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  1. GTA IV trailer

    I don't think GTA2 is set in Liberty City.
  2. GTA IV trailer

    It's not even a discussion, everything in the trailer suggests it's Liberty City. Since Liberty City is based on New York, it can have several landmarks and location look the same, but at the same time have the freedom to make up their own structure.
  3. I don't care so much for the amount of MMOs. What I do dislike is the amount of FPS/shooters that comes out. I'm sure that more than half of the games on the shelves are some kind of shooter like that. For gods sake, it's been more than a decade since Doom came out now, aren't people getting tired of playing the same concept?
  4. [GDC]Real nice news from Sony

    If people want to chat, they'll buy a headset. If people don't want to chat, there's no reason to complain. And here's a little tip: Seriously, people don't chat on the PS3 yet because, frankly, not that many people OWN a PS3 yet. It's yet to be released here in Europe, and it's not sold a gazillion units in neither the US nor Japan either. Personally, I don't like using headset to chat. I prefer to use a keyboard. I guess I should complain to Sony for not including a keyboard in the pack then? And I hate XBLive for not having the option of using a keyboard, not even the software keyboard, to chat in 99% of the games.
  5. Some free advice to Peter Molyneux...

    How about instead of blaming Molyneux for your own dissapointments, we stop having extreme expecations to ANY game that gets release EVER, and just let the poor guy be passionate about his games. Seriously, if you get disappointed, you set yourself up to it. Never in the entire history of videogaming has there been ONE game that suddenly moved gaming twenty years into the future - but some people still manage to expect this. Oh, and I don't think he wants the player to care about the character, we always had that. I think he wants us to feel loved, to have the "relationship" go both ways.
  6. [GDC]Real nice news from Sony

    Unless you want to outdo your competitor. And I asked many many times already. Can you not watch movies on your PS3 now? And will the implementation of Home remove this feature, or will it just offer an alternative way of doing things? We haven't even seen 10% of how Home works, and it won't start until October, and will be a less than 500mb download. People are assuming incredibly stupid things, and for some reason ignoring the fact that Sony themselves most likely know what they're doing. EDIT: or, I can give you some actual written proof:
  7. [GDC]Real nice news from Sony

    You still have to boot it up IF you want to use Home that way. But I think they're going to implement everything into the XMB. So it'll be like Live as well. I misread your post. Anyway, it's the same with the X360, isn't it? And voicechat is probably low in Resistance because first of all, the console hasn't been released in the EU yet, and second of all, they didn't have a clear strategy, so people weren't sure if buying a headset was necessary just yet. Ah, so you don't like choices? You can watch videoclips on the PS3 NOW, can't you? Why would implementing an additional way of watching these videoclips change anything? Just watch it the normal way, if you don't want to go into the 3D world. You're not using your imagination here, there are TONS of solutions to your issues, yet you seem to think that Sony won't know about this? And you also assume that the XMB will stay exactly like it is now, and that there won't be additional menu commands. The XMB will probably end up pretty much like the Xbox dashboard, in functionality. Just think of Home as an alternative way of using the dashboard. It's not a game, it's an online community where you control your character around instead of menus. And if you want to use menus instead, you can probably do that too. It basically offers the exact same as Microsoft, but to a larger scale. And it won't force you to use the 3D version, you can most likely do exactly the same from the XMB.
  8. PS3 SixAxis/rumble U-turn imminent?

    That was not my intention.
  9. [GDC]Real nice news from Sony

    1. You don't have to use a disc, that's for sure. I think they already said it's accessible from the menu. 2. No it's not. You can use a built-in software keyboard (is that what it's called?), connect a USB keyboard, or using a wireless headset. 3. I'm pretty sure they're going to implement shortcuts accessible from a menu - and if not, at least have fast-travels like in Oblivion. And can't you already watch video-clips the normal way on a PS3? If so, why would that change? It's probably just an alternative to the more traditional method, plus added stuff.
  10. [GDC]Real nice news from Sony

    At least, if it works out as well as it sounds, they may very well have outdone Xbox Live. And offer it for free. MS suddenly has no big advantages if it turns out like that.
  11. PS3 SixAxis/rumble U-turn imminent?

    Who knows? Anyway, the story can have different meanings. If only one of them is true, I guess it would be yours. It sounds more likely. It's been a while since I read it.
  12. PS3 SixAxis/rumble U-turn imminent?

    It is, kinda.
  13. PS3 SixAxis/rumble U-turn imminent?

    No, that's not a good analogy. The rapist doesn't have much choice, he is taken to jail by force. Sony wasn't. They had the rights to carry on fighting the decision, but they didn't. And I never said we should "forgive" them for their past actions. You know the tale of the prodigal son? It's an exaggeration to say the least to compare Sony with the prodigal son - but the point of the story is to give credits when its due. I believe in rewarding when they do something right and punishment when they do something wrong. I don't believe in punishment when they do something right just because they did wrong in the past. Now, it's kinda weird to use that kind of analogy, but hopefully you know what I mean. I'm not comparing Sony to anything here, I'm just trying to get my point through. Truth is, I'm not sure about the issue anymore, I originally saw Sony doing something right, but since so many people think otherwise, I may very well be wrong. As long as their perspective isn't clouded by anti-Sony sentiments.
  14. PS3 SixAxis/rumble U-turn imminent?

