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  1. That gamesradar articles sadly misinterpreted the quote in question:

    GS: Do you plan on having like a per-download pricing model along the lines of the microtransactions that will be used in the next-gen Xbox marketplace?

    GH: Well, we can use it in a variety of ways. We've used some of the older games already as little bonuses, either as bonus gifts or hidden in levels of games. Certainly for the first-party titles we'll be making some of those available. We haven't really talked about whether we would sell them. The third parties can make their own decision whether they want to sell them, or maybe they will add it on as sort of a free benefit when you buy a current version of the game.

    It is certainly a big possibility, but in no way confirmed yet.

  2. Well, when the videos were released everyone was going all "OMG! It's Real-time. That's real-time gameplay!"

    So, obviously, I figured "Wow, neat." but stayed on the skeptical side. Did Sony state at the conference that this was real-time gameplay footage?

  3. holding a controller on each hand in mid air is kind of odd, worse than holding a single controller with both hands.

    Is this just some random fact? Who says the controller will be a gyroscopic dealie in both hands?

  4. I don't really see how that matters. This is obviously colors that Nintendo is considering, and the red and green ones especially look good. I seriously doubt this is a Photoshop job, but very much suspect that this is just a mock-up rendering of the colors Nintendo think would look good.

    At any rate, it's official.

  5. I'm talking about a single player-60 hour long-rotten script-fantastic graphics Final Fantasy that will make every salary man in Nippon smash open his piggy bank and run down to the store.

    I'll go for the awesome, multiplayer Crystal Chronicles version on the DS and Revo, over that crap anytime.

  6. The fact that I can download old games makes this console far more worth to me, than the other two competitors.

    Also, Wi-Fi enabled Super Smash Bros., possibly with four of my buddies with me at home playing four other strangers in the US. That would be awesome.

  7. And therein lies the problem.

    I don't think I'm less entitled to an opinion on a game just because I didn't play it at its prime.

    Super Mario Bros. still rocks my socks, even though the first time I actually played through it all was a month ago. It's just that I find GoldenEye an unplayable mess that's not saved by the fact that it was the "latest shiznit" back then.

  8. Because at the time, it was the first time anyone had successfully done a first person shooter on a console system. Ever.

    Plus it had stealth elements, great was a great game. It hasn't aged terribly well, but it was a great game at the time.

    Sure, to each his own, I guess. I played it recently, and no matter how I look at it, it had crap framerate making it unplayable in multiplayer. Don't really see why they really needed to push every single pixel the N64 was capable of, ending with the most boring and bland multiplayer levels I've ever seen.

  9. Goldeneye (64) is generally regarded as the best licensed game ever made...

    Goldeneye was crap. I can't, for the life of me, see what was so awesome about it.

  10. Metroid Prime: Hunters - First Hunt

    Survivor mode keeps me thrilled while I wait for the ability to buy more games.

    Super Smash Bros. Melee

    Four player matches and Jigglypuff. Need I say more?

    Black & White

    Not nearly as terrible as people say, yet nowhere near as great either.

    Nintendo DS

    So far, making PictoArt and playing First Hunt, makes it the best handheld ever.

  11. Balloon Trip was the name of the demo on E3, that later became Yoshi Touch & Go, which is already out.

    So my guess is this is just GameStop being retarded. With probably the ugliest box art ever.

  12. I need to have a story, some sort of input on a narrative level, no matter how slight.

    And you're going to buy Polarium? Two of the least narrative-centric games out there on the DS? Seriously, the cinematics in WarioWare, annoying as they may be, contain more narrative than all of Polarium.

  13. Doesn't look as bad as I thought it would be, from seeing screenshots and whatnot.

    The sprite animations look superb in the video. Really reminds me of the Turtles beat-em ups on the NES and SNES. (And sort of makes me sad that this isn't what became of the modern-day Turtle games)