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  1. ...but they can DANCE!

    That would explain this jump rope screenshot. I'm ok with this. In fact, I'm glad. I love that kind of games, and I'm hoping there's going to be multiplayer fun too. And that FPS mini-game with the plunger gun looks awesome!
  2. Tim Schafer interview in the Guardian

    Exactly, and Tim actually mentions he'd like to make shorter games which I think is why Marek commented on XBLA.
  3. THis is better than TV!

    My favorite ones were Eye for Annai and Diversion. Going to watch your links now.
  4. Kieron Gillen studies System Shock

    Yes, Wrestle mentions it in this thread's first post.
  5. Kieron Gillen studies System Shock

    Fantastic article. Never finished System Shock 2, so.. quite a lot of spoilers. But I never would've finished it anyway, so this a very neat read.
  6. Next Gen ... is it worth it?

    American McGee talks.
  7. Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

    I loved every bit of it. Never thought it became too repetitive, and thought the length of it was perfect. The endboss took a lot of time, but I never died on him. Can't even remember dying once, and I suck at RPGs. The dialogue was funny, although maybe sometimes trying too hard. The story was just an excuse to throw all these different characters at you in all these different settings, so I didn't feel cheated by the so-so, but fun, story. So, yeah. Overall, I loved it.
  8. Heroes in a half-shell

    And here I was thinking that the Turtles franchise was completely ruined, and this pops up on Apple Trailers.
  9. Castle Crashers

    Oh, man. It looks awesome!
  10. Cancel the Simpsons?

    If they're going out, they might as well quit when the movie comes out.
  11. Heroes in a half-shell

    Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised. The characters don't look like some bastard child of animé and are actually very well animated.
  12. Castle Crashers

    For the time being it is XBLA exclusive.
  13. I need some help with video editing / recording?

    But to answer your question, yeah.. it's your computer. Wouldn't know which part of it, though.
  14. Team Fortress 2 and Portal

    Valve are most likely putting this into the Half-Life universe, somehow. Maybe the robot voice is to give the impression that the entities making experiments on you aren't able to speak with a human-like voice. Like... aliens. Some have theorized it's Shephard from Opposing Forces who has been sold by the G-Man to some alien race, for experiments.
  15. Team Fortress 2 and Portal

    Awesome! Love the music. And the soldier made me laugh.
  16. Just saw Pirates, and I loved the ending. Way to make me want to see the next one.
  17. Team Fortress 2 and Portal

    Having played Team Fortress to no end back in the old days, there is simply no question here. After seeing that art I will be playing TF2! And looking at the background in that picture, it bodes well for the levels. Over-sized cartoony objects ahoy!
  18. The Amazing Screw-On Head

    I found his voice acting perfect. Damn, I would so buy this pilot on DVD if just to get this show on the air.
  19. New Super Mario Bros.

    Apparently someone's found a code to get some sort of Challenge Mode. Nothing too fancy, just means that you can't go backwards in most levels. But hey, hooray for more classic gameplay.
  20. DS Lite

    There's supposed to be some fancy way of transporting your old friend codes to your new machine. I think.
  21. New Super Mario Bros.

    There's an easier way.. And I'm loving this game. I'm pleasantly surprised in almost every level. Nearly every level has a little homage to almost every iteration of Super Mario, or something entirely new. Mario controls better than ever, IMO. About saving, you can either just put the DS in sleep mode (closing the lid) or just go to the nearest Star Coin gate (if you have the right amount of Star Coins, of course.) I think it's a nice system. The Mega Mushroom is useful for getting some easy 1-ups. Although, if you're used to playing the Super Mario games, 1-ups are pretty easy to get. The only new thing I think is pretty useless is the double and triple jump.
  22. Japanese Wii-price: 25.000 yen (225 $)

    And the Wii controller does not allow you to sit in a chair?
  23. Gabriel Knight

    Yes, yes, yes! Broken Sword fails miserably at setting up its own plot, and then usually its just a plot involving some idiotic things. At least Gabriel Knight gets me interested in the plot right from the start, and then throws the idiotic crap at me.
  24. Microsoft: hey why not buy a Wii?

    Just for potential laughs:
  25. Ubi Takes Charge of 'Lost' videogame

    I think they'd be best off taking one of the unknown survivors of Flight Whatever, where he has his own sub-plot. And I'd love to have some playable flashbacks. That would rock my world.