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  1. Eurovision Song Festival

    I'm trying very hard to think of how it was original. Screaming and shouting, I've seen before (and sometimes to better effect, too..) And underneath the screaming and shouting was a very, very typical Eurovision formula melody. So, yeah. Original... Wait, wait. They had masks. Err, nope. Also done before.
  2. Don't know if we need another Sony thread, but this has to be one of the most arrogant quotes I've heard in a long time. From an interview with David Reeves: I never really hated Sony until now. They don't deserve their number one spot any longer.
  3. Nintendo's E3 Conference Thread

    No, I watched the videos...
  4. Nintendo's E3 Conference Thread

    Man, Super Mario Galaxy, despite not even using the Wiimote that much, looks awesome. That robot boss battle was just magnificent. Didn't even notice how big the robot really was until Mario started running up it. No gravity = !
  5. Contact for the DS

    Yes, this is one to look forward to. And since you mentioned it, Final Fantasy III looks awesome!
  6. Just how awesome is the DS Lite?

    Mm, indeed. Everyone needs to watch the new video. Favorite moment when all the goombas come falling down on Mario.
  7. 'Gibbage' from Size Five Games

    Sadly still having problems running the game at home, albeit different ones this time. But it's awesome that Dan has been sending me e-mails regularly to check if I've been able to solve the problems. As for the new demo, played it at school and it's really bitching. Everyone check it out now! The game is still immensely enjoyable, simple fun. And now the intro music is totally awesome.
  8. BS4....Hmmm

    Nooooo, no. No. While I agree that they've been getting a bit more crap than they deserve, and the characters look pretty detailed, they don't look better than Dreamfall. Dreamfall's got some great art direction. BS4 has next to none, in the screenshots.
  9. Bob Ross is coming to the revolution?

    Here's the official site for the game, apparently..
  10. Revolution at GDC thread

    If you're following Iwata's keynote at the GDC, then join in on the thread. Supposedly we'll get the final name of the console. Not big, but at least we get to say it's stupid. And that's always fun. Hopefully we get some new game info. At least a demonstration of how awesome the Revolution is.. At any rate, there are pictures. Glorious pictures.
  11. Revolution at GDC thread

    from an interview with Nintendo of America's senior director of public relations, Beth Llewelyn: That Nintendo GO picture is fake, and Virtual Console is the name of the download service. Or he's just lying. Take your pick.
  12. Revolution at GDC thread

    Oh, I love how you can draw notes on the dungeon map. Zelda on the DS. Sega Mega Drive on the Revolution.
  13. Revolution at GDC thread

    Well, on the bright side it shows how fucking small the Revolution is. Is anyone else hoping they just call it the Nintendo?
  14. Revolution at GDC thread

    But hey, awesome news! Psychonauts wins for best writing. Hurrah!
  15. Revolution at GDC thread

    Funnily enough, that's still the old model we saw at the last GDC. According to Nintendo the final console will be even smaller.
  16. Gibbage + Indie game programming

    Played it over at the school computers and had some awesome fun with it. It's super fast and I'm in love with the graphics. Sadly, there's not a whole lot of geeks at my school willing to sit down and play computer games, so I just played against the A.I, which is kind of depressing. (Mostly because it's loads better than me.. ) I'm in love with the concept of bringing the power cubes over to your central. Keeps you on your toes. I'd give it the but I'm gonna wait until I've played it against a REAL HUMAN BEING! And played in something other than the tutorial..
  17. Gibbage + Indie game programming

    Man, this is really annoying. I can't further than starting a level, and then it crsahes, while the players are "materializing".
  18. high system requirements

    Well, that's exactly what they did with Morrowind. Even at low settings it was slow on my computer. My computer wasn't high-end but it certainly wasn't any old crap.
  19. Flow in Games

    Awesome! EDIT: Never mind.. Just a joke. Good one.. Would've been cool, though.
  20. Flow in Games

    The big sting ray ones are nasty. But there's not so much to do after you've eaten everything all the way down to the bottom. The end..
  21. Snakes on a Plane (and Gnarls Barkley)

    Samuel Jackson apparently has this line in the film, which is bound to become a classic up there with lines like "Here's looking at you, kid." This is quality writing, people!
  22. Favorite Zelda

    Link's Awakening is the only Zelda game I ever finished. I got very close to finishing Wind Waker, but lost interest during the tri-force hunt. I wish I hadn't sold it. Really, really want to play it now. Didn't get further than the fire temple, if I remember correctly, in Ocarina of Time. No, wait. I got further. Well, at any rate, that one I never finished. A Link To The Past was awesome, but I never finished it. Got to the last boss, I think. I love A Link To The Past, Link's Awakening and Wind Waker. For me Ocarina of Time seems kind of overrated. It's awesome, but it just falls short of being amazing for me. Must be because I can never get used to the N64's clumsy controller. Or maybe I'm just clumsy.
  23. Megaman vs Ghosts 'n Goblins

    That was awesome. Due to unlimited lives it wasn't too hard. A lot easier than some Megaman levels, at any rate. Check out the Megaman vs. Metroid, too. EDIT: It's not as fun..
  24. The big names in gaming

    Yes, but he designed the original Prince of Persia games as well as the master-piece adventure game The Last Express.
  25. Game designer publicity photos

    Shiggy for the win!!!