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  1. Problem is that Pratchett has less mainstream appeal. He has been approached about making a movie on numerous occasions, but he wisely always throws the person out when they suggest something like taking the Death character out of Mort becuase "the ameican audience might not 'get' him".
  2. Morning surprise

    What is a panty in Holland? Because I'm having difficulty believing you.
  3. Fahrenheit Demo Out

    Not sure how much the demo shows you, but the whole game is potato mantoast. I didn't say that by the way.
  4. Name this movie

    I will fight you.
  5. Name this movie

    Could it have been La Hayne ? Even if it wasn't, you should still watch La Hayne. An excellent movie.
  6. Looks like you got your wish...

    Starting down this route is definately going to see some complicated decisions being made. At what point is the offensive scene created by the developer and at which point is it something created by the modder/hacker? What if the developer created the: art? (but more games are going to have nude models as clothing systems become more detailed) animation? (but innocent animations can be appropriated in unforseen situations) code? (But The rockstar case has shown that lack of activation code is no defense). What about The Movies from Lionhead? Are people going to make porno lficks using it's machinema engine? I think it's safe to say they will. Will this affect it's ESRB rating? It wil be interesting to see.
  7. Looks like you got your wish...

    Hang on, Barbies can be undressed?!! BAN THEM NOW!!!! Or at least slap an age rating on them above "36 months".
  8. Any decent space shooters out there recently?

    Well since there's a Battlestar Galactica thread elsewhere, I thought I'd mention the game, which is more a prequal to the current series than a game of the old one. It's nothing amazing, very arcady, linear, dogfighting and a bit of bombing. But it looks nice and does what it does well, and is pretty challenging. If you have a strong desire to fly a raptor and destroy cylon raiders then you may as well pick it up. Also I'm in the credits.
  9. You won't find a free download of the full game. There should be a shareware version available though. But really, you can probably find the full thing almost anywhere online or offline for about $10.
  10. Happy Birthday Alex!!!!

    I'm prertty sure we invented it. Happy birthday Alex my man!
  11. More HL2 machinima

    Haven't watched this yet. The final courtroom scene of A Few Good Men, with the G-Man in place of Jack Nicholson. Is it as win as it sounds? http://www.nailbiter.net/gman/fewgoodgmen.mov
  12. Why isn't Psychonauts selling well?

    Twilo brings up a good point: the matter of taste. I'm betting that the big money market just doesn't play games like Psychonauts at the moment. FPS, Stealth and Drive and shoot are in. If there were more good games that were a little bit like Psychonauts then it would do a lot better. People tend to stick to their chosen genres, and only edge out of them gradually. In summary, the problem is not Psychonauts itself, but it's peers.
  13. Joseph Campbell, who regular readers will know I am a huge fan of, had some interesting things to say about comedy. Namely, that comedy is merely tragedy from a birds-eye view (although not in those words). Look at this man. His life is crap. Tragic. Now zoom out. His world is about to be destroyed, but he's still sweating the small stuff. Comic. Yes, I have indeed described the beginning of Hitchhikers Guide, but also the Greek tragi-comedies that Campbell uses as examples. Comedy is the feeling that your personal tragedy is part of something much bigger. Laughter is bitter-sweet relief. Heavy man.
  14. Dongs and Dong salad

    A dong salad is obviously a poetic phrase name for a complicated arrangement of dongs. A piece of experimental music perhaps.
  15. Dongs and Dong salad

    A dong is a flat note produced by a bell. A ding is a sharp note, and a ring is a perfect note.
  16. Best 404 pages ever

    B3ta ran a competition a couple of weeks ago to design their new 404 page. There's some gooduns
  17. Total Annihilation's spiritual successor

    It looks a little too much like TA for my likeing. It was a really good game, but I never found myself able to get into it.
  18. London

    A satirical writer of television and radio. He has become so notorious amongst, for instance, the House of Commons (whom he tricked into having a debate about a fake drug called cake) that he rarely appears himself anymore, prefering to lurk in the shadows. He is also Spaff's role model.
  19. The graphics look very nice. ALso, while gothic architecture is not original in games, this looks like it was designed by a real architect. Good stuff. However the visual design of the human troops and alien enemies completely fails to interest me in the slightest. What very boring concepts.
  20. London

    Got some news on Nick. He took stock of the situation, and rather than try to cross London has merely installed himself in the nearest decent pub to wait it out. Good crisis management that man.
  21. We're failures as gamers

    We've most of us worked as testers. Hardware poses no problems. No, it was the game itself. We started a game, but once it got going and we had watched the incredibly tedious and unskippable opening cinematic, only one person was in the game. We thought that maybe it introduced the other players after a mission or something, and this was what we were trying to ask Spaff about. unfortunately Spaff had access to a london hotel and a hospitality budget so was only capable of talking about hardware for 10 minutes. We tried again, but realised we couldn't be bothered to watch the cinematic again. We got Zelda Four Swords working though and it was great.
  22. Games of your dreams

    I had a really weird dream a while ago. I dreamed I was in some kind of total-immersion MMORPG in the future. It had elements of World or Warcraft, Saga of Ryzom, Fable, and a very strong Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass motif. It must have been a pre-release version, since there weren't many people in it. I just wondered around for a bit, checking out areas like a hedge maze and a forest with wierd crystal flowers growing in it. It was really pretty. Maybe it will come true in 20 years time or something. The whole dream had a very bizarre feel to it.
  23. Timeline of the future

    More importantly:
  24. Dave Chappelle: Gnome Warlock

    I've never seen Chapelle's Show, but I really really really hate the advert for it that comes on during the South Park credits.
  25. The severing of the thumbs, obviously. You stick them in his ears just because it's funny.