  25. Boycott Star Wars III

    I think he claims to have done so, but the inconsistencies belie this.