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  1. Boycott Star Wars III

    Maybe the Empire switched to the Jedi ones cause they're more powerful or some such nonsense.
  2. Announcement

    The weather was good in Ohio.... until yesterday. A couple weeks ago we had a 75 degree one day, and the snow storm the next, I'm not sure if I hate it here or not.
  3. notebooks

    I hear Gateway is one of the worst for premature breakdown. And in the COmputer shop I work at we get HP and Compaqs constantly. I got a Dell one that serves me well. Also one guy I know is always telling me the IBM Thinkpad is the only way to go.
  4. Kurt Cobain

    He probably did it cause one day he finally came down off his high and saw who he was aving relations with.
  5. My parents are having sex.

    You mean while you play piano?
  6. "Sharewarish" games?

    I have a bunch of the Apogee ones laying around that I found on CD for like $1 a piece a few years ago. I got like Monster Bash, and Cosmo's Cosmic Adventuer, and Hocus Pocus. Brings back memories...
  7. Psychonauts on GameSpy's most wanted

    They all seems shorter the more times you go through them, but first times they can feel like they take forever (except The Seacrh for Cetus, 6 hours, at like age 12)... (MI2, 8 years, varying ages....)
  8. White Christmas in fucking GALVESTON

    There's snow in Ohio, we got a big storm in the about a week ago, and its all still sittin around, making driving trechearous and whatnot.
  9. Any of you fuckers touch my car, and you die.

    Did he take the bag too? That seems like the only important thing here.
  10. John Romero releases some Daikatana magic

    ...dirty thought....
  11. * DEEP THOUGHTS * by Jack Handy

  12. Another riddle

  13. Your own personal Jesus

    I like Collective Soul's version.
  14. Jazz Jackrabbit

    Hey I remember playing that game, also the pea shooting Pete one it mentions on that site. Ah the classic days of Shareware
  15. Jazz Jackrabbit

    I loved that game, and the sequal. It's like Sonic with a big gun.
  16. Quest for Glory

    I quite enjoyed 5 even though everyone seems to bash on it. I tried to play 4 a few times but always got frustrated by the high number of bugs and the fact tha my game didn't have a mnual so I couldn't pass the little 'prove your ownership' tasks. Later I discovered that my CD version had both the patch and the copy protection key as files on the disk already. Now I'm just worried my ultra fast computer would be unhappy with the game.
  17. Hugo's House of Horrors

    It doesn't matter who stole what the point is I beat all 3 of the Hugo games around age 8-9.
  18. So I just got KOTOR....wot now?

    First time I played through Juhani was the suck. Never used her beyond when it was absolutely required. Second time through I pumped her up to mega powerful...
  19. Help with the Laptop

    Silence, your releasing the ultra omega hidden secrets of the universe.
  20. So I just got KOTOR....wot now?

    Be sure to talk to your party regularly, it'll add more questy things. Hope you don't suddenly get an error where in the final area all the enemies refuse to acknowledge your presense and just stand in the doorways so there is no possible way to proceed.
  21. Help with the Laptop

    I took chemistry once look O2 + H => H2O (pretend the '2's are small)
  22. Monkey Island

    Actually You can say Grim Fandago all you want. That and Beyond Good and Evil. There needs to be a special section of this site devoted just to their worship.
  23. Lava™ lamps

    You can hug it, it just might burn you.
  24. Lava™ lamps

    I find lava lamps quite entrancing.
  25. A Halloween thread!

    Now myt avatar is Halloweeny.