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  1. Mine is 5184-1587-4357 I'm super bummed you don't have an option to Toad Rally against your friends list. The friends list is now basically just a shitty leaderboard..
  2. Thanks! So, what I gather from this is that I might need to put a prompt in that you can control the camera....
  3. Rubik will be the first Mr. Puffin boss fight.
  4. You can most clearly hear the rain/thunder atmosphere at the start, before you walk into the Great Hall! Shared universe is still intact!
  5. Thaaaanks! Yeah, without any z-targeting the fighting is quite too hard. Honestly, the whole combat system is weird and sometimes you'll get punched by the zombies' punch colliders even though they've finished their animation. It's a mess! :tup: I would totally love to flesh this out eventually. Fix the combat and expand the castle and put in some environmental storytelling and OF COURSE a giant boss somewhere. RE: Audio, the zombies have the zombie noise on loop once you get close to them and the thunder/rain athmosphere can be heard under the music on loop the whole time! I definitely used all the assets I sent you.
  6. Updated!! It now properly restarts the level after you die. *AND* you can press Esc to quit.
  7. I forgot to put in a restart thingy, sorry! Alt+F4 works tho instead of having to go to the Task Manager. Ill do a quick fix to make it restart properly tonight!
  8. [RELEASE] Baboo!

    This was excellent! Only played it for a little while, (gonna try it again with a keyboard) and I love the way this engine works and all the little WJCU references. It's really cool.
  9. A "Not ready" version was posted in the Wizard Jam!
  10. Welcome to Wizard Jam 4!

    Hmm, weird. I just tried one and it worked fine.
  11. It is done! First post has been updated!

    Hooooly shit!! :powerglove:
  13. A small taste of @toblix's amazing music!
  14. Full Throttle Remastered

    What is up with the thumbnail for the trailer? That looks terrible. Trailer looks great, tho! The close-ups are especially fantastic. The line-width and general look of the in-game Ben looks weird to me, but I can live with it.
  15. It's starting to look like a game! Now I just need to focus on getting the combat to not feel shit..
  16. Doing some Great Hall texturing!
  17. Ultimate Mid Jam Power Move is to start making "Mid Jam Power Move" right now. I'm sure Jam King @Spenny is already doing this..
  18. @toblix did some ACE BRILLO music for this and I got punching sort of working, so this is all quickly coming together now! I also realised blend trees are a thing, so Mr. Puffin has a smooooth blend between walking and running now. I don't have any progress .gifs so here's a .gif of Mr. Puffin surrounded by dancing zombies.
  19. Things just got real for Mr. Puffin.
  20. Hahah, oh man it'll take you seconds to comb through what little I'll have finished in the next 4 days! Great hall work continues.. At at this rate this'll be the only room in the game!
  21. Punchin'! And the beginnings of a Great Hall! or something
  22. [Dev Log] The Bear's Black Heart

    This is looking sooo sweeet!