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  1. Highway 17

    Hurrah, yes you are right. I'm a big fan of good environment design. Everyone that said there wasn't enough story in HL2 missed something: the backstory is in the environment.
  2. Cursing in Battlestar Galactica

    Oh, by the way, they did use the word frak in the original BSG. True dat.
  3. Heheh. Yes, very Dark Place. FOx wouldn't buy it though would they? It's central premise is irony.
  4. Cursing in Battlestar Galactica

    I found it mildly amusing. I hasn't bothered me overly so far, although I'm quite far behind on season 2. I think most of the really serious moments don't use it too much. It's more the light hearted "man I'm pissed" types of angry moments.
  5. Cursing in Oblivion

    He just said - it's the consistency. Up to now they have avoided it, now they change their mind. It's not really about the swearing. It could have been if they suddenly changed the way they pronounced the name of the world, or the colour of orc skin.
  6. Cars

    I've heard that it's getting good reviews (or something). SO maybe it's a whole lot better than th trailers make it look.
  7. Cars

    See above
  8. The Sims

    Strange confluences with Bicentennial Man
  9. Last week at a games developer

    Yes. Yes they would.
  10. Last week at a games developer

    You can tell when a blog has made it big when parodies of it start springing up, or blogs about the blog (sub-blogs?)
  11. Cars

    Anthropomorphing (!) something includes projecting human thought processes and emotions onto to something non human. Like fish, or Rusalka (runs and hides).
  12. Hello there Defanual. Your purposes may have been better served if you came to the website through more official channels - we could have given a news post over to your product. As it is I'm going to leave this thread here, since you're being so open, but if we get too many complaints I may have to lock it. Best of luck with your project though.
  13. Cars

    HMm, what if pixar did a proper animated animal movie, something in the spirit of The Incredible Journey or March of the Penguins. That could be pretty damn good. (anyone see that old Garfield animated movie, Garfields 9 Lives? The animal lab life was kind of moving, maybe because it was so unexpected).
  14. Pschonaughts

    I feel proud to hold such company. Your poor boyfriend is only fourth eh?
  15. Cars

    Oh yeah, the reaquisition of Pixar. That was a bummer. I was looking foward to seeing what they could do once they were independant. Now that dream is shattered (unless the staff of pixar get sick of disney and leave to set up a new studio... ). The cars with eyes thing does look inherently childish (Thomas the tank engine and so forth). Also I can't shake off the premonition that Cars will have roughly the same plot as Days of Thunder. I just can't imagine it being any other way, and I can't imagine it being good.
  16. Headsmiley contest, post 'em here

    You do know Sutherland's past... problems... with wives? I'm sure he's better now though. Also when he was a teenager, he almost became a vampire.
  17. Game designer publicity photos

    Does this make it fair?
  18. Knighthoods for three game designers

    Oh, Erik beat me to pointing out that it's not a knighthood. You need a monarchy and stuff for that kind of thing. Yes indeedy, if you want to be Sir or Dame then best move to UK (although you'll probably just get an MBE, all the actual Knighthoods seem to be reserved for old rock stars and occasional hollywood actors. People who have haven't achieved much except for their own fame. woops poliitcs, sorry).
  19. Rockstar's Table Tennis

    Wat happened to that [WIKI]Grange Hill[/WIKI] game they were making?
  20. Other Gaming Sites [spam]

    It's their use of language that amuses me most. The tone of voice as it were. "hey guys, did you see see this ting? huh? I'm just gonna link it here, just in case, you know? I don't think it's that cool, but it's pretty cool? Huh?"
  21. Excessive amount of Guitar Hero sequels

    It.. kind of inspires you to understand the guitar a bit more. A slight insight into what it must take perhaps. People that play the guitar definately do better at the game.
  22. Snakes on a Plane (and Gnarls Barkley)

    From the Snake on a Blog poetry contest or something: There are others just as hilarious.
  23. Snakes on a Plane (and Gnarls Barkley)

    This is the fist time I've heard of Snakes on a Plane. For a few minutes I thought it migt mean "Snakes on a surface" which would have been nicely abstract. Now I realise the hilarity. Please tell me more
  24. Snakes on a Plane (and Gnarls Barkley)

    HMm, looks like Final Destination meets Ring. But about a game. Actually I remember seeing a Japanese Horror film like this. I think it might have been St John's Wort. Or maybe it was a different one. It was enjoyably ridiculous whatever.
  25. Headsmiley contest, post 'em here

    Heh, also he'd probably try to sue us. He'd fail, but the process would be incredibly tiresome.