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  1. The Leftovers (HBO)

    I like The Leftovers a lot, but I was a person who loved the character drama of LOST, and this feels like Damon Lindelof hammering down on that aspect and basically saying "Forget about the mystery" at every turn. There's still some mystery and twists and magical realism, but he goes out of his way to signal to the audience that in the end it's what the characters do, and not how things became like this, that matters. I like that a lot, but it's probably not everyone's cup of tea, especially consider how bleak and nihilistic the drama can be at times. I enjoyed Season 1 myself but Season 2 is generally regarded as a much stronger season. Excited for the third and final season!
  2. IdleMC Epoch 7.5 Final Prologue GOTY Edition

    You mean our amazing Scandinavian cottage scared away the wolves. Dibs the chicken has had quite the life, already. Everytime I tried to put up a "dibs the chicken" sign a creeper snuck up on me and toblix and blew up his chicken coop. Luckily, he survived three of these and produced a baby dibs.
  3. IdleMC Epoch 7.5 Final Prologue GOTY Edition

    Me and @toblix have been building a sweet, Scandinavian Cottage outside the town. We have a wheat farm, porches and everything a Scandinavian person would want! We even have a chicken called @dibs the chicken and his baby chick dibs jr. There's a road with a sign just outside the center town's (inhumane) cow enclosure, just follow that windy road under the trees if you want to check out our Cottage! Of course as soon as we have placed our cottage in the idyllic, peaceful wilderness someone just built a gigantic castle right next to us! High-rises, amirite?
  4. Twin Peaks Discussion

    Yes! Yay! Look forward to it (and the actual new season of Twin Peaks, but whatever..)
  5. Twin Peaks Discussion

    Woof, new Twin Peaks isn't far off now. It premieres in May? Are Chris and Jake still planning on doing a podcast around the new season? I, for one, absolutely *love* having a podcast to listen to as I watch it so I really hope you do.
  6. It's DONE! Mr. Puffin in the Dark Castle Inspired by the episode title "Free Macintosh Warez", this is a spiritual sequel to the Macintosh game Dark Castle with mechanics loosely borrowed from Dark Souls (although in no way as tight-feeling) with an art style heavily inspired by Mike Mignola's comics art. Bear in mind this started as an art test, so I just designed/coded outwards from my starting point which was Mr. Puffin's sweet Mignola'esque shader. So in the end, after spending a ton of time on the art, there isn't much game to this. You can fight the zombies and they will eventually kill you. There is no reward for beating all the zombies (aside from being able to watch their ragdolls twitch around) I hope I can keep working on this in some form, because I really like the feel of it and the art. I could expand this into a single castle of Dark Souls lite gameplay thing. Tiny Puffin Souls! v0.03 - Z-targeting! v0.02 - Mac and Linux builds! - Particles for the candalebras Update jam_v02: Updated the death so it restarts the level automatically after a couple of seconds. AND you can quit using the "Escape" key, fittingly. I did a box art, tho.
  7. Thanks everyone! Hope I can get all this new stuff implemented before Part 2 of the WizJam stream! @Ben X Oh man, you're right, I somehow managed to pick the exact angle where Mr. Puffin's leg blocks the sword from view.. It won't matter in the game, because you'll walk up to it and there'll be a "Press A to Pick Up Rusty Sword" or something. I guess I was too excited to share the Mr. Puffin's head tuck to notice I'd hidden the sword behind him.
  8. I've been here since this was just Idle Thumbs: The Website. I'm here for the community and to listen to you guys in any way/shape/form you want to do this in! I'm happy you're not afraid to shake things up!
  9. Thanks! Here's a swishy sword animation!
  10. I'm building a room that is, at the moment, called "sword_room" Instant Environmental Storytelling Debris Generation:
  11. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    I have never played Galaxy or Galaxy 2 so I feel fully confident and informed when I say 3D World is the best Mario game ever.
  12. I did a tiny update, putting in some sort of particle BLAST when you hit or are hit by zombies. *AND* a first version of a z-targeting system! Right now it automatically focuses on the nearest zombie, and you can right-stick to the right or left to focus a new zombie. When you attack you'll always face the zombie you're targeting.
  13. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    I'm bummed that apparently MK8's 4-player framerate is still 30fps, which just feels sluggish compared to 2-player. Harder to react properly to things. Not a *big* deal, certainly, but was hoping with added power they would be able to something to smooth out the 4-player kartin'! Switch vs Wii U Gamepad pic:
  14. This was an excellent thing to watch, congrats everyone and thanks to the hosts for an awesome tournament! Look forward to Readerwatch 2018! My fav highlight of the tournament was toblix picking Genji in the last game:
  15. [DevLog] Monumental Failure

    Holy shit that looks insane! Congrats on the release date!
  16. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    I really liked it! Wish it had had better characters.. K-2SO was fantastic! Highlight of the film for me. Second half of the film I preferred to the a bit too rushed first half. The first half was a lot of flying establishing shots of various planets that felt really unnecessary and just used up time I would've loved to spend with the characters instead. CGI Tarkin was technically super impressive, but I was just so distracted by his slightly uncanny mouth movements that I paid no attention to the plot in those scenes. I'm afraid that and Leia's little cameo are going to be things that'll feel really dated in 10/20 years, when they rest of the film feels so lived in and real. All in all, I really enjoyed it.
  17. Yeah, this is one of the first thing's I'm gonna fix when I have time. Visual indication and some z-targeting to make combat not rubbish!
  18. I've updated things a bit and put out Mac and Linux builds thanks to Unity a cloud Build. I haven't actually properly tested these because I'm so busy at work but let's hope all the builds work! D:
  19. Ahh, ok! I hadn't seen any friends on the list yet, so just assumed it was completely random.