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  1. Game Boy Micro? Why?

    Tilt the console round 90°, back to how it was with the original GB? Oh, and the thing that's always confused me about the DS is why only one of the screens is a touchscreen. Surely that limits the uses that can be made of it, even if having a double touch screen would have been more expensive to produce?
  2. BFME2 - Another reason to hate EA!

    Amen to that.
  3. Who is the best fighter ever

    t3h w1nn3r!!!1one!
  4. Good FPS's devoid of money snatchers

    But Unreal is better! /me starts a flamewar.
  5. EA's latest brilliant idea

    Firaxis games aren't published by EA ...
  6. Current status of your thumbs

    Did your mother never tell you not to play with knives?
  7. company outlook

    Didn't EA make some dodgy discs at one point that kept cracking? I think they did in Europe at least. So I salute almost all of you guys.
  8. Somebody justify Beyond Good & Evil to me

    It's a fantastic game, but some of the sudden changes in difficulty are ludicrous.
  9. Current status of your thumbs

    My right thumb is clasped around my mouse. My left thumb wanders aimlessly around my desk. Attached to my left hand, of course.
  10. company outlook

    So MicrosofT GamE StudiOs, then?
  11. WoW coca-cola advert

    It would get me buying Cola ...
  12. He must be one hell of a psychologist to get investors to part with their cash...
  13. Intro Sequences in Games

    And Core themselves no longer exist.
  14. You hear that? That is the sound of a career dying...