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  1. GTA IV trailer

    I dunno Walter. That could be cool, but it wouldn't be GTA.
  2. GTA IV trailer

    Well, there was Spiderman 2. And the upcoming Spiderman 3. Oh, and Ultimate Spiderman.
  3. Sam and Max episode 3

    Ditto on the performance. Though this was likely the shortest and the easiest, it was my favorite, story wise, and the funniest yet.
  4. Really? What new is coming to the Wii? Unless you are talking about the Japan only version with the DVD player.
  5. I thought the majority of the userbase could only run in 480i.
  6. Your memory must have really sucked before you played it.
  7. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All

    Well, the big change in PW 4 is that you don't play as Phoenix. New main character!
  8. Want to Make Contact?

    Multiplayer just sticks a version of their character on WiFisland, that you can talk to. The character will also give you swag. There is no direct communication, but it is still kinda cool.
  9. Crytek and the insanity of realism

    Keep in mind that from what we have seen, this game is more interactive then most FPSs out there. You can shoot down trees and stuff.
  10. You know, I always thought of Sonic as the perfect example of why old video game characters shouldn't talk. Well, not exactly. I always thought of Tails as the perfect example, but Sonic was pretty darn close.
  11. DFAN

    Oooh! That makes more sense. I thought we were just sharing our Tim stories.
  12. DFAN

    When I met him, I showed him my Grim Fandango tattoo, and he put my picture on the Action News. Awesome guy.
  13. Castle Crashers

    Sucks that it is XBLA exclusive.
  14. PS3 to "KILL PC" also: it's not expensive enough.

    They cut the dual monitor suport, but the rest is true.
  15. Runaway

    Plus the main character was entirely unlikable and grating.