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  1. Screw Barack Obama

    sorry for the profanity children, i'll try to tone it down. But your lying to yourself if you think Barack cares at all about blacks, have you ever heard him talk about helping us besides his overly-idealistic musings on the inner goodness of people? He's going to be able to do nothing to end racism, but that is me being too idealistic, the only way a president could end racism is to eliminate the capitalist system. And, I don't mean this in the way they aim to do, by making the world a Stalinist one state system (look it up, it started with the introduction of the income tax.) With people divided at race, religion, etc. the odds of a people's revolution are basically nil. Sorry to go Karl Marx on everyone. I have my doubts that another president will enter for a while anyway. What am I getting at, . The occurrence of a new 9/11 could once again have the masses enraptured by fear and in this key moment the president could grant himself the right to stay in office until he sees fit. Considering that the U.S. is now involved in covert operations to dismantle Iran's government, this is not all that unlikely to happen if Ahmedinejad wants to retaliate or if Bush's regime wants to fake another attack so they can make another mad power grab, as they did at 9/11. The only candidate who has any real prospects for change is Ron Paul, also the only candidate, whose politics are based solely on upholding the US Constitution, who I personally believe will resist powers pining for a new world order. Plus he's from Pittsburg, yeah local boy. I feel kind of dirty throwing in a plug for a candidate, but I honestly feel he is the only hope, and is far closer in ideology to King than Obama is. Being part of the African diaspora in North America is not the only factor someone should consider when comparing two men, American news media.
  2. Capcom announces Monkey Island Wii... kidding.

    I want Chrono Trigger on the virtual console. Or how about some old LucasArts games on VC it'd work well with the setup.
  3. Time for some beat poetry

    lol man. Beat poetry sucks though, on the road was long as balls and had no point. I liked ginsberg tho, especially those poems about cocks and sacks. The only time I ever jacked off to reading something was the poem master
  4. Screw Barack Obama

    I'm really pissed about the fact this dude is probably taking the dem ticket. He stands for nothing except abstract ideas like "change" and "U.S. Unity." Say something real pussy. Didn't vote for Iraq, fuck you you even said you would have. What about the Jena 6 what about Mumia abu Jamal or H. Rap say something that matters for black people, uncle tom. if he gets elected he won't be the first black president, he's just about as goddamn cracker as the rest. And don't get me started on that big business, anti-proletariat ho hilary.
  5. Episodic format a good idea?

    Speaking of product placement, didn't Maniac Mansion have pepsi in it? It was a big part of the game as I recall.
  6. Intro Sequences in Games

    I loved Sam & Max the most, but I also liked Custer's Revenge's. It really put me in the mood to rape Native American women tied to cacti.
  7. Episodic format a good idea?

    Yeah, that McDonalds game is great, as is the game for Noid, the domino's pizza guy. They should bring him back, all Dominos has now are those stupid commercials about how Tuesday is the happiest day of the week. Besides, kids like big stupid looking mascots and pedophiles can use their costumes to attract children.
  8. Bomberman

    Trust me, that's not the force. A matter a fact the force is just something some nerds made up to distract their attention from masturbation.
  9. What's your favorite kind of soup?

    I always liked Crab Bisque and that love is fueled by the fact that the jackasses around here don't sell it.
  10. Looks like Sierra's bit the big one.

    Isn't Sierra owned by Vivendi? And biting the big one is fun, I'd know.
  11. Tetris...

    ...Yeah, Tetris is cool, isn't it...
  12. Bomberman

    The worst Bomberman is the first one without a doubt. The second one was such an improvement.
  13. Rate your own and each other's avatars

    Wow, even if I do never come back here I can feel that I left someting important on the site.
  14. Loom

    I enjoyed 2001 but I probably won watch it again because I couldn't sleep the night after I saw because it wouldn't leave my thoughts.
  15. Awesome List of Absurd Games that Should be Made, DAMNIT!

    Who doesn't, except for on some levels me.