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  1. Seen any good movies lately?

    The Eye was good enough, but it sadly ends up being a thriller/detective story of sorts around the halfway mark, just after the scariest scene in a horror movie ever, sadly not utilised to its full effect. In my opinion of course. I believe a Hollywood studio bought remake rights to it late last year, and there's a sequel for it too which apparently doesn't have much to do with the original. Edit: Oh yes, Sam Raimi brought the Pang brothers over to the US to direct Scarecrow for his production company. I just hope they won't get stuck making horror movies like Takashi Shimizu and get to make more films like their Bangkok Dangerous. As for recent movies I've seen, The Quiet Family, a great black comedy from South Korea. My avatar is from the Japanese remake called Happiness of the Katakuris, which wasn't quite as good.
  2. PSP's opening price in Japan revealed

    Why I'll buy a DS instead of a PSP: I expect there'll be more quirky homebrew games on the DS than was the case on the GBA. If not I'll make a few on my own.
  3. I was merely pointing out my disbelief that anyone could possibly make a game like this. Now, minutes after the horrible truth dawned on me, I still find it hard to beleive.
  4. Looks very much like a hoax to me, but a quick google does bring back relevant results.
  5. Platform acronyms

    Whereas Game Boy Advance makes perfect sense in Japanese?
  6. Platform acronyms

  7. Half-Life 2 deathmatch has landed

    I've just bound it to F3 in config, since only the F keys seem to work with my input locale (NO). I don't know about you, but I like being able to use such esoteric characters like 'å' while talking instead of using 'aa' and the like.
  8. Game Packaging

    There you go Yufster.
  9. San andreas?

    May I ask what shaders are so awesome it would not be possible to recreate them on a modern PC with an average graphics card? Given that they'll spend half a year on the PC version, I can only assume they'll include the equivelant or better shaders on it.
  10. Math problem

    is false Note that if you multiply 0.99999... with 10, the result has one less digit to the right of the decimal. One less than infinite, basically. (But still infinite, if you want to split hairs about it) Doing the math with a finite number of digits to the right of the decimal (there's a word for those, I'm sure), makes it easier to see: X = 0.999 10X = 9.99 10X - X = 9X = 0.999 - 9.99 = 8.991 9X = 8.991 X=1.123875 Edit: It seems Erkki and others already pointed this out, never mind then.