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  1. "This Is Why Your Game Magazine Sucks"

    He meant the "fastest cum" call.
  2. Holy Testicle Tuesday

    High Dynamic Range Lighting here we come!
  3. Any Danes here?

    The situation: I'm going to Denmark this August, and I'll be living there for a year. The question: To anyone living in Denmark, using this forum, I'd like to ask. Is there are retro games/used consoles/etc. shop in Copenhagen, or anywhere in Denmark? Anything prestigious? I'm mainly looking for a shop that sells a used retro consoles (such as Super Nintendo, NES), peripherals and games. The conclusion: I'm going retro, baby.
  4. Any Danes here?

    Well, my parents are going there to study, and I might do so to. I'd be studying film, acting and maybe some art, if I decide to do that. But mostly I'm just going to be with my family, and try and do creative stuff and get to know other places than Iceland (finally!)
  5. PSP's opening price in Japan revealed

    Esseb, that would be wicked cool. I can only imagine what it'd be like to port ScummVM over to the DS, complete with touch-screen point'n'click support. Oh, man..
  6. PSP's opening price in Japan revealed

    So Sony conciously put a fault in the design, that sometimes makes one of the buttons stick? Good job.
  7. World of Warcraft

    Personally, I prefer Guild Wars for it's no monthly fee bargain. That, and the fact that it's not really an MMO, and therefore I can stand it.
  8. GTA gets *good* press! >>>SHOCK<<<

    I don't know... I trust the dictionary.
  9. is THIS funny?

  10. Half-Life 2 Spoiler Thread

    I have no idea why, but according to the Half Life Saga site the human slaves are called Stalkers.
  11. Half-Life 2 Spoiler Thread

    That's of course, not a cross-game reference, as it just refers to a combine-enslaved human.
  12. Half-Life 2 Spoiler Thread

    Loved it. 'Nuff said. Also, hidden Vortegon? and Vortegon speech transcript: Oh, and what does Breen mean when he says "Were you not aware that your services were available to the highest bidder?"
  13. The Giveaway 2: The Singles.

    Does it take extra long to deliver to Iceland? Jesus H. Christ, do I have to get used to these smilies! That was supposed to be a sad smilie.
  14. Sequel To Katamari Damacy

    Yes, the North American Man-Boy Love Association sure pops into your mind when you hear the word Namco...
  15. Sequel To Katamari Damacy

    If they release the second one here, I'll be pleased. Otherwise, Namco can go fuck themselves.
  16. The Giveaway 2: The Singles.

    Also from Anchorman: "I would like to extend to you an invitation to the pants party." Best pickup line, ever. What do you say, do I get a copy for that?
  17. Crappy design pervading quality titles

    Coming in late, but I thought Metroid Prime's save system was pretty stellar. It provided save points almost everytime you needed one, granted you just took your time and explored as much as possible.
  18. San Andreas

    I distinctly remember the cars not disappearing until after a set amount of time off-screen, and that time was ample. Whereas in the 3D incarnations the cars disappear almost instantaneously after going off-screen (or into the fog, another thing I really hate about the 3D versions) Why I remember this is because I remember I used to make a lot of big piles of cars, only to blow them up and see a very big explosion. I had to walk a bit to get more cars, and the other cars didn't disappear in the process, although if I remember correctly, if you walked far enough and took your time, they did indeed disappear. Useless post of the Year.
  19. Arhghghghg

    Could've damaged the power supply unit? That's some bad shit.
  20. Snowball of releases coming our way

    Call of Cthulhu is scheduled for early 2005.
  21. Katamari Damacy trailer

    I laughed out loud at that one.
  22. Just to be clear it's not Nintendo that's laying these hints, it's They, along with other video game media, know what this big announcement's gonna be, and they're just putting down these hints so to create discussion.
  23. Katamari Damacy trailer

    Can someone explain what this game is about? Or how... it works?
  24. Public service announcement!!

    I just dropped my cell phone! God damnit! I'm leaving this wretched forum, for good!