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  1. Ground Control 2 demo out now!

    Mixed opinions then? I missed the first one but will definatley check this out when I get back from work. And give you all another nice IMHO
  2. Checked them both back out using Winuae and I'm sorry but Sensi still has it in bucket loads Anyone fancy giving Kaillera a try with it? Lays down gauntlet.
  3. Thats all it was though, one short dash to the final spurt. Repeat. Sensible was more about skill! This could get dirty
  4. The greatest? lets be Sensible about this!
  5. New Half-Life 2 screenshots

    Roll on release! I just hope when I play Doom3 with the lights off and the volume up I shat myself. Thats all I ask for. Cyberdemons scared me before, can they do it again now I'm a big boy?
  6. New Half-Life 2 screenshots

    Just signed up, first post, saw another HL2 rant heating up so thought I'd pop in and fry my eggs. It'll be good, I mean it has to be right? From what I've seen so far, it looks as though it'll be awesome, ok so it's had its problems, but name another AAA title that hasn't gone the arsehole route at some point in its dev. Its not worth weighing it up against every other FPS in development because there isn't going to be just one FPS. IMO Doom3 And HL2 couldnt be further apart other than the fact they are both FPS and we don't really compare Dawn of the Dead and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs do we? No not that version of Snow White.