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  1. 400000 Gold Stars for the ding ding dong reference.
  2. It means to have sexual intercourse. The entire point of this thread was so that on the home page, it would show up as: "When and by whom was your mother boffed ..." - 12 min ago by Imthewalruz etc. Because that is FUNNY. I really have no interest whatsoever in your mothers and their sex lives. Especially if their sex lives have anything to do with video games.
  3. Your mom has nothing to do with the topic of this thread, as she was never boffed in the middle of some GF gameplay. Take your inane chatter elsewhere. Chris Remo is vaguely related to GF Boffage, and perhaps this in some vague way qualifies him for the post of God. This is within the realms of this conversation. Proceed. Vaguely.
  4. Deep in the night

    And the guy's on Warner Bros. record label too. As far as I can tell, this and "Teenyweenystringbikini" are the guys ony two singles, both recent. This is not an established artist, but he's on a major record label, and top of the charts, with the most ridiculous nonsensical song, and a mullet! It's worth the download.
  5. Deep in the night Check out the video. Apparently this guy hit 6 on the Finnish Top40, 22 in the UK, and still going. I mean, stupid videos go up on the net all the time, but this guy is actually making serious dough off this crap. Does this sort of thing happen often, European thumbers? I could round up 5 tall, hot women and do this if there's a market for it. I'll have to cut my hair short up front to get the mullet, but maybe I shouldn't totally jack the pleasureman's style.
  6. Clairvoyance and access to IP addresses I suspect. A family of webmasters? What is a doppelganger person? Lastly, why is no one discussing the topic?
  7. After an initial flub with some board software, here's a redux. As for my mother, it was during that ridiculous sequence involving the forklift. She just go so frustrated with it, because it took so goddamn long. Then as punishment for looking at a hint (only once!), Chris Remo just appeared, and BAM, as Emeril would say, boffage ensued. Archduke of Misanthropy indeed. Discuss your own personal Grim maternal boffage situations, and how it left you emotionally scarred. I know I am.