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  1. Why the DS Sucks

    I think it is just an *elaborate* joke, intended to attract the ire of nintendo fan boys. Of course, they say there is truth in jest, and he is probably a big Sony fan, but I think he is aware of the lack of credibility in what he's saying. funny tho. He keeps a straight face Other video bloggers anny me more. Is it just me or do video bloags nearly always disappoint. Maybe its because the people that are compelled to do them have little regard for how they come across. I have gained more respect for anouncers and celebrities after watching video blogs
  2. I Love You, Idle Forumers

    Pneumonia. You'll hear alot of 'she was a chronic alcoholic' which is true, and this probably shot her immune system, but the official line is pneumonia.
  3. I Love You, Idle Forumers

    just learnt that that Armi, the pretty girl in the video died four years ago :sob: Danny still lives on as far as I can see.. But he must be sad, since Armi was a large part of his life (see Armi's photo bio)
  4. I Love You, Idle Forumers

    "If I could touch your hand, this rock would turn to sand."? Its obvious... The whole Danny thing, was a dream sequence informing him that soon he will have the power to turn rocks to sand. He pounds and pounds, but the best he does is karate a rock in two. But, serendipitously, this damages his hand and THE CHICK touches it. Next thing you know, after some serious quad work, he's turning rocks to sand by kicking them. Voila.
  5. Sonic Wiildfire video (Wii)

    Finally downloaded the trailer... MY GOD..that is AWESOME!!!! That was more bright and colorful than even my wildest expectations! Visual things I would like to see for futre sonics: 1) to have huge sprays of water whenever sonic runs on water. 2) make running downhill give you accelaration. More like a rollercoaster that way. 3) More water is cool too. 4) Make sure level designs are analysed in terms of speed runs (ie so the most optimum speed run is elegant and blisteringly fast). Cos nintendo seems to be the most popular platform for these, and sonic quite a popular game for it. Other note, why is it that the coolest most colorful platform games borrow from indiana jones. - we had Donkey Kong Country borrowing mine carts from Temple. - Crash borrowed the boulder rolling of Raiders. - and this might be premature, but the water spewing out of the side of the building is a bit similar to when indy is fleeing the temple in Temple. maybe. ok thats dumb.
  6. Sonic Wiildfire video (Wii)

    I like the sonic that was on dreamcast, and then was ported the the cube. Some levels got bogged down with platforming - but the first two were amazing - with heaps of loop the loops through blue-sky, green-grass kind of territory. And loved sonics ability to run up walls if his speed is fast enough. I BET those Robbie Williams "let love be your energy" music video creators guys had a dream cast - and was thus their inspiration for robbie running up walls...hmmn, which came first, I'll check the release date. BTW I notice the new game from the Tomb raider creator allows you to run very fast, and run up walls. That is probably a cool game. Would be heaps better if it had an decent director. Some bright colors please.
  7. Microsoft: hey why not buy a Wii?

    Found these price comparisons over at ign: Atari VCS launched in 1977 for $249.99 ..................................$811.21 in 2005 Nintendo Entertainment System launched in 1985 for $199.99......$354.91 in 2005 SEGA Genesis launched in 1989 for $249.99..............................$389.67 in 2005 NeoGeo launched in 1990 for $699.99......................................$1041.12 in 2005 Super Nintendo launched in 1991 for $199.99............................$282.21 in 2005 Jaguar launched in 1993 for $249.99........................................$328.69 in 2005 3DO Interactive Multiplayer launched in 1993 for $699.95.............$920.30 in 2005 SEGA Saturn launched in 1995 for $399.99................................$497.66 in 2005 Nintendo 64 launched in 1996 for $199.99.................................$242.75 in 2005 SEGA Dreamcast launches in 1999 for $199.99 ..........................$228.09 in 2005 PlayStation launched in 1995 for $299.99.................................$372.01 in 2005 PlayStation 2 launched in 2000 for $299.99...............................$333.15 in 2005 Xbox Launched in 2001 for $299.99.........................................$325.34 in 2005 GameCube launched in 2001 for $199.99...................................$216.89 in 2005
  8. Microsoft: hey why not buy a Wii?

    Sony will take the cost hit just like MS did last time around. Sony have gambled billions on this, and their gambling will probably pay off. Sony gambled that Bluray would win over HDDDVD, and this is looking likely. Sure there will be some HDDVD titles available, but expect the market not to sell sufficient numebrs of the HDDVD attachment for the 360. Then watch developers decide not to publish to that format, then watch as sony gets its develoepers putting massive FMV sequences into their games. Sony gambled big time (atleast ten billion) on the Cell processor, eventhough for a while it seemed like it would be a hard chip to develop for. No such problem. If you think Sony are successful now - you just wait til the Cell processor powers every single consumer electronics device they make. I'd buy shares.
  9. Sony's E3 Conference Thread

    Think what sony could have done if they had done something 'innovative' like invented a controller that would be used both: - as a standard dual analog game controller if held horizontal - and as a single handed thing if held vertical. ..then nintendo wouldn't have been all smiles today (Quick nintendo patent that one. )
  10. Sony's E3 Conference Thread

    Oh so different. Try holding onto something with two hands and then pretending to use a tilt control. Your wrists lock on several axies, and it just gets damn annoying. Some games will offer some alternatives ways of doing the tilt stuff and most game developers won't take advantage of the tilt at all, unless sony really whines at them. And rumble pack owners will be wanting their vibrations back. In the end, its half assed implementation - which will make people think of the fully realised implementation being used by..... ..Wii owners, who will be waving their single handed control around like a wand or a light sabre, and throwing stuff..and all sorts of crazy things. Sony are certainly playing defence. Their controllers are practically the same because Sony are worried if they changed the feel of them, it would reduce the switching costs for ps2 users migrating elsewhere, particularly to wii. Gyro is also defensive: I doubt the gyro would intercept anyone eyeing up a wiimote - but you can see the cognitive justification of a Ps2 owner going "I don't need a nintendo, my ps3 has a gyro". Sony are playing defence, but with such a market lead, why not.
  11. How about a raiders of the lost ark game?

    Here are some avi screenshots with the head erased.
  12. How about a raiders of the lost ark game?

    Last year, I modelled a an indiana jones character with a fully articulating jacket, and a few supporting characters, all in the same cartoony style (looks so much cooler than going for realism). I stuck him in an adventure game that I did using AGS ( AGS is ok, but everytime you make a tiny change, you need to wait thirty seconds to re-compile it. It was just taking too long to debug, so I shelved the game after the first puzzle room. Mail me privately for the demo if you like.
  13. J Allard Missing Link discovered!!!

    That would be awesome as the IdleThumbs resident comic strip! BTW great photographic discovery! What we do know is that the change happened quite suddenly. He packed on quite a few pounds after the "I'm jason alexander xbox mechanic" photo, and then pow he changed. You could have caught the inbetween bit. Maybe he still wears those clothes today?
  14. Bought Advent Rising? Get Psychonauts instead!

    NZ. yeah, I can see the PC version for sale on some sites. But there is a couple of Xboxes here at work, that everyone plays. I want to get people playing it and spreading the word of mouth around.
  15. Bought Advent Rising? Get Psychonauts instead!

    After five months I have not seen head nor tail of Psychonauts on any Australian or NZ online game store. C'mon publisher people there are about two million Xbox and Ps2 owners down here! But I've just done a big web search thingy, and discovered here that I can order games from the UK and they will work in our Xbox here at work. yay! no excuses anymore.