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  1. Co-Op story-based games?

    It's on PC, but it will run on pretty much anything these days: System Shock 2! RPG FPS, 2 player co-op. Scariest game ever. Come on, you know the tune by now... if it must be on console; hmm... Zelda: Four Swords? Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles? Can't recall any others right now but I'll have a think.
  2. I had a conversation with Yufster about this when episode 2 came about. We were talking about how it's actually pretty cool what these guys are doing. I mean, they've managed to produce a half hour show by themselves. 3 in fact. Not a lot of people can manage that. We at Idle Thumbs attempted a video last year, and it sadly failed to make it to the site. These guys are crap right now, sure, but no-one has taught them anything about journalism, games, or TV presenting. Maybe in ten years time they'll be doing TV for real, and experienced and talented with it. I can't watch it without cringing horribly though.
  3. Oblivion

    Thing is, I don't think it's done all that well. Good technology, bad design. Neverwinter Nights 2 is looking a lot nicer. So is the Witcher (although that might not count as it's on a modified NWN engine).
  4. You can actually buy chilli-tinted chocolate here. It's... worth trying once.
  5. Oblivion

    I was going to mention this too. When the character creation screen first popped up I screamed out loud. Took me ages to make someone who looked like they had a full set of genes. And I just couldn't look Emporer Septim in the eye at all. I'm pretty dissapointed with the art direction in general. Despite the immense number of polygons and effects, it just doesn't look good to me at all. I was planning to play in third person perspective but the charcter animation is reminiscent of a wooden puppet suffering from severe arthritis. The detailed landscaped suffer a severe lack of imagination also. I'll take a low poly rpg that looks like World of Warcraft over this high spec yawn any day. Despite all this, I think I'm starting to get drawn into the actual gameplay.
  6. Oblivion

    Hurrah! I bought the game. I'm reading the manual and planning my character because that's how anal I am, OK?! Now, about the mods. Is there anywhere to download them besides planetelderscrolls, considering how much I hate file planet. Which is a lot.
  7. Marc Ecko's Getting Up

    Also coming soon: Mark Ecko's Getting It Up. A tale of a graffiti artist and his struggle with impotence.
  8. The answer is ( it's some sort of inside joke based on a quality show. There is a whole episode based on the fact that the main character, Ted, must kick the bishop up the arse. Because he lost a bet. If you get the chance, everyone who has not done so should watch Father Ted. One of the best sitcoms in the last decade. It would probably have gone for longer, but alas the lead actor died. Sad day.
  9. Highway 17

    Ah, I see you've reached the point where the analysis starts going all circular and shit
  10. Your Animal Crossing Town

    Moose, I'm not sure but I think it was an animal that migrated from Tim's town to either Spaff or Yufster's.
  11. Bananas, proof that god exists

    WTF? That sounds like a death threat. Or at least a group suicide pact.
  12. Highway 17

    Hmm, that article seems to be of the type that inadvertently tells you more about how the author has changed rather than his subject. A lot of people didn't like the Xen levels (it's another dimension not outer space!) Me, I loved them. It was the most imaginative and out-there part of the game, and I have never seen anything like it in an FPS before or since. Sure the low-g platforming got annoying, but the concept and environmental design is still some of the most impressive to my mind. I was dissapointed that we didn't get even a short peak into Xen in HL2.
  13. Prince Of Persia

  14. Prince Of Persia

    I was thinking something similar Lobo. Except I was thinking that it was quite a cheap way to appeal to fans of both games at once. You can almost see them in the board meeting: "What do we do? How do we get the original fans and critics back, while still keeping the emo/nu-metal market? It's a disaster!" "What... what if we do both and let them choose which version of the Prince they play? Um. You know. Like Black and White?"
  15. Who is Pacman and who has he become ?

    Didn't Robot Chicken do a similar sketch as well?
  16. Another World Windows

    I think you're getting confused between Heart of Darkness (not a sequal but the same type of game) and Heart of the Alien, which was a true sequal. Both have a reputation for being very very difficult, but I'm unsure which one Mr Chahi was involved in.
  17. X-Fire?

    I used to use it for playing CS Source, since it has the ability to instantly connect you to whatever server your friends are playing on. Very handy. I don't have any use for it right now but if I start playing floating server games again I will reinstall it.
  18. BS4....Hmmm

    I haven't played those games, but I assume that death is the result of a poor choice, rather than from not having t3h l33t sk1llz. Right?
  19. Headsmiley poll, round one!

    Terry Wogan will never die. Even if I'm wrong, his wig will live on.
  20. The Horrors of Guitar Hero

    Best. Miffy, you are getting to that age where you will learn one of the great secrets of life: no one ever really grows up. 50 year-olds can arse about just as much as anyone else, they just try to hide it from the kids and teenagers. Once you're accepted as an adult, you will see a lot of weird shit, believe me. Guitar Hero: breaking barriers; teaching life lessons; Rocking Out.
  21. Half Life 2: Epsode 1 Trailer

    8 weeks away. woo! I particular like this screenshot. Proper post apocalypticness.
  22. Crysis HD quality GDC 2006 trailer

    They'll probably be grenades too. Weapon design is tough though. Nothing has done as well as the original half life selection, although obviously the HL2 grav gun get s special mention. Hmm, this gives me an idea for a compo....
  23. a newbie looking for a game

    Hi Remote. Sorry, but we can't help you download the game for free. You can get it very cheaply in the budget section of most video game stores (at least you can where I live). If that's a problem, have a look at an online store like amazon or play.com. It should cost you less than $10. Have fun!
  24. Crysis HD quality GDC 2006 trailer

    Yeah, you'd think they'd land in the Arctic or something, not on a tropical island. Maybe it will be good though, if the story is along the line of HG Wells or John Wyndham. That's just wishful thinking though.
  25. Cursing in Oblivion

    When will people learn that translation of games needs to be done high quality translators who are also fans of the game, and gaming in general. They just don't seem to understand that there are some things about games and fantasy/sci-fi settings that a general translator can't fathom. Believe me on this, I've worked there.