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    I sprang out of God's head, Athena-style. And here I am.
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    Librarian assistant and sullen wench.
  1. Rate your own and each other's avatars

    Come on, doesn't he look friendly?
  2. Raz?

    Hey hey hey hey wait. Tim Schafer appears in pools of vomit, and you're all arguing about the exact way a comic was drawn? I think you're all missing something very important here!
  3. Loom

    Ahh, the memories. I do adore the purple and the yellow and the orange all together. That's a very stylish picture. It's great! ...Oh, the next one? Yeah. Loom's a great game...there are several games that I think better of, though. I have dreamed of turning people into fat, messy, white birds.
  4. Commander Keen

    I played lethal amounts of Commander Keen from about age 8. Keen 6 was my favorite until I played it so much that I started to like 4 better. You guys have some really messed up smilies. :\ What's that? Hair? Coming out of its EYES? Sick. Just sick, I tell you.
  5. Just what ARE you playing right now?

    -Grim Fandango, again -MI2, again -Blade Runner -Morrowind, for some reason -Solitaire Ha ha ha.
  6. Just because Chris Remo is a lucky bastard doesn't mean he shouldn't be God. Like I said before, we could always martyr him if it didn't work out.
  7. I wanted to be put up for God, but no, no, they aren't considering insignificants like me. So you're it, Chris Remo. I hope you don't mind. Hurrah for vagueness!
  8. Where do you work/study?

    Darn you all. Now my post, my awesome post, is gonna sound off-topic. Yes, darn you all to heck. I do secretary work in my dad's insurance adjusting business, and tend of a flock of computers. I am also a library assistant. I play back-up guitar and sing for a lame but well-paid bluegrass band. I waste all my spare time lurking in forums and chatting up inanimate objects and sucking on paintbrushes. I am headed to art school in a year or two, hopefully. In conclusion, I dislike all of McDonald's dumb marketing campaigns.