    They gave in to something they could've kept fighting for years to come, and opened up the opportunity of an official rumble featured PS3 pad. It may be three years too late, but it's better late than never. And how isn't following the law right?
  15. PS3 SixAxis/rumble U-turn imminent?

    I'm not saying they aren't arrogant pricks who takes some outrageous decisions. I'm just saying that they deserve credit when they're doing something right, like everyone else.
  16. PS3 SixAxis/rumble U-turn imminent?

    What this story teaches us is "you'll be damned if you do and you'll be damned if you don't".
  17. PS3 SixAxis/rumble U-turn imminent?

    Yes, let's keep bashing Sony even if it's good news. They can't win, can they? /hates sheep /likes real sheep
  18. Electronic Arts: the positive thread

    Well, I think FIFA is shaping up pretty well, although I feel they fecked up the Xbox 360 version of FIFA 07, when the current gen and PC version was so good. They finally got it at least half-right and they had to mess with the formula and release a mediocre X360 version. Burnout is losing its appeal. Once it was a difficult and very intense hardcore racing game, but now it's a soulless, overthetop and simple racing game with absolutely no intensity - just chaos. And who needs turning anyway? Just bounce off the fence! I want a new Rumble Racing game from them, it was one of my favourite PS2 games. A forgotten gem, undeservedly underrated. All in all, they have some good games every now and then, but their good game/bad game ratio reflects the market - which isn't a good thing.
  19. IGN give PS3 "Console of the Year" award...

    Hehe, well, I just used PS3 as an example. I really meant modern day consoles in general.
  20. IGN give PS3 "Console of the Year" award...

    Well, the thing is, it's already happening. Look at the consoles, they're currently mostly about gaming, but you can install Linux on the PS3 (for example). You can also surf the internet. It's slowly turning into the hybrid I'm talking about. The Amiga for example could be connected to the TV as well as a monitor. The same can be said about consoles today. You can also add keyboard and mouse to them (well, on the PS3 and X360 at least). The beauty with this hybrid is that it's completely up to the user to decide what they want it for. If you want to use it as a computer, hook it up to the monitor and add mouse and keyboard. If you want to use it as a console, put it in front of the TV. If you want to combine, add keyboard and mouse, and connect it to the TV. It worked for the Amiga, and it will work today as well. People are already using a keyboard on X360, so I don't see why they wouldn't want it to go all the way. The big selling point would be ease of use and price. Half the price of a PC, and a perfect all-in-one. We're basically there already. Add a keyboard and a mouse to the PS3 and you have a modern-day amiga, but without the programs and OS. Fix those two things up, and you'll have a winner.
  21. IGN give PS3 "Console of the Year" award...

    no, The Amiga/Commodore/Atari range of console-computers were extremely user friendly. It was the perfect hybrid by a PC and a console. A PC is far from this. The number of different PCs are too big to imagine, while the Amiga was exactly the same all over the world. Sure, you had optional upgrades, but if you bought a game for the Amiga, you were sure to be able to play it. Unlike the PC, which has a whole bunch of shit to consider, like ram, graphics card etc. It would also make it much easier for the developers, as they would have one kind of hardware to use. An Amiga is basically a Playstation, with a keyboard and mouse. So far, the Playstation doesn't do nearly as much as the PC, but the Amiga could back then, and it would work fantastically as well today. It's a million dollar business just waiting to be "discovered". A hybrid console-computer with the ease of use of the consoles and the best traits from the PC.
  22. IGN give PS3 "Console of the Year" award...

    Personally, I'd be more than willing to see a new range of Amiga/C64/Atari ST systems. My favourite console/computer is the Amiga, even today, and the way things are going now, we're starting to see once again the console/computer hybrids. It won't be a new Amiga, but it'll be the closest thing yet. Console-computers were way ahead of its time, but now they're coming back at last. Custom-based computers for the win!
  23. So I just played Dreamfall...

    I really like Dreamfall, and it made me crave for the third and apparently final part of the story. It didn't have the best gameplay ever, but as an adventure game it worked decent enough. I preferred this over Broken Sword 3, that's for sure. When a sequel is made to a game as old as Longest Journey, hype as built up during all the years between them to extreme heights. It will more often than not turn out to be a disappointment, and too different from what you expected. I think MGS2 "failed" because of this, MGS1 was the game of the century for some people, and the story of MGS2 was ripped apart by the fans of the first. Too much hype damaged the enjoyment. When MGS3 came out, there was nowhere near as much expectations, and many people consider this to be the best of the three (though I would probably put it right behind MGS1, 'cause the boss battles were so incredibly pointless and the characters you fought were dumb).
  24. Let's Talk About Rayman Again

    Yeah, I have Rayman 3, but I didn't know Hoodlum's Revenge was isometric. No need for me to check that out then. I have no idea why they're using isometric viewpoints for platformers, it just doesn't work. Spyro isn't very good either. But then, I doubt Spyro would work as a horizontal scrolling platformer either.
  25. Let's Talk About Rayman Again

    Is it Raving Rabids we're talking here, or any Rayman game? 'Cause I know there are at least two 2D Rayman games on the GBA.