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  1. WTF?! Prey back from the dead?

    Har. Har. And it's Unreal 3, foo.
  2. WTF?! Prey back from the dead?

    Oh, I always figured Fable (Project Ego) was Dmitri. Has there been any info on Dmitri at all? Also, I'm hoping to see Duke Nukem Forever in action. They got to have something up their sleeves, right?
  3. Clever web-based game

    Play Transport Tycoon Deluxe. It's better. (Especially using OpenTTD, with all its wonderful patches)
  4. Katamari Damacy coming to DS!

    And we have our first fake box shot.
  5. Zork test 2

  6. Zork test 2

    read paper 23 pages, people... 23 pages.
  7. Giant game level maps

    I'd love to have this hanging on my wall.
  8. First screenshots of Age of Empires DS

    Looks like Civilization DS...
  9. Katamari Damacy coming to DS!

    JÁ!!!!! Ehm.. I mean. YES!!!
  10. Batman: New Times

    Although it's very novel, and well done, it just doesn't have the same effect on me that stop-motion Lego does.
  11. Spore

    Knowing Wright, you'd think you'd be able to spend as much time as you want on each phase, and once you get into the invasion phase you're pretty much in sandbox mode, where you can spend the rest of the time you didn't devote to the other phases. ...or something.
  12. Spore

    Well, the preview mentions that there's a real possibility for Spore to be ported to the DS and PSP, since the data, that user exchange between one another, is supposedly very small. And, of course, both handhelds are online-able.
  13. Where's the DS love?

    I wish.
  14. Where's the DS love?

    The analog stick on the PSP would probably allow for some fluid performance in Mario 64.
  15. New Zelda trailer

    I wasn't that scared by Zelda 2: Link's Adventure, but hey.. everyone's got their pet peeves, I guess.
  16. Where's the DS love?

    The main problem with some of these games, it seems, is that they're rushing them out in order to show people that this kind of gameplay is possible. I wish they would've put more time into Yoshi Touch & Go, to make it something besides a feature-show. EDIT: IGN's review is worth a read.
  17. Where's the DS love?

    I can't believe this! I just won a Nintendo DS on a radio station here on Iceland. This rocks. I'm just waiting for it to charge up, and then I'll boot up First Hunt. Too bad I don't have anything besides First Hunt and my old Golden Sun from before my GBA got snatched.
  18. I just want to jump in and recommend Chu Chu Rocket, even though everyone else has already recommended that, and I'm doing so only because Chu Chu Rocket deserves to be mentioned in every post from now on.
  19. Hitchhikers Guide - new trailer

    Jeff Goldblum staying as far away from this film would do for me. Personally, and I say this without really knowing nothing about his performance in this particular film, as it hasn't even been released, I think Mos Def will do good as Ford Prefect. And I love Sam Rockwell as Zaphod.
  20. Games everyone likes (but really suck)

    Grand Theft Auto 3. Just never did it for me in the same way that GTA1 did. Got bored after a week. It would've been better if I could've actually progressed in the game, and gotten new parts of city, by destroying stuff, like in the first one. But no, the only way to progress in GTA3 was to do the unbelievably boring missions, with equally lame story. Non-linear, my ass. Doom 3. After all the hype, I was expecting something toally awesome and scary. Maybe it was just my mediocre system, but the scare-factor wore off by the time you started guessing where monsters would come out of. And you were right on the money all of the time, of course.
  21. Full Throttle

    The Prodigy - Full Throttle
  22. Well, as long as they have future consoles scheduled I'm not going to predict anything. Who knows what'll happen in the next console generation.
  23. Wonderful, Sad, Touching, Gorgeous Syberia

    Uhm, if by "no one on AdventureGamers understands" you mean that everyone there adores it, then no. I never got myself to even play the full game, I hated the demo so much. I'm not gonna even touch this game until it's at least bargain bin material.