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  1. Silent Hill - The Movie

    I watched this last night, it was a lot better than I expected. Yeah the exposition movie reel was heavy handed, but I appreciated it having only a vague knowledge of the games. I enjoyed trying to figure out how the various monsters fitted into the warped dream of Alessa's history. Pyramid Head wasn't in it much. You guys made him seem like a really important figure, but to me he was just one more demon freak, like the acid spittting torso, just a bit more dangerous. Also: easy to open, twist-and-pull for the stomach wrenching win... The whole thing to me seemed a little like Hellraiser, if it had been made by Stephen King instead of Clive Barker.
  2. Biker What from WHAT?!

    Heh, my brother and his friend had some of the toys for this show, which were quite good. One of the mice rides a Harley. The show was basically just to promote the toys, as these things often are.
  3. LEGO Batman!

    The actual Batman Lego toys look like they're based on the animated series (the best one, that itself was based on the burton films).
  4. LEGO Batman!

    I didnt even know lego was doing a batman line until this announcement. Didn't they also do Spiderman, or is that my imagination?
  5. LEGO Batman!

    Best. I hope you have to get rid of a bomb.
  6. Mother wins ban on violent porn

    Have you gone totally bat fuck insane?
  7. Pit is not the Icarus from mythology

    I'm not sure I get the title. Were you talking about Troy? Do you mean Achilles? PS I would play that game also.
  8. Somebody donate me a PS2

    Won't the game work with the slide-card modded* PS2 that Bob has?
  9. RIP Crocodile hunter.

    Yeah, they don't make many like him. I feel bad for his wife and kids
  10. Somebody donate me a PS2

    I will trade a PS2 for pictures of somebody's titties. It's not important who. I have Shadow of colosothingy, but no PS2 to play it on, unlike Yufter who has 2 or 3 in her flat as Nick pointed out. I am also more broke. Also, I have prettier hair.
  11. Cats

    Cats are indeed cool, but also evil.
  12. £10 consoles alert!

    Last month somone at my workplace found that Gamecubes with extras were going for £30 at Toys R Us. I so wish I wasn't broke right now.
  13. Kieron Gillen studies System Shock

    Doh. I reached the line and assumed everything under it was a massive sig Heh, interesting about what the Gillen's article says about how Shodan would be weakened by a third outing, in light of this news. I can easily see the Godfather team taking this amazing character and doing something horrible. My guess? She will be downloaded into a hot blonde human body
  14. Kieron Gillen studies System Shock

    Nice, very nice. May be long for some people but i enjoyed every paragraph. The S&M simile made me laugh too, but in appreciation. But... he mentions System Shock 3 in the forward. What? anyone got anything on this?
  15. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

    I quite enjoyed that (Foster's). The concept reminds me slightly of Drop Dead Fred.
  16. Exam Results!!!

    Well, I'm actually going back to college this autumn. I just got accepted for an art and design course. Woohoo!
  17. I don't think it bombed, it just didn't fly to the top of the best sellers. That's one of the problems these days. if a game isn't in the top 5 then it's considered a failure
  18. Wario is the party star! Sonic. I hate Sonic when he speaks. He was cool when he was silent. Then they tried to make him talk "cool" and failed, totally and utterly. Thing is Sonic, like many of the game stars mentioned in this thread, is not so much a character as a logo brought to life. They live only within the gameplay and elsewhere should be iconic, like a sticker or a graffiti tag. I don't even like to see them animated outside of gameplay, let alone trying to make conversation.
  19. WTF? nintendo monopoly?

    Ahh, yes. It must be my monitor
  20. WTF? nintendo monopoly?

    The classic game of my youth was Escape From Atlantis. Simple and lots of fun. No dice, the random factor comes from the peices of the island itself - when they "sink" you turn them over to see what's underneath; a boat, a dolphin, a shark, a giant octopus or a sea-serpent. Heh Err, Moose, your avatar is black. It's just... black. It's.. depressing
  21. Movie/TV recommendations

    heh, I saw Les Triplettes de Belleville a year or so ago (over here it was renamed to Belleville Rendevous). Very eccentric and enjoyable. It reminds you how Japanese Anime was so heavily influenced by the French. Some of us watched Clerks II last night. Not bad, lots of laughs and in-jokes for Kevin Smith fans and nicely understated so that it did feel like a true Clerks sequal.
  22. Ernest Adams on Citizen Kane: MMORPG

    Maybe you should restrict it to the first act of Fahrenheit, before it gets all silly with the magic and stuff. The first act deals well with all sorts of grown up themes, like depression, isolation, murder, guilt, insanity. And yes, I thought the sex scenes weren't too bad and definately the best I've seen in a game. Better than the sex scenes in many hollywood movies at least.
  23. Anybody here with a Sega / Mega CD?

    Spaff has two. One of which is broken. Maybe he can compare the two and tell you the difference. Or something.
  24. anime

    No Moos, but I've also heard that the manga is particularly excellent.
  25. Trauma Center? Hehehe I'm UnGHgn :)

    Maybe try a differnt tactic? You can focus on one at a time or inject them all wit anesthetic to shrink them. I think thats how I did it. Lots of injecting, only attempting to cut when they all seemed safe. But yeah, if you're losing hair over it, move on.