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  1. Send us questions!

    Hey all! Loving the eps you guys produce! I was wondering today, and I'm not sure if this has been suggested before; have you guys ever considered inputting sound excerpts (for example from trailers or smth) in the background of your discussions about a game. As a short soundbite or as background during a game anecdote. I think if done right it could really add a lot of additional atmosphere. I guess you would have to prepare a couple of these jingles ahead of time though to properly start them. Post editing could work but would probably be messy. Anyway, keep it up and thanks for the laughs!
  2. TV Gaming

    hmm that lego starwars is probably a great idea actually.... will try that!
  3. TV Gaming

    hehe yeah, its a pc im using... controlling a PC version of an FPS with a controller doesn't really work going to try test drive unlimited! also i played MASHED on the X-Box with friends a while back and that was always huge fun....should find that for the pc too
  4. TV Gaming

    Yes... I don't own a console.. well I own a sega genesis 3 which is a lotta fun but forget about that for a second or two... I got my LCD tv set up to receive the PC videofeed and bought a wireless rumbepad logitech fancy thing for the PC, so I'm all ready to play some games from the couch now. So I'm looking for great console games that are also released for the PC, which work with a controller for the PC. FPS games kinda FAIL cause of the horrible aiming system ;0 RTS is probably also a problem. Anything else is welcome though, I guess! (p.s. already did Psychonauts of course!)
  5. My favorite game of all time...

    While it definitly isn't my favorite game of all-time it was a very nice game which required some clever thinking. Some nice challenges. Yay!
  6. Name this game...

    Or maybe its Snarf? http://www.mobygames.com/game/dos/snarf/screenshots it probably isn't but i felt Snarf deserved some attention
  7. Battlefield 2 demo.

    its quite enjoyable but its tough to learn to fly those helis and aircraft i mean i can fly them and manouvre pretty well but actually killing something is a whole different story
  8. Idle Thumbs Giveaway!! - DOOM III Xbox

    So I couldn't find my flashlight and figured I would just use a match stick... ...that's when things went really wrong
  9. Headset dead

    Aaarghh! The unthinkable happened! My headset is DAED The horror So what now? No more CS until i get a new one! The one i have here, and is now broken, is a Plantronics audio 90. Anyway have any other recommendations or should i just rebuy this one? (it did serve me well for about 3 years every day intensively used)
  10. Because everyone is making games...

    Dude i got it from Zaarin and really it was enjoyable! Thanks for this!
  11. Tim Schafer on Icons today on G4

    And let's organize an Adventure Gaming Con 2006! madness!!!
  12. Tim Schafer on Icons today on G4

    Yes! That way we can see some of E3 too *chants* IDLETHUMBS TV *chants* *chants* IDLETHUMBS TV *chants* *chants* IDLETHUMBS TV *chants* *chants* IDLETHUMBS TV *chants*
  13. Tim Schafer on Icons today on G4

    that's awesome, i enjoyed this! thanks for uploading! hmmm maybe i should order that double fine sweater
  14. Psychonauts hate thread

    great to hear you've found someone to talk to :~
  15. Psychonauts hate thread

    that's pure genious Thrik, i applaud your artistic ways of expression!