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  1. Cancel the Simpsons?

    It makes little difference to me, as British TV is so bad at showing new episodes. I'll catch an episode I haven't seen before once or twice a year. The rest seem to be repeats of the first three series.
  2. Trauma Center? Hehehe I'm UnGHgn :)

    What the hell is up with that post on my account? No one else uses my PC. Errrrm. Anyway, yes, that bit is really hard Toblix. I spent best part of a day trying to do it. Not only do you have to use the healing touch in game, but you have to actually enter the zone in real life as well. Take a deep breath. Try some meditation. Visualize.You will be impressed at what your own hands can do.
  3. Trauma Center? Hehehe I'm UnGHgn :)

    Edit: log out Dan you tard
  4. Post You Pic Thread

    I fear you.
  5. anime

    I second Hellsing and The Vision of escaflowne series (possibly the greatest anime series ever). I also enjoyed Ikkitousen, and Chobits. Serial experiment Lain is great, but you may have to watch the entire series twice to figure out what the hell is going on. It gets very, very odd. In a good way.
  6. A really funny, intelligent joke I made

    He was British Prime Minister, (the last Liberal PM in fact) 1916-1922. His decision to extend 1st World War conscription to Ireland lead to the separation of the Irish Free State. Over here he's more famous for creating the Welfare State. Not a lot left of that right now.
  7. Half-life 2 - episode one

    I think we discussed it before, but I like the subject so I'm going back to backstory discussion. I also prefer the Combine Influence in Xen theory. I just assume to differences between their presence there is that the structures were built by alien slaves with alien technology from alien materials, compared to the human slaves and materials on Earth. It suits the "absorb and adapt" doctrine they seem to represent.
  8. Snakes on a Plane (and Gnarls Barkley)

    you missed this great outfit: Also, Go Go Gadget Gospel is the best name for a song ever. Spaff brought this band to my attention because of their Violent Femmes cover. Can't say the rest of the album grabbed me the same way as Crazy, but I think they're growing on me now.
  9. i found this in my local chemist...

    I imagine it smelling like the kind of cologne italian plumbers would wear.
  10. Sonic Rivals Gameplay Trailer

    Yeah, the graphics and animation don't look good, but it's uplifting to see that they have finally gone back to the side-on view, like everyone has been telling them to for years.
  11. i found this in my local chemist...

    I used to eat those. They were sold in a health food shop. They're nice, kind of like bacon flavour.
  12. Here it is. THE gaming event of 2006. Idle Forums are back. We've made some small changes to the forum structure, and some slightly less small changes to the way we manage it behind the scenes. These are new and happier forums, where everyone gets along because the moderators have a big stick. But it's a friendly big stick and its name is Cuddles. Please stay on-topic. There is a chief moderator for each forum and you may find that atmosphere and etiquette change slightly between them. But these are fluid and dynamic times! Rules may change, sub-forums may sprout up as and when needed. Stuff Will Happen. Here's a quick breakdown: Games and Gaming The mother-forum. Do I have to explain this? Here will go everything from current releases to ludology. Please be polite here, respect other peoples' views and so forth. Bickering will be frowned upon. Site Feedback This forum is about Thumbs itself. Tell us what you want to see, comment on articles, nominate new moderators. In addition we will be offering extra content here, things you might not see on the front page. There will be competitions and calls for content submission. It will be super special! Idle Banter A more relaxed attitude here, shoot the shit and whatever. Just make sure your discussion wouldn't fit better in the other forums.
  13. Paul Barnett explains Warhammer Online

    heh, that was quite entertaining. "orcs are football hooligans... high elves are posh people... dark elves are posh people that have taken drugs, like Lord Byron"
  14. Most Dull Online game Ever

    Please be nice to our virtual neighbours
  15. Half Life 2 mods

    So what HL2 mods have people been playing? So far I've finished (besides Minerva 1 and 2): Eclipse (props for being a total conversion, nice idea with the telekinesis. Pretty straight forward though). Combine Destiny (meh). Mistake of Pythagoras (sometimes a bit plain and frustrating, but some nice puzzle and easily wins the "Surrealist Mind-Melting Prize for Most Bizzarre"). I'm looking for some good'uns to download. Obviously all the big projects are still in development though.
  16. Half Life 2 mods

    I finally started playing Hidden: Source, and that's lots of scary fun. Just wish I could get more practice playing as Subject 617, I die way too quickly. It was amazing watching a pro play it, flinging dead bodies around everywhere and totally butchering the squad. heheh. I'm still looking for more single player mods though, besides the "swarm" types which don't really appeal to me. Also what is peoples obsession with the zombies, the most boring of HL2 enemies?
  17. Tom DeLay Joins Forces With Colbert

    Irony. Conservatives. Don't mix.
  18. Here is one of spaff's favourite pictures:
  19. Ubi Takes Charge of 'Lost' videogame

    How is this going to work as a game? I don't see it at all. Also, the 24 game was made in collaboration with the show's creators. That didn't quite soar.
  20. Holy Uncanny Valley

    Same here, I really enjoyed the first 3/4 of the game. Then it went off at a right angle. They were doing so well with a believeable sense of mystery and low key menace up to that point. Being by a European developer I can see that the New York setting lacked a bit (not to mention the hopefully ironic blaxpoitation type scenes), but I can forgive that.
  21. Snakes on a Plane (and Gnarls Barkley)

    Is it me or is this movie attempting another Snakes on a Plane?
  22. Mr. 47

    It occurs to me that if any game is well suited to episodic content, it is Hitman. Download a new, self contained mission every few months. It's almost made for it.
  23. Exchange rate o_O

    Or write an article about using the guitar hero controller as a sex aid. Or something.
  24. Another GameLife Thread...

    The Movie?