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  1. Frozen Synapse

    Anyone playing in there can throw me a challenge, my nick is Abekonge ... After the first 5-6 games that I lost totally I began to win -- maybe seven games in a row. Then I found out that you can "prototype" the enemy's movements in the planning phase which gives you a lot of possibilities for visualizing the weak points of your plans -- and then I started loosing again - I probably need to rethink my initial strategy and get my men to work more together ....
  2. Frozen Synapse

    Yeah I say its worth it. And yes I got super mario land when it got out - or as close as not to matter ... 1988 1989? when did it come out anyhow? (too lazy to wikipee it) Well FS is very fun - and one of very very few online competition games I actually enjoy ... the feeling when you first win a match is really really worth it ...
  3. Frozen Synapse

    aXbsSLeINhg Anyone plaything the beta here? While I found the prize a bit steep (without having tried it) - I haven't had this much fun since super mario land --- or perhaps Incubation would be a better comparison ...:tup:
  4. Limbo

    IT looks so scary! I'm really impressed again ...
  5. Just saw this: Anyone played it? It looks nice in a retro sort'o'way...
  6. Tales of Monkey Island

    jaa okay. So he was involved with special edtion, and tell tales' thingie - that explains it, so no Thrik - I wasn't aware of that. Nothing to see, move along ...
  7. Tales of Monkey Island

    I might be daft, but what is all this hinting at: Is there something obvious I have missed? In the comments there seem to be a lot of badly disguised hints of something monkey-related with Ron Gilbert in it ... ??
  8. Fallout 3

    Oh, and Wrestle - I'm curious as to how little killing you can do to get out of the vault? I imagine a lot of sneaking might do it - I'm not sure you can talk you way out of many of the encounters....
  9. Fallout 3

  10. Fallout 3

    I'm about 14 hours in, and so far I really really like it! I am big fan of the originals - and having followed the sometimes hillarious sometimes depressing way of discussion over at No Mutants Allowed - I was rather sceptical. But minor details aside - I'm overwhelmingly very happy with Bethesda's execution. Sure some things could be better - but the athmosphere and the execution - I cannot imagine a better fallout-sequel being made at this point. There is no way Interplay could have done something comparable to this. So several thumbs up from me. Also - as discussed above - having talks with friend also playing it is very very cool - as it highlights how different you can go about this game.
  11. Brütal Legend without publisher !!

    Ahh ok, this everyone just didn't include me then. Anyway it sounds as if it is going to be ok.
  12. (see page 3) WTF
  13. I agree somewhat with the 'heavy rain was horrible', on the other hand I clearly remember this video - despite it being amongst tons of other videos I watched on the net since that was released. Whatever it was - it seems to me it at least was memorable... (maybe its just the uncanny valley - to even reach the uncanny valley should be regarded as an accomplishment - they should use that to make a horror game, where everyone is human .. but .. not .. quite ... dum dum duuuum .....)
  14. Zero Punctuation

    New one up. Guitar Hero III. And it is seriously funny, flossing himself to death and all....
  15. Wheel of Time

    which is exactly what I meant. Or that I am a third person playing a game that pretends to be first person of some other guy/girl which is the second person. Thus third person. Indeed