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  1. Being from Iceland, I remember being so fucking scared of the Yulecat and the Yulelads' mother and father. The thought of not getting enough new Christmas clothes and being eaten before Christmas Eve was terrifying. I always liked the Yulelads, obviously because they gave me gifts (except that fucker, Ladle-licker who gave me a potato), but as I grew older I slowly realized that their behaviour was creepy as shit..




  2. I saw someone posit something, on twitter I think, about a certain Leia scene. It sort of reframes it for me in a way I like.



    During her near-death experience I, and a lot of people, assumed she Force

    flew back to the spaceship. But the person posited that maybe she Force pulled the ship towards her, which I really like and makes me more positive on that scene. I was already more positive than some people were about that scene. I know this is just a minor nitpick, but something about her pulling an entire cruiser towards her makes the scene an ever cooler, bigger show of her nascent Force powers at the moment of near-death.


    Anyway, I'd also like to add that Mark Hamill was fantastic in this film and it was amazing to see him get a great live action role after all these years and seeing him knock it out of the park. :tup:


    I think the central theme is failure. Every storyline is centered around failure and how the characters struggle to learn something from their failures.

    Poe fails over and over in his gung-ho planning (the film takes stupid shortcuts to get him to make that second plan, as has been pointed out) but fails again and again, actively harming the Resistance. Until he finally learns how to lead, not to some big, heroic victory but to safety.

    Rey fails to redeem Kylo or bring back the Jedi master to save the day, but learns that they don’t matter. The Skywalker lineage isn’t “The One!”
    The Force, and hope with it, will come from “nobodys”, like her and a slave kid from Canto Bight.

    Finn And Rose’s story is undercooked, IMO, but they fail their mission, bringing the wrong codebreaker along, who betrays them and shows them that ultimately it might not even matter if they win today, it’s all business and money makers have no interest in peace. Finn takes the wrong, suicidal lesson from this, but Rose learns that it’s not worth fighting for revenge, but rather fighting to save your loved ones.

    Luke, burdened by the *big* failure of not believing in Kylo Ren when he needed it the most, shuts himself off from everything and stubbornly refuses to learn and let go.

    It was a film about deeply flawed characters making terrible decisions and losing almost everything because of it and that’s why I loved this movie.

    So basically, what Yoda said..


  4. I loved it!


    It has its flaws, it was too stuffed with plot beats. But what a breath-taking and beautiful movie with a fantastic emotional, thematic core.



    Last thought: I was so happy with the reveal that Rey’s parents were “nobodys” The best thing this film does it discard the idea that the Skywalker lineage is the only thing that matters. The force belongs to all of us! ❤️


  5. It's Breath of the Wild for me. No doubt. Most played and most enjoyed game for me this year. Can still pick it up and end up playing hours of it without noticing. Wish I had a Switch so I could play it even more, but the Wii U must suffice for now..


    Runner up: Prey!

  6. I think the most natural solution is to just cut to a later time when the character has hung up. The weird thing to me isn't not hearing "goodbye" but rather that you linger on the character silently hanging up the phone.. Just show me the reaction to whatever impactful thing that was said and then cut! Cut away, end scene (or, if this is David Fincher, cut to dramatic wide shot of character alone in his kitchen contemplating the impactful words, with a bottle of whiskey and moody lighting)

  7. Mindhunter had a 30-minute episode which was great and felt just as complete as any of the other 60 minute episodes and made me question my life and why the hell I watch so many streaming series that insist on filling 60 minutes with material that clearly wasn't long enough or interesting enough for 60 minutes. I'm looking at you Netflix's Marvel shows.. >:(


    I hope more shows start doing this! :tup:


    *Also* I liked Mindhunter quite a lot.

  8. The boy was a fabrication, part of the plan Deckard and co. make at the birth. They keep talking about fabricating records, or something like that. When K finds out he wasn't the one, he flashes back to the line about "fabricated records", so I assumed they falsified the records to make it look like the girl died and made an identical dna record of a boy to confuse authorities. I can't quite explain the logic behind it, but after the revelation that K wasn't the child I just assumed the boy never existed. It was a falsified record to help hide the girl, somehow.

  9. Yeah, I just rewatched the original and that romance scene was... more than uncomfortable. I assume it was on purpose..? He wa very aggressive in closing the door and basically commanded her to say and do a bunch of stuff... then suddenly romantic sax kicks in. Was there some voiceover on top of that scene in the Theatrical Cut that made it seem more romantic or something?


    Watching the Final Cut and having never watched the Theatrical Cut, I just kept thinking I couldn't imagine how this entire film would even work with a voiceover...


    Anyway, I'm excited to see the new one tomorrow! :tup:


    Also, weird little goof: When Ford begins testing Rachel he doesn't actually lift anything out of the case (I don't know which cut this is from or if it's been fixed later): 


  10. 19 hours ago, Erkki said:

    Another note, I saw it in 3D and I thought it was subtle, but quite well done. Since I actually recently saw some old 3-D from early last century, and mentally made some notes what seemed to work in 3-D and what didn't, I was now watching with that in mind, but... I think it broke what I thought was a hard rule that everything should be sharp, because blurry stuff will seem jarring to the eyes in 3D. I was surprised that there were out-of-focus stuff in many of the scenes, but it didn't look jarring at all. Maybe it was because the depth in the scenes was limited and I don't remember anything coming out of the scene. I haven't paid attention to this stuff before, but maybe they have improved the 3D technology/techniques enough nowadays that they can get around some of the limitations of earlier 3-D? Better cameras or what? Or maybe my home 3D projector and DLP-link glasses isn't comparable to cinema 3D?


    I haven't seen it yet, but apparently cinematographer Roger Deakins oversaw the 3D conversion process himself, so that might account to why it is so subtle and well done. According to some very quick googling it's all 2d-to-3d conversion, so none of it was actually shot with two cameras.

  11. I like to mix it up. I introduced my son to educational ones, but he also gets to play Angry Birds 2 because he does learn *some* fine-motor skills while playing it. You can slowly see him getting better at making micro-adjusments to the shooting curve, which is wonderful to see. But he's still only five, so he still quite likes the educational stuff and goes back and forth between that stuff.


    That said, I'm probably way looser with the iPad compared to other parents. As long as he also plays outside and wants to do other stuff, I'm fine with him doing whatever on the iPad when he wants to cool down.. 


    What kind of apps are the stupid ones she likes? Like.. Farmville stuff